Sanctions and time for tidbits 4!

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Sanctions and Tidbits 4.

Now I better start writing some of the tidbits which I am sure that every one of you by now know what is tidbits but for any one of you who happens to be new friends of JoshiesWorld who haven’t yet to read my previous tidbits I have written that want a explain of what tidbits means so the tidbits means a bit of everything which in our language it means that all of topics or subjects puts into one page or in this case an article instead of only one topic or subject on each page/article so when I write tidbits it is going to have different subjects/topics that I will be discussing under one article which they are usually end up to be long reading and many of the people likes to read something long instead of small, sweet tiny and a boring quick article to read which often it leaves a bad aftertaste where it leaves people hanging because it isn’t filled with enough information. I have done three tidbits so far which this makes the fourth tidbits I am writing so if you want to read all the tidbits I have written then all you need to do is use the search feature on top of this website by typing a keyword like “tidbits” then it will bring you all the tidbits articles I have written for you to read but I hope you will enjoy this fourth tidbits as much as some of you have enjoyed the previous ones so here I am going to go ahead and write.

I will be writing a few important topics such as United States, European Union, Russia, North Korea, Iphone battery and data reductions and few of others if something pops up in my head after writing the topics I have written down on this piece of paper that I need or want to discuss.

Russia New Sanctions.

President Barack Obama of United States and European Union have slammed the new sanctions in the face of Russia’s president Vladimir Putin together today (Tuesday 7-29-2014) which that will do more than harm to Russia’s economy where it may force Russia to head the same direction that Germany was once in with great depression where it could cause the governments to face the difficulty in financial for their own nation along with all of residents. The new sanctions from the president Barack Obama of United States along with European Union are harsher than the old sanctions they gave to the president of Russia to force Vladimir Putin to end his support of armed rebels in Ukraine who happens to murdered several residents in Ukraine along with shooting down a commercial airplane that happens to carry about 300 passengers who was flying over on their way across Russia and that commercial airplane had nothing to do with anything as it is commercial airplane where 300 passengers were simply traveling to Malaysia yet president Vladimir Putin continue to support Pro-Russia that have just killed civilians that were either was on their way to get back to their family or on their business.

Not only that the president Vladimir Putin of Russia have seized and annexed a piece of land/city that belonged to Ukraine, when Vladimir Putin sent the military over to Ukraine to annex its part of Ukraine’s land he or the military ordered by Russia’s president did not do it peacefully or legally because what happens was that Vladimir Putin ordered the military to just break right in Ukraine while everyone was asleep then took all of Ukraine’s governments and Ukraine’s military bases by surprise then seizing them without them knowing without Ukraine’s knowledge then threatened if anyone gets in their way of annexing a part that belongs to Ukraine that they would be harmed or shoot on sight which is not only cruel but cheated and careless.

The new sanctions by both United States and European Union are punishing Vladimir Putin for his actions which are not humanity because he harms the residents of Ukraine in Crimea that happens to be now residents of Russia since annexing Crimea from Ukraine by illegal force and wrongful actions which many can agree about that which is why us in United States and everyone in European Union cares about human beings that Vladimir Putin happens to destroyed so the new sanctions are put out to punished him for his actions which will cripple Russia in a big way considering the most resources that Russia gets from are United States and European Union (EU), by resources which that would be gasoline, energy and oil so we are limiting their electricity along with the gas and oil that keeps Russia rotating – We put a halt to that until something is done by Vladimir Putin such as an apology to begin with which is hardly anything especially compares to annexing lands that belongs to thousands residents of Ukraine which is now owned by Russia.

N. Korea Nuclear Strike to White House.

North Korea has threatened to launch nuclear strike on “the sources of all evil” white house in United States and Pentagon after accusing Washington of raising military tensions on the Korea peninsula. The threat is coming from a top-ranking military official Hwang Pyong-So General Political Bureau when he gave the speech to a large military rally in Pyongyang on Sunday at the anniversary of the armistice that ended the 1950-1953 Korean War. This is not the first time that North Korea has threatened to send out their nuclear strikes at United States or United States bases and even if North Korea do take the action to send out nuclear strike at United States it wouldn’t reach because they have not yet mastered to send a long-range nuclear missiles although North Korea can send nuclear strikes in short-range which they are able to send nuclear strike at South Korea where 28,500 United States soldiers are stationed and Japan if North Korea wish to and North Korea has done it as they have conducted a series of test firings into the Sea of Japan (East Sea) in recent weeks which is raising the tensions between North Korea, both South Korea and Japan.

Source: North Korea threatens nuclear strike on White House by Telegraph.

Hopefully that North Korea are smart enough to not even try to fire any of their nuclear missiles at United States because then they would be defeated in matter of hours by United States using their only defense systems although I am sure that they would send in some of their offensive troops to North Korea to do something about it but for the residents sake of North Korea, they best pray that their crook president or whatever they call it over there to not make the wrong decision of thinking about sending any offensive type of missiles or such at United States or even at any countries that are allied with United States so North Korea – For your sake, don’t try on them and might as well hand over all of your weapons because if you notice the size of your nation is nothing comparing to United States, Canada and their allies.

Defense Up!

