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As of lately I have watched several television shows on Netflix such as The Walking Dead, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practices, House M.D., Gotham, Arrow, S.H.I.E.L.D and few of other popular name of shows which they are the television shows that I pretty much watch on daily basis through Netflix streaming video on mostly my huge 4K smart television on the wall. While I have the appreciation for Netflix to give me something to watch that I wasn’t able to watch through standard cable due to difference in my schedules because every time one of my favorite television shows comes on I am never available or have any free time to just sit back and watch them but I have a bit of problem with Netflix which is that Netflix only carry a year old season of every new television shows like The Walking Dead, Gotham, Arrow, S.H.I.E.L.D. and others. Some of you know that I am probably one of some person who is very impatient and never liked to wait for something before I could get which in this case to be able to watch a new episode after it have been aired through the standard cable. Lately I am running out of episodes for several television shows that I am a big fan of such as The Walking Dead which Netflix released fifth season last weekend I believe and ever since the fifth season was released I already almost finished watching the entire fifth season so of course I am going to be wanting more episodes to watch.

Since that it frustrates me a bit for not being able to watch a new episode or especially a few new episodes in one day because I like to keep on watching an episode after episode before switching to another television show on Netflix, but nonetheless it frustrates me that I am unable to keep up with the new episodes so I have decided to do some research online to see if there is another service or some way that I could be able to watch few new episodes after they were aired through the cable on television.

In my research I have come across a service named Hulu and Amazon Prime so I have decided to do some research in comparison for the both of the services to see whichever or if at least one of them would offer at least a few of new episodes for some television shows that I am a fan of after these some new episodes being aired on television cable and I sees that almost every articles from blogs such as geek, cnet, PCWorld, PcMag and other blogs highly recommending to go with Hulu over Amazon Prime so I do some more research on Hulu service to see what it is really all about. While doing some research on Hulu service I found some pleasing information where it says that Hulu is known for adding new episodes the day after they were aired on television cable which that is something that I am looking for but one problem that I can hardly find information on Hulu is do Hulu keeps these episodes for a long time like Netflix do with their television shows or movies when they releases them after a year have passed by or when some channels airs a new season? I know that Netflix airs The Walking Dead fifth season when a channel AMC premiered new episode for beginning of sixth season and I would have to wait for next year or season seventh before Netflix would get the sixth season of The Walking Dead for Netflix’s library but Netflix holds all older seasons for a very long time which that is a great thing especially for people like me who isn’t finished with some other television shows yet and wait until I finish watching the another television show then I head over to watch the previous season of a certain television show like The Walking Dead. But the question is does Hulu keeps all seasons especially these one day after episodes for long time like Netflix does with the older seasons of all popular television shows? Because if so then I am more than likely sold and is on the way to become a customer of Hulu service.

If I am to go with Hulu, did I hear it right that Hulu doesn’t have The Walking Dead because when I do some search for few of television shows in Hulu’s library and The Walking Dead doesn’t come up in their search so that assumes me that they don’t have The Walking Dead? Another question I have on Hulu is what television shows that Hulu doesn’t have that Netflix has? That’s where I am pretty much stuck at, because I don’t think that I would want to be paying more than one service monthly such as both of Netflix and Hulu. I do understand that Netflix have far more titles of television shows and movies in library than Hulu ever will have which that is what I don’t understand because where Netflix is the leading of streaming video service yet they don’t do the next day aired episodes from some television shows. I probably would have no choice but to have two services, Netflix and Hulu so that I can use Netflix for some television shows that Hulu doesn’t have such as The Walking Dead while Hulu for the next day aired episodes for some television shows. I am aware of that Hulu have snagged the spin-off television shows from The Walking Dead such as The Fear Walking Dead but I am being very doubtful that they will be any better than the original The Walking Dead because I mean hello?!

Netflix charges $9 monthly and Hulu charges $8 monthly. So the big question here is should I get Hulu? If so please let me know why by leaving me a comment below or leaving a comment under somewhere on social media wherever this article will be linked at. I would also love to know any information you can give me on Hulu and the difference between these two services besides the next day aired episodes. Hulu isn’t the only service that I am curious about, I am also curious about Amazon Prime service so if Amazon Prime offer the next day aired episodes then please let me know and have bigger library than Hulu then I would reconsider from Hulu to Amazon Prime. If Hulu does NOT provide closed caption then please let me know because if Hulu doesn’t then the debates of if I should or shouldn’t get Hulu would be immediately ended because out of any streaming videos service I must have closed captions.

Thank you very much for all of your time reading this blog’s post! Hope you have a great night and please remember to be sure to leave a comment below about Hulu because I would like to get more information before I make a decision on if I should get Hulu or not.

~ Joshie.
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