System Fails Deaf For Many Years.

The system created by the federal, governments and some of rich people never suits the Deaf individuals for several decades as the system were created for some of the people here in the United States to help some elite groups such as the individuals who does not care for anyone else but themselves while taking the pocketful of money from that system without leaving anything over for the rest of other groups to take through jobs. That is mostly the reason that the system is very harsh to where that it doesn’t allow any groups like Deaf community, Seniors Citizens or other disabilities to be able to find any opportunity such as a job that is suits for them with a skill of whatever it is they are good at. The system that is created by some elite groups made it very hard for any individuals who happens to be Deaf, Senior Citizen or others to have a chance at being able to be accepted to work for a large corporation, governments level or federal level so in many people’s views that just because we have one or more disabilities or that we are at old age means we are unable to work but in reality is by their views of us is what they made us out to be. That is one among others are how the system is built as they made it a system that prevents some groups, Deaf community in particular to work twice or three hard as the elite groups or in other words high-class people when it comes to trying to get a job at somewhere that are in need of a set skills that they have which that is why it’s almost too easy for anyone to get in the career they want while the Deaf community have to work twice or three times harder to get in a career that they want.

Whoever created the system that we have now barred Deaf individuals including myself to be able to get a job that we have the skills for and whoever else that looks for a job that we Deaf individuals looks for would have 50% or higher more chances of being accepted to a job than Deaf individuals.

System Has Barriers

It’s not the only jobs that the system barred us Deaf individuals from having, the system also barred us from having what the others has such as equal access to some of the things like the telecommunication providers service the people who’s able to hear an unlimited way of communication with others via landline phone while the telecommunication providers set a limitation on us Deaf individuals way of communication with others via internet as the communication tool that we use to call which are videophone provided by video relay service and our calling device are required internet connection. It’s not only two things that the system prevents us Deaf individuals from, we are also prevented by the system to have a proper education due to the system that are not forcing the schools to offer American Sign Language which are Deaf individuals native language while system requires all of schools to teach in English. What is even worse is that this country, United States of America does not even have an official language and the system that made it for all schools to be taught in English while not offering other languages to suit the rest of other citizens including Deaf community.

Overall the system that are created by high-class or elite groups is made for themselves only and some of the groups struggles more than ever including the Deaf community while the people whose system made for does not have to put up with struggles. Some of us groups including Deaf community have fought the system for many years so that we can break through including the other groups and rebuild the system so that all of Americans would be equal when it comes to getting in a career, being able to get an education that teach other than English or having equal access to everything else such as if the people who are able to hear don’t have a limit on how many calls they can make via phone that require landline service then should Deaf individuals to not have a limit on how many calls they can make via video phone that requires internet service.

Only way that the system can be changed is if we partner with each others and make the system ours so that many groups control the system instead of just one group which is elite (who is corporation, federal, governments or the group of people who have million or billion dollars in their pocket). But before we could even begin with partnership, the system that we have now would have to be destroyed first before creating the system anew that for once of all to not have any barriers for any groups including Deaf community so that Deaf individuals would not have to work as twice for the system to allow some of them to get what they are asking for — Whether it be a job, proper education or equal access to certain things like no limits on their internet so that they are allowed to make as many calls as the people who’s able to hear makes. To summarize it all what many of us groups including Deaf community are asking is for the system to be more fair or to be equal for everybody here in the United States or even worldwide.

After all we are in the year of 2016 and it is the time of changes. Many groups including Deaf community are asking to be put in the light instead of keeping them back in dark room at the corner so that the elite individuals gets the things firsthand before these groups when we should be in the front line getting something we need with the elite individuals. After all we are human beings and not only that we are fighting to change people’s view of disability too because being disabled does not means that we have the inability to do things as there are always a way but only if we are given a chance to do so.

How Can I Help?

If you are asking how can you help, there are many ways that you can help and that is to send a letter to your governor, senator or others letting them know that the system they have created since several decades ago are old that it is barring the people with disabilities, low/mid-class or senior citizens from getting what they need when the system that we have today allows everybody else to have what they need without any kind of struggle. If you are Deaf or Hard of Hearing and have Facebook account, do a search on Facebook for Deaf Grassroots Movement group (or type DGM) with your state that you resides in then ask to join the group because there will be a national protest/rally in a few months which you can find the information from that group but if you cannot find Deaf Grassroots Movement in your state please join Deaf Grassroots Movement or DGM Main so that you can ask them to help you to find the one in your state.

Please do not be afraid to write a letter to your congresses, senator or governor to let them know that they need to do something about the system that fails several groups as it only succeed for the people who has million or more money. Pressure them to do something about that and to pressure them you can have your other friends or family to send a letter to them too because the more letters means the more pressure it will be on them so that convince them to do something about it.

If you are one of those groups that the system fails, share your experience with them and share your experience in public on social media using the hashtag #SystemFails on like Twitter or Facebook then add another hashtag with it that relate to your situation. For example if you are Deaf of Hearing then use #SystemFailsDeaf, if you are senior citizen #SystemFailsSenior and others along with #SystemFails (Ex: #SystemFails #SystemFailsBlind or replace Blind to what group that you are in).

These are just a few examples of what you can do to help for these groups that the system failed and if you have some ideas on what all of us can do to help these groups please leave a comment below here so that the more ideas on how we can do to help the more awareness about these problems so that we all can pressure them to do something about the system that have failed these groups for many decades which is enough.

~ Joshua “Joshie” Sullivan.

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