Lately I have noticed that the numbers in murders are raising especially doubling then the averages of increasing numbers in murders daily and I am sure that it is bringing fears to a lot of the people more than ever. I think that every one should buy a gun for defense which every American that has not committed a crime have the rights to own a gun to defend themselves and their family even if they don’t like being around the gun but it can save their life if there ever is a time to come that needs the gun to defend which I hope that won’t happen. I think that everyone should have a gun just to be caution because you never know if it ever will happen to you or not and you cannot say that it will not happen to you because it may or it may not so owning a gun would be very useful if that there ever comes to a time you need to defend yourself or your family.

On the December 16th 2011 midnight my best friend named Justin Jordan was murdered by a gunshot using .38 special revolver by a guy named Steven Blankenship who thought that Justin was some guy named Blake or somebody else who his wife cheated on him with so Justin was mistaken by thinking that Justin’s name was Blake where he didn’t know what the guy his wife cheated him on with looked like so he shot Justin below his eye that took the life of my best friend Justin Jordan. Justin was a very nice guy who was always funny and very loving guy that likes to be friends with everyone he meets but his life was taken away by someone who thought he was someone else so ever since that had happened, I immediately bought myself a gun for defense to defend me and my family because after the death of my best friend Justin Jordan it made me realizes that even if I am a nice guy who never has an enemy that what happened to Justin could happen to me. So please be very cautious every where you are and have a gun with you as if you are in United States you as American have the right to own a gun and carry it although having permit could be more useful especially if you are being confronted by a law officer but with or without the permit you have the right to own it nonetheless according to the second amendment.

Smartphone or Tablet battery/data reductions.

Even with the new good technology comes with bad especially the battery life or data limits of the smartphone or tablets but there are a way to keep your phone battery life a bit longer and to reduce the usage of your data so that you won’t go over the data limit while still being able to get as much as you need from data. As goes for the smartphone you can make the battery life to last longer by making some adjustments from your smartphone which I will help you with that and as well keeping the usage of data under the limits while still being able to get the most out of data without going overboard because if you go overboard the limit of data then you will be charged additional fees which that is something that you don’t want it to happen, believe me as it has happened to me before.

Go longer with battery:

To make your smartphone or tablet to last a bit longer than you usually do. Go to your settings then go to your brightness/contrast and from there be sure to adjust the screen darker but only to enough that you can still see your phone or tablet because the darker you adjust your smartphone or tablet to will increase your battery life drastically. Then be sure to always close all the apps in the background which can be done by double pressing your home button on your phone or tablet because the background apps are still running which means it’s running your battery doubles than not doing anything on your smartphone or tablet so be sure to close all the background apps by double pressing the home button every time you are done with using them.

Least but not last, go to your locations settings then from there be sure to disable only the ones that you don’t really need because using the locations is what keeps signal coming in which that uses a lot of the battery so only leave the ones on in locations service that you need such as map, gps and a few of others.

Keep it under data limit:

Who doesn’t like surfing on smartphone or tablets using the internet connection especially when it comes to use the apps that require the internet or getting on Facebook or like me, tweeting like crazy?! Right, nobody. That is where the problems comes in because every providers comes with a limit on data which is a bit of problems for tech savvy like myself and sometimes we can go overboard to a point where we gets hefty charge for additional fees due to going over the limit of data but there is a way to keep it under from going over the data limit which it can be a bit bad news although it’s keeping us from having to pay the additional fees just for going over the data limit that the providers provided us with. By keeping it under the data limit you must be sure to close every apps in the background by double clicking the home button on your smartphone or tablet and always be sure to turn on WiFi anywhere that provide free WiFi access so I am even surprised that nobody takes the advantage of using the free WiFi access which that keeps reduce a great deal of amounts in data. I mean you don’t need to be watching a video on Netflix while you are at superstore don’t you? No and beside a lot of WiFi accesses being set up everywhere so almost anywhere you go they have WiFi access set up for you to take the advantage of so to not use any data to go over the data limit.

I have realized that a lot of people have WiFi at home and never turns on the WiFi on their smartphone and they keeps using the data instead which is insane idea because anytime there is WiFi then be sure to take the advantage of them then you can keep your data limit under and if you have computers or laptops at home then use them instead of surfing on your smartphone because that is what they are there for, and don’t tell me “but… But.. How can I get songs then? Or movies? Or Books?” because that is what the USB is for so you can hook them up to your computer to transfer anything from your computer to your smartphone or from your smartphone to your computer. Again anywhere you go then go to WiFi and if you see some lists of WiFi accesses then be sure to take the advantage of them because that is what they are there for so to help you to not go over the data limit because if you do then you would have to pay hefty additional fees which isn’t so fun.

Least but not last!

Well maybe that its last but I think I have written a bit too long than I would like to and beside it takes me forever writing this article which makes me a bit tired but not only that it’s getting late here too as well so I must wrap this up right here. I hope that all of you enjoy this 4th tidbits and please feel free to leave a comment to share your opinion about any topics I have written in the tidbits under this article and I would be more than happy to read them out then reply to them if needed. Thank you very much for your time reading this article and please be sure to keep checking back here to see if I am writing another article which I am planning on to write another article by either tomorrow or in a couple of days if I can find something or heard something that is interesting enough for me to write about but if you have any idea for me to write about something or on then I would be very grateful if you will¬†submit some of your ideas here so to help me to get some of the ideas on what to write on the next article! I hope that all of you have a great night and all of you be safe wherever all of you are at or whatever it is that you are planning on to do for the night, stay awesome my friends!

– Joshie.

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