Robin Williams passed away, RIP!

Robin WilliamsHey guys! How are the things going over there with you all wherever you all are at? I hope everything is well, all is going well over here although it has been pour raining all day here in Belfry which is an area in the state of Kentucky in United States and even with the heaviness of the rain have been going on here for all day at almost non-stop that did not stop me from taking an 30-minutes trip to Wal-Mart over in Pikeville with my mother as we both had to go to Pikeville today for something so we decided to go ahead and stop over at Wal-Mart over in Pikeville since that we were there because the Wal-Mart in Pikeville are a lot better than the one here in Belfry area for some reason. Nonetheless with the hard pouring rain all over, I still had fun with my mother there though my arm is now hurting from pushing the cart for a couple of hours over there at Wal-Mart and I have bought a small amount of things such as a $50 Itunes card because I always buy the movies from there to watch the movies on my computer or an Apple TV since I have recently bought the Apple TV a few weeks ago which that reminds me that I need to hook it up sometime soon because where I have not hooked it up due to tight schedule I have lately which sucks a bit because it limits me of doing something that I actually like. Anyway after getting home from Pikeville my mother cooked up me a great homemade gravy, biscuits and sun-up eggs breakfast for today’s dinner because she makes the best gravy & biscuits I have ever tasted in my life which I am sure that some can agree if they have tried them but then after the dinner I power up my computer as usual to get on the computer to surf on the internet so I can have something to do such as like writing this article.

When I powered up my computer I decided to get on FaceBook to see what is up with all everybody that I have on my friends list as usual and while I was going through some wall posts that some of the people on my friends list have made then a few minutes later I have come across a shocking news that I never expected that something like this would happen but before I begin to tell you what was it, actually I have a question for you which that would be who does not like watching funny (comedy) movies? I do and I am almost sure that many of you do too as the comedy movies are one of the best movies genre to watch. There are only few actors or actresses who have the passion to actually make the most of the people laugh out of their lungs because it is their nature as if it is their gift in talents especially even if in some of sad or different genres of movies these comedian actors or actresses bounds to make the viewers laugh at some times because it is their gift even if they don’t recognize that themselves.

Robin Williams, Rest In Peace!

When I said that there are only a few of actors or actresses that actually know how to make the most of the people laugh because it is their given talents especially actors or actresses like Robin Williams who have acted in great numbers of films ever since he became an actor. Some movies of Robin Williams that would literally make you laugh while gasping for some air to breathe like Popeye, Good Morning Vietnam, Cadillac Man, Robin Hook, Mrs. Doubtfire, Jack, Flubber, Good Will Hunting, Patch Adams, RV, Man of the Year, License To Wed, Old Dogs and a few of more. There are many of people who have waited for Robin Williams to act at least in one more movie that’s either come close or better than his best films like Popeye, Good Morning Vietnam, MRS. Doubtfire or Flubber before he retires.

The most of the people including myself who have hoped that Robin Williams would star in at least one more movie that would either come close or better than some of his best movies can no longer to hope that Robin Williams to star in another great movie because, sadly I have bad news for everyone including myself that are a huge fan of Robin Williams himself and that would be Robin Williams has been found dead on Monday (today). The leading movies database websites IMDB has made an announcement just an hour ago to confirm that Robin Williams have sadly passed away and that cause of his death is believed to be suicide via asphyxiation according to coroner’s office in Tiburon in California. He was found dead in his home confirmed by his publicist and his publicist said that Robin Williams himself had battled depression of late and recent entered 12-step rehab stint for drug abuse.

Source: Robin Williams Found Dead In Possible Suicide by

That is indeed a shocking news for the most of the people including myself who is a huge fan of Robin Williams because of his stand-up comedy or both of his comedy and drama films such as Good Will Hunting. The family of Robin Williams are asking for privacy during their time of grief, the surviving family members would be his wife Susan Schneider and three of his children. Robin Williams is 63 years old as the date of his birth are July 21, 1951 and he have won several awards which the list of his awards can be found on his Wikipedia (click here for his Wikipedia).

I am myself a huge fan of him especially for the films that he have took part in, I also collects the most of his movies which I like to watch sometime when there aren’t anything good shows or movies that are being aired on the television and my favorite movies of his would be Popeye, Good Morning Vietnam, Good Will Hunting, Mrs. Doubtfire and Flubber. Ever since I was a little boy after watching Good Morning Vietnam, I immediately became a fan of him then grew up somewhat idolize him while collecting every released movies that he acted in as every new film that comes out with him in it and I always would have to go to the store to buy them on the release date instead of waiting a few days later to buy the new movies of his. After finding out the news about his death, at the first I didn’t believe it because lately there have been a ton of articles or posts somewhere that would say certain celebrities have passed away that wasn’t even true such as Justin Bieber (tired of hearing his name!) and few of other celebrities but they do that so to make money using false information on their websites which I am a bit surprised that they could get away with it especially that it’s somewhat against the law for deformation. Even if they write false information about somebody’s death just to make money by luring people to visit their links, it is still wrong of them to make money off false information especially when it comes to anyone’s death regardless whoever they are.

And no, this is NOT false that Robin Williams have passed away because the announcement are coming from trusted websites such as IMDB along with a few of other news because I had to double-check to make sure that it wasn’t false information which I wished it have been but sadly they are not. Robin Williams is one of the great actors especially starting out in late 70s to early 80s films as that is when the industries in films going large. I do know that there are some of the people who may not like Robin Williams but I am almost sure that at least a couple of movies such as Good Morning Vietnam or Flubber, anyone cannot deny that they are hilarious movies and that he was so hilarious in these movies. Out of the respect for him I am going to be watching all the films that he have acted in and if any one of you who happens to be a huge fan of him like myself then you should do the same.

My heart goes out to Robin Williams family especially Robin Williams children as they have lost a father that probably always make them laugh naturally as it is his gift. He had once said in one of the interview a couple of decades ago that the passion he has was to go out to turn the people’s fawn into a smile so using the movies to do that which he have succeed to make a lot of people laugh. If you have a bad day, pop one of his comedy films in then it is an almost guarantee that it is going to make your day a hilarious day! I am sure that any Robin Williams family probably never will come across to this article or read this article but I would like to say that I am very sorry for all of your loss but know this there are many fans of Robin Williams who will always be there to support all of you!

I best wrap this up as it is getting a bit late here and I still have a lot of things to do before I head out to bed so thank you everyone for reading this article! Be sure to keep checking back here to see if I am writing another article which I am planning to write another article by either tomorrow or in a couple of days if I can find something or heard something that is interesting enough for me to write about but if any one of you have some ideas that you think I should write about or on then please go to this page to submit your ideas and I would be very grateful for as many as possible ideas you all can give me! I hope that all of you have a great night and that all of you are safe wherever all of you are at or whatever it is that you are planning on to do for the night, stay awesome my friends!

– Joshie.

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