Selfie is so overrated!

SelfieEver since the booming industries that manufacture some of the smartphones or tablets with two cameras for on the back of the devices and on the front of the devices, technology is going crazy lately which gives everyone a way to come up with something new that no one has done yet especially when it comes to using the cameras on the either front or the back of the devices. For a while ever since the first smartphone came out that has two cameras for both front and back then later the tablets starts coming out with both cameras for the front and back as well so ever since that have happened there has increased numbers of people who likes taking some of the photographs of something that they sees or taking some photographs of themselves along with some of their friends or their family. What bothers me is ever since the beginning of the devices that has both front/back cameras it turns several people into becoming more lazy to use the cameras like DSLR or even a compact digital camera anymore and got used to use their smartphone or tablets to snap some photographs but what they do not realize is that the cameras for smartphones or tablets are only meant to take a quick photograph at places and times that they didn’t have the DSLR or compact digital camera with them so the cameras for smartphones or tablets are there to take pictures of something that they wished they have the DSLR or any compact digital cameras with them if that make sense to you.

When I go on a vacation I always have to take my Nikon DSLR (expensive camera) with few lens along with some gears so I can take pictures of places or something that I want to take some pictures of for my trip or to add to my memory collection or to add to my portfolio for my photography work but sometimes when I would go to some restaurants to eat for dinner so obviously I am not going to be carrying my heavy gears with me because I mean what is there to take some pictures at dinner time? Then if I see something on the way to a restaurant or somebody that I bumped into that happens to be a public figure and “shoot, I didn’t bring my camera” I pull out my Iphone to snap some pictures which that is what cameras with smartphones or tablets are exactly there for so they are a in-case-cameras or what I call it “emergency camera”. Also the cameras for smartphones or tablets are perfect for taking pictures of something or somebody only to show them to their family or friends by sending them as pictures messaging or upload them to some services.

Selfie is overrated!

Many years ago even before the front camera or some people call it face camera came out on both smartphones and tablets, many of people would used to take pictures of themselves with some of the people such as members of their family or friends which is what everyone calls today “selfie” by using the camera on the back of their smartphones or tablets which is a bit challenging to do because it is basically a guessing game when it comes to trying to take selfie pictures by using the camera on the back of smartphones or tablets without knowing how the selfie pictures are going to turn out. Ever since everyone started like taking some selfie, the manufacturers like Apple started building their mobile devices like smartphones and tablets with two cameras for the front/back instead of just one camera on the back of their mobile devices so to make it easier for everyone to take some selfie. Now that mobile devices manufacturer like Apple continued developing their mobile devices with front/back cameras then all of mobile manufacturers started copying with their own mobile devices and millions of selfie pictures are being snapped or uploaded daily now.

Since the mobile manufacturers started making their mobile devices with both front/back cameras there are many of people including celebrities are now obsessed with taking several selfie pictures especially like Kim Kardashian where she made a goal of snapping a whopping a thousand and two hundreds (1,200) selfie pictures in ONE DAY! Selfie are becoming a big thing in worldwide for everyone, in fact it’s a big thing enough that there’s a song that dedicate to the word “selfie” which is shockingly annoying and there are many selfie in different categories such as the most numbers of selfie in a day, the most of the people in a selfie picture which is actually a record by Guinness World Records where Ellen Degeneres made a record of selfie with the most numbers of people in it that she snapped at one of the awards event. Ever since that selfie picture by Ellen gone viral so I am not sure if Ellen Degeneres still is the holder of that record because obviously ever since it went viral, it challenged over millions of the people to take some selfie pictures with even more people than the amount of people in Ellen DeGeneres’ selfie picture and obviously if something goes viral it would encourage several people to do something more so that they can get the “gone viral” fame or something.

By selfie is becoming a word which define snapping a picture of the person self with or without anything else or other people, I am sure that the portraits photographers are probably homeless by now due to the increasing numbers of selfie pictures, haha! But do you have any idea where did selfie originated from? Someone in Australia who happens to be a drunken young guy first using the word to describe a self-portrait photograph more than a decade ago, although Oxford dictionaries revealed this week that the earliest known usage of the word “Selfie” is from a 2002 online ABC forum post.

Source: Selfie РAustralian slang term named international word of the year by TheGuardian.

These are the only two where the selfie word is originated which to define a self-portrait photograph by using the camera on smartphone or tablet themselves and it is getting overrated – No, I am not kidding because millions of selfie pictures being snapped or uploaded to some services daily so that is, in my opinion going way overboard!

Of course I am not against anyone who like to take some selfie pictures by using the face camera on their smartphone or tablets but I think it is somewhat creepy, I mean people taking pictures of themselves? Come on, go buy a nice Nikon D810 for 3k then that really is what camera is and not some smartphone or tablet’s camera. But again everyone have their own preference of course, just please keep the difference between mobile devices cameras and real cameras are in mind is all I ask.

I will admit that I have taken some selfie pictures but I am in no way obsessed with taking selfie pictures like over a thousand or more as I have only took about 10 at the most in my entire life selfie pictures because I only did it for my avatars on websites which is one of excellent example for the use of mobile devices cameras to take some for only avatar (profile display picture) but when it comes to take some of the pictures to show on the internet or print some out then I must use cameras like DSLR because that is what the purpose of these cameras which some of the people may not understand especially the people at young age. Only thing I can understand or stands it is the self-video like using GoPro cameras because I love using them when I go four wheeling so to record my adventures but pictures? I think I’ll hire somebody for some portraits of myself which I don’t think I ever will need any unless some business require them.

I am wrapping this up as it is getting a bit late because it is about 9 o’clock now so I only have about an hour before I jump in my bed under my blanket but before I am clocking out here, I would like to ask every one of you to leave some comments below this article to share some of your opinions about selfie or what are your thoughts of selfie pictures? Wouldn’t it be better to use the word “self-portrait” instead of selfie or what? I am curious about your opinions or your thoughts! Thank you very much for reading this article and be sure to come back to see if I am writing another article which I am planning on to write another article by either tomorrow or in a couple of days if I can find something or heard something that is interesting enough for me to write about or on but if you have any ideas for me to write in my next article about something or on something then please submit some of your ideas here, I would greatly appreciate it! I hope that all of you have a night and all of you be safe wherever all of you are at or whatever it is that you are planning on to do for tonight, stay awesome my friends!

– Joshie.

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