Samsung says Goodbye to Android.

I have come across a source about Samsung company and as well Android which we all know that Android is created by Google but if some of you don’t know that Android were created by Google then now you do know. Today hundreds of smartphones and cell phones are using Android system software which is quite overdoing it I think, like earlier post I have made about Apple wins vs Samsung in their court trial when Apple filed lawsuit against Samsung for infringing the copyright from Apple considering that Apple owns these patients that Samsung violates by copying the interface of Iphone for their smartphone known as all Galaxy models and Samsung tried to counter Apple but failed several cases against Apple while that Apple won almost every cases against Samsung and I dislike Samsung for one reason and that is they have no howsoever creativity for their products hence the copyright infringement meaning that they violates the law by copying someone else work/products and patients owned by someone else such as Apple. Until recently someone has leaked an information about Samsung is considering to backstab Google’s back in many ways. Why? Or how? Here it is.

The information got leaked by someone inside Samsung company that they wanting to leave Google behind and stop using Android for their smartphones and other products by Samsung such as their tablets which they have made a long-term contract and agreement with Google so  this means backstabbing Google especially that Android that made by Google gave an exclusive with Samsung to use Android and now is thinking about to stop using Android and not keeping their own words with Google and make their own operating system for their next generations of smartphones and tablets and several people has done said that it would be very bad move by Samsung because it will kill their sales miserably considering that IOS and Android operating system is what everyone wants which is true because by leaving Google and stop using Android that made their smartphone and tablet so successful can turn the successful mobile products into failure.

Why? Remember Blackberry RIM? Exactly. BlackBerry had their own software for several years and they were quite successful, in fact they was the leading operating system and their cell phone for few years until Apple started their Iphone models and Ipad as well which that killed BlackBerry and Blackberry had to file bankruptcy and now Blackberry stopped using their own operating system that they used were very successful and was in the leading cell phone makers and now they switched to Android operating system and their sales are picking back up and is going steady but not as successful as they were few years ago but only reason that they finally get out of the dark is? Android. Or even if they use IOS software they would be same way, considering that IOS and Android is on the rise and is obviously competitive with each others although Apple IOS sales has skyrocketed bigger than Android and has done so for several years but Android is #2 operating system a place where Blackberry used to be in and Android thumped BlackBerry.

I will give Samsung one thing is that if they do decide to stop using Android then they would have some creativity but one question is, is it going to be a copy of something? If I own Samsung company I would stick with Android because customers love Android on Samsung smartphones and this will hurt them for more than one reasons and one of them is they will want to stop buying Samsung and go with somebody else that has Android because of their paid apps, movies, music and others instead of having to spend same amount of money just to get everything that they had on Android. That isn’t going to end very well for Samsung if they do stop using Android and have their own operating system because then they will lose several customers by buying different phone that has Android so they can continue using their paid apps, movies and others along with their contacts and information. Get the idea Samsung? I hope you do and believe me I dislike Samsung but I also dislike taking somebody’s money again when they already paid for something.

Here’s the article talks about Samsung plan on abandoning Android: Abandon Android: Samsung Planned on backstabbing Google for years, internal documents reveal by TechTimes.

If Samsung were to stop using Android and force you to switch to their own operating system would you continue using Samsung devices? Even this means losing all of your paid stuff and having you to spend more money to Samsung to get all stuff that you had on Android operating system back on Samsung device but with their own operating system? Exactly my thoughts too.

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If or when Samsung do leave Android then what device would you buy? I would recommend Iphone 5S but again only reason I am saying this is because that is what I have and use haha, and Iphone 5S is absolutely amazing and excellent device to use especially their system and as well their camera is superb and have better antenna than Samsung or any of smartphones that I know of, truthfully they do and along with their GPS. I cannot fathom enough how much quick and accuracy Iphone’s GPS is and have better Antenna than any smartphones I ever tested and owned at least here because every smartphones I owned and tested don’t have as much as signals as Iphone 5S that I have nor Iphone 4S I owned before Iphone 5S they both have much better signals than any of phones I owned/tested. However I also like Windows smartphones as well although I wouldn’t switch from Iphone to Windows smartphone however if I ever feel like owning two smartphones then my second smartphone would definitely be windows smartphone, no question asked.

I am wrapping this up for now and I might be writing another article or maybe two depending on if anything comes to mind or something I end up coming across on the internet or outside the internet but before I do wrap this up I would like to ask you a question, maybe two. What are your favorite operating system for your smartphone and tablet? What is your favorite smartphone and as well tablet? And what cell phone do you own? Wait that is three questions, ha! Answer them if you have spare time by leaving a comment below this article and I hope that you have a great day and stay safe! Be sure to keep checking back in case there’s new articles being posted soon or later on.

My favorite for smartphone is Iphone 5S, for tablet is Ipad 2 and I own my favorite smartphone.

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