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JoshiesWorld founded on April 7th in 2007 by a person who were hungry to blog about everything that he read or watch from television to online then have that urge feelings to deliver something like news, some articles he read online or that he watched something from a television to everyone online and share his analysis or his opinions on whatever it is that he read online or saw on the television. He realized that sometimes there is complication for some people to understand more clearly about some of the things that is trending online such as news or whatever it was airing on the television so he research into them then share his view with everyone to help to make it easier for some people to learn some of the messages behind some of whatever that it was that he read online or saw on a television. Also shares his review on some of the things such as gadgets, foods, films and others so that he can help the people to get the better idea of things that they would be interested in getting. JoshiesWorld is for many of things but also share some of the things that are going on around him or what he saw then translate them into text for all of readers for pleasure and tag along with him while he shares everything from television, in life or online in his world. His world, Joshies’ World into yours and everybody’s.

JoshiesWorld is bringing in thousands of thousands visitors who happens to be bloggers, corporations/business, organizations, journalists, reporters, few celebrities, geeks/l33ts, family, friends, movies critics, foods critics, reviewers and more. JoshiesWorld is one of well-known weblog in worldwide but specifically more in United States, United Kingdom, Italy, France, Germany, Russia and a few more countries. JoshiesWorld is always on the look out for some hot tips, exclusive story, news/news update, topics suggestion and others so JoshiesWorld can share them with his opinions, views or reviews on some of the things. Please submit one of these and if it is good JoshiesWorld will publish them here with your credit too if you ask to be credited. Two choice you can pick for sending in your submission, use the online submission system or send e-mail directly.

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