Skybox acquired by Google – Smart move!

SkyBox, Google LogoLately there have been war going on with each other companies especially ever since the day that Microsoft built a new search engine called Bing and that scares Google more than anything, there is search engines war ongoing between the leading search engines companies such as Google, Microsoft Bing and Yahoo!. Although Yahoo! is no longer a leading search engine ever since Google dominated that few years ago even though Yahoo is still a great search engine and at the moment at Alexa analyzing service marked Yahoo! search engine as number two while Google is the number one and Bing is not anywhere near that just yet but it is getting closer quicker than anyone could imagine and obviously that is a problem for Google, not only that Yahoo! search engine is no longer using their own search engine because Yahoo has partnered with Microsoft to use their new search engine Bing and now Bing search engine is integrated on Yahoo! website. So technically in Alexa rankings where Yahoo is marked as number two, it is Microsoft Bing in a way although Yahoo! has many services such as their well-known games, news, their own e-mail system and others. Lately in a stats the Microsoft Bing top Google at few moments but Google is still a leading search engine and Google knows they have to do something about that so to keep their legacy as being the leader of search engines.

Google made a smart move by acquiring Skybox.

While Microsoft Bing creeping up on Google backyards and have attempt a many times to take over the number one place as search engines but Google is hanging onto themselves very tight by fighting to keep themselves the number one place, by fighting the competitor is they know they have to do something to improve or offer something more for their company so to get the users to keep coming back and use Google instead of ditching Google for their competitor, the Microsoft Bing. Google made a very smart move recently by acquiring Skybox which is a satellite imaging start-up company for $500 million dollars.

The acquisition Google made for SkyBox would enhance Google’s current satellite imaging resources and not only that, they would also provide it with some top talent for its blue sky plans for space. They said that in addition to keeping their Google’s Map accurate with live imagery, Google says Skybox’s team and technology will help to improve the internet access and disaster relief. If you are not aware of what satellite imaging resource is, it is use to monitor the entire of places in the sky by using satellites and take snapshots or record for the use of map and GPS so if you go over to Google map and see a picture top of your house and that is because of satellite imaging resource but not only that it is useful for disaster reliefs so if a ship wrecks and is in need of a help then the coast guards use the satellite imaging resource to find your location.

SkyBox is known for their quality that takes live images (think burst snapping pictures from your camera) or record through the satellites that they have granted accesses to use them, with Google acquiring them for a whopping $500 million of dollars is going to improve Google’s map in big way along and use Skybox equipment to build signal for internet so that any places that doesn’t have access to internet should now be able to connect to the internet once both Google and Skybox teams begins to work together to build that. Before Google’s decision to buy the satellite imaging start-up company they were buying the lower resolution pictures from a third-party with satellites, Google acquisition of Skybox gives Google full control of what they want to do with or how they want to do with it instead of having limited controls through the third-party with satellites.

Google said that they wants to spread the internet because the people who get the internet use Google, and then Google can sell advertising, which powers much of what they can do; The more bandwidth, the more usage they says.

Source: Google Buys Skybox in Move to Democratize Space by TechNewsWorld.

My Opinions.

While I have already said that it is a good move by Google to acquire Skybox because that will improve their map service using either website or mobile because since Skybox has high quality stills and video through their small satellites will allow Google to expand further in their map service that they couldn’t get especially in the rural places or any places that it is not found on Google Map, such as when I used Google Maps to see the top of my house when I was curious and it would only pinpoint the highways about a mile from my house and would not reach to my house because they don’t have the images of this street so the Google acquisition of Skybox is going to help them to reach out the places that they haven’t yet. I am hoping that with Skybox the images on Google’s Map will improve their images quality better than it is now because in some of the places it would be blurred, and to improve their accuracy in pinpointing the locations when searching for some locations in their map’s engine because when I searched with some of the physical addresses it would pinpoint a mile or a couple of miles away from the locations with physical addresses.

Microsoft’s new search engine Bing is truly creeping up in the backyards of Google’s because there is stats where it shown Bing has reached higher searches than Google at some moments and not only that Microsoft Bing has better map service than the current Google Maps because of Microsoft’s Bing map got an excellent feature such as birdeye and their images is a great quality. So hopefully that Google acquisition of Skybox is going to help Google to take the lead in their maps engine once again which I am sure that will happen but the question is when are they going to improve their map engine and that they need to get on it as soon as possible before they are too late because Microsoft Bing continues to improve and grow larger everyday so if Google wants to remains the number one place in search engines then they will have to work harder to keep themselves in that place.

The other day there was a conversation in a forums that I am on says that there is a possibility that Microsoft Bing would overtake Google because Microsoft Bing is growing very fast especially striking a deal with Apple to use their search engine on their devices instead of using Google again for their devices search engines and partnered with Yahoo to use the Microsoft Bing search engines. I dislike Microsoft Bing and I am a big fan of Google and always will be, because Google has better search engine especially their relevancy and that is something Microsoft Bing doesn’t have because when you search for something then you expects to get what you search for, something relevant and Google is the best at that and Microsoft Bing never could give you relevant results of your search. But Microsoft Bing is definitely putting a lot pressures on Google and several people says that Bing is going to overtake Google’s place as number one in search engines eventually but I don’t think so myself as long as they are willing to keep up and work harder than they have been then they wouldn’t have to worry about losing the leading place in search engines.

What do you think about Google acquisition of SkyBox? If you still don’t know what SkyBox is all about then I would suggest you to Google it up so you can get the idea of SkyBox and a better idea what Google is going to do with Skybox’s company. Also what do you think about Microsoft Bing and which search engines do you like the best and why? Leave a comment below and share your opinions with me!

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