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Apparently it’s a bit of complicate for me to choose which reviews websites that I would like to stick with and be the only loyalty to. As some of you know that for a great long while that I have been heavily user on FourSquare for the check-ins and leaving all of reviews that I have personally visited.

But that now have changed since I have decided to start looking up at other reviews websites such as Google Places, TripAdvisor, Yahoo Local, Yelp, Facebook Places and others. While I will always be loyal to Foursquare considering that I have been a long-time superuser for Foursquare (think moderator) and that never will change but I have realized that I am beginning to like a couple of other reviews websites.

Out of all reviews websites while narrowing it down which I prefer or will use the most out of them is of course Foursquare but others are TripAdvisor which I have come to find out that it’s amazingly impressive that I am beginning to get hooked with especially trying to become a senior reviewer as I have written reviews for all of places I’ve known and experienced. Also I have become a fan of Google Places which is decent at most, a very useful too but not used heavily like Foursquare or Tripadvisor and I am becoming a fan of Yelp now since I have browsed around on Yelp to leave reviews as many as I possibly can on the places that I have experienced. Which one should I recommend you to follow or become friends with me? I would say Foursquare, Tripadvisor and Yelp is the three I’ll be using equally out of all.

So follow/friend me on these reviews websites if you have them:


These are three reviews websites I am registered where I will be leaving some of the reviews for some of the places that I have attended and will be attending in future. Some of the reviews for some of the places I will be writing may be brutal offensive but only they will be honest as for most of the people who know me knows I dislike lie or false more than anything. These three reviews websites that I am registered, I like them equally to a point that it’s somewhat complicated even for me to choose which one to only use but I am sure that in time after using them for a while I may be able to narrow it down out of all these three reviews websites I am registered to which one I truly think is best and most essential.

Thank you and I hope that all of you have a safe day or night whichever it is over there and have a good day or night but for me it is a night over here.

– Joshie.

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