Deaf Talent and Van Helsing

Either that in the today’s film industry discriminate Deaf and Hard of Hearing, are audism which that means they have something against them, simply doesn’t care or plainly dumb. If you are someone who loves watching television shows or movies daily, there are some of the people who must have music, must play games as much as they can and then there are people who must watch television shows or movies everyday. I am one of these who must watch television shows or movies daily group, so of course we are bound to watch some television shows or movies that have one or more Deaf or Hard of Hearing characters and that same goes for the people who is in wheelchair too. But what a lot of people doesn’t realize is that these roles were given to the actor or actress that aren’t what the role of characters is such as Deaf, Hard of Hearing or in wheelchair and that is a problem. It is getting tiresome, the reason that is a problem is because it is conflict with the character’s role who isn’t even what the character’s role has and they have no right to do so. Unfortunately, some productions in films or television shows are either too dumb, discriminating them or have something against them. What they do is robbing the opportunities from the people who has what these character’s role has, if the character’s role is Deaf or Hard of Hearing then hire Deaf or Hard of hearing actor or actress and if the character’s role is in wheelchair then hire an actor or an actress who is in wheelchair. Otherwise it is conflicts in a huge way and that is a problem with the productions in both films and television shows for not having any common sense.

Robin Williams passed away, RIP!

Robin WilliamsHey guys! How are the things going over there with you all wherever you all are at? I hope everything is well, all is going well over here although it has been pour raining all day here in Belfry which is an area in the state of Kentucky in United States and even with the heaviness of the rain have been going on here for all day at almost non-stop that did not stop me from taking an 30-minutes trip to Wal-Mart over in Pikeville with my mother as we both had to go to Pikeville today for something so we decided to go ahead and stop over at Wal-Mart over in Pikeville since that we were there because the Wal-Mart in Pikeville are a lot better than the one here in Belfry area for some reason. Nonetheless with the hard pouring rain all over, I still had fun with my mother there though my arm is now hurting from pushing the cart for a couple of hours over there at Wal-Mart and I have bought a small amount of things such as a $50 Itunes card because I always buy the movies from there to watch the movies on my computer or an Apple TV since I have recently bought the Apple TV a few weeks ago which that reminds me that I need to hook it up sometime soon because where I have not hooked it up due to tight schedule I have lately which sucks a bit because it limits me of doing something that I actually like. Anyway after getting home from Pikeville my mother cooked up me a great homemade gravy, biscuits and sun-up eggs breakfast for today’s dinner because she makes the best gravy & biscuits I have ever tasted in my life which I am sure that some can agree if they have tried them but then after the dinner I power up my computer as usual to get on the computer to surf on the internet so I can have something to do such as like writing this article.