Still alive.

As the few days goes by, I started to realize that I have not wrote an article in a few weeks and that I don’t want any of you to think something happens to me so I feel that I should do a quick writing to let every one of you to know that I am still alive. Not only that I am still alive and I am doing alright too. I know I have not wrote anything on JoshiesWorld ever since the end of Februrary, it is because I have been very busy with other projects and these projects have been getting in my way of blogging lately which it can get annoying at certain times especially when I feel that I want to write about something that I have just discovered or to share my opinion but then projects have gotten in the way of that so that left me no choice but to become a little bit inactive. However this is where I come in to let all of you to know that I don’t have any plans on retiring from blogging and in fact I am by far from retiring as a blogger so don’t fear over that. As for the projects that have been getting in my way of blogging, I wish I could share what they are but I cannot because of confidential contract where I had agreed to not share anything outside of people that works on some projects.

I still have so many of things to do that isn’t even funny, not only that tomorrow is my birthday as I am becoming twenty nine years old as I born on March 18th and the projects overshadow that so I have been working tirelessly. I hope that I will be able to at least blog once a week, but tha is only if I can ever find the time to do so and if I am to be honest then I would be a little bit more worried because my chance of blogging once a week is 50/50 chance.

The bottom line is that I am doing just fine, I don’t want any of you to be worried and thinking that something have happened to me since I haven’t blogged anything ever since last month. Just that I am very busy lately and in fact I even barely have any time to write this but I thought that I must do so because I don’t want any of you to think that I have given up on you which I have not and never will. I appreciate your concerns, believe me and again I ask all of you to not worry about me. So to assure all of you to not be worried about me, I will at least make one blog post each month so to ensure you guys that I am still around and if I don’t write anything within’ a month then you can be confirmed that something have happens to me but let’s hope that never will happens for at least a decade or longer. Please know that any of you are more than welcome to contact me, as I still responds within’ 24 hours on every emails I have received. For now I must go but again I appreciate for all of your concerns and I promise you all that I am doing just fine beside being very busy.

Joshua “Joshie” Sullivan.

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