Reflection of ’16 & Happy New Year ‘17

Hey guys and women! I would like to wish all of you a very happy new year 2017! I am sure that some of your nights are still going on as it is still early night at 2:20AM and I hope that those of you who party with alcohol to be careful with deciding about driving because I highly recommend that you call a taxi or uber to drive you home. Even though if you aren’t drinking it is still dangerous to be driving on the road especially tonight since it is the new year and I am certain that there is a lot of people whose driving drunk so keep your eyes out for them. Everyone is celebrating the New Year, as everybody have every right to celebrate the new year but I am somewhat not in mood for celebration because there are a few reasons which I will share a bit later below. I watched the New Year ball drops as we always watch the ball drops on New Year eve every year, we would celebrate every year until tonight we are starting to realize that it feels as if it is just another day even though we know that it is the New Year and now I don’t really see the point in celebrating for the New Year. I guess everyone have different opinions or thoughts about the New Year, I did as we used to celebrate the New Year traditionally with the family and now it is just both me and my mother as our family have been decreased so that’s one of many reasons that we rarely celebrate the holidays.

I figured that I would blog my reflection for the year of 2016 and what I am expecting for the year of 2017. I will also share my resolution that I would like to accomplish for the year of 2017, I think I can pretty much say that many of us don’t accomplish every one that we had written on our New Year Resolutions.

Reflection for The Year 2016

Before we go into this, I want to remind all of you that this is my reflection and my perceptive for the year of 2016. Let’s proceed, shall we? In the beginning of the year, in winter I noticed that we were getting hit heavily by snowstorms as here in the state of Kentucky was hit by snowstorms between 9 to 12 times with several inches of snows. That winter I enjoyed a lot because I always loved snow and I still loves snow because I am always in awe of what the mother nature can throw at us with the snow. Then in Spring I noticed that we were still feeling the winter as the winter didn’t disappear immediately, the winter pretty much continued until almost the summer and when the summer arrived I noticed that we averaged 90s degree in temperature. That may be somewhat normal but in the state of Kentucky or above? Maybe just a tad below the average because we used to have 100-110 degrees in temperature, I am glad that it was averaged only 90s degree because I am never a fan of the heat and the summer comes somewhat a bit late. I think that the summer is trying to replace the months that the winter is in and Winter is trying to replace the months that the summer or spring is in so can we say that it is climate change or global warming? I would be comfortable with calling it climate change and that is going to be a bit problem with the next administration in the white house with Donald Trump being the new president of the United States. Barrack Obama will be leaving the white house administration in twenty days, on January 20th and that is something that I am not looking forward to because Barrack Obama shows a lot of concerns about the climate change or the global warming while Donald Trump administration doesn’t. Is climate change or global warming important? Very. I bet that some of you don’t know where most of our wheats and some vegetables comes from? Yellowstone. Yellowstone is the heart of producing some foods that we eat daily so if nobody does anything about climate change or global warming then we are going to see drought in Yellowstone which that will mean that Yellowstone will no longer able to produce anything for us to eat.

Climate Change or Global Warming

Yellowstone is practically what beats the heart of the United States especially when it comes to foods and some of the water. Not too long ago I have told my cousin that I am starting to notice that we are losing the ice in north and in his response, says that it would means more water for us to have. It is alerting that we are losing the ice in arctic sea, it does not mean that it would produce more water because what many of the people does not realize is that the ice in arctic sea is what keeps our earth moist and they also are what balances the temperature in heat. If we were to lose all the ice in arctic sea, then that would mean that we will be absorbing a heck lot more of heat and this means our earth becomes flammable very easily. Not just that, it would also mean that we would be seeing more of droughts all over in different countries and that means that we will be losing a heck a lot more of foods because vegetables or fruits cannot handle a scorching heat. Now if you are a scientist or have a science teacher, I ask yourself what does the ice produces? That’s right, carbon dioxide and methane so that means what? Flammable in the air and the harmful that will do to our lungs while we breathe the air. So, let’s see here, losing a lot of ice in arctic sea would means that our earth will be absorbing a heck a lot more of heat while the loss of ice produces carbon dioxide and methane so practically our earth will be a time bomb that is about to explode everywhere from the air to the grounds so we will not be able to survive unless some of you can afford a sealed shelter underground or something.

So, don’t be quick to not believe in climate change or global warming because it is real, as several years goes by I have notice that several areas all over on this earth was hit with droughts and you can easily tell that we are losing water at rapid rate by looking at the dams in Las Vegas calls Hoover Dam. We have lost about ¾ of the water, or just a bit over half but close to the third of the water that we used to have and you can easily detect that by looking for the water line at the Hoover dam. So, if we are to lose ice in arctic sea which is northern, those ices in arctic sea is what balance the temperature on this earth and they shield the earth from absorbing the heat from the sun due to reflection so if we are to continue losing the ice in arctic sea then the sun will be absorbing the water faster from our earth. If you think that every one of our countries have indefinite water, then you are silly for thinking that because the water can be disappeared within’ days if we allow the sun to absorb at full power. So, in the year of 2016, it has become more alarming than ever and I saw that Barrack Obama as a President of the United States who fully understand that climate change or global warming is real.

Even our technology and medicines that advances daily will not be able to save the earth because the mother nature overpowers anything that we can throw at it. We are just very lucky that we were hit by a lot of snowstorms in the eastern part of the United States such as Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. The flooding in New York helps.

Technology and Science

While we have a problem with the climate change and global warming, at least we have one positive thing about the year of 2016. Our technology in many of things such as computing have advanced with QUALCOMM’s and with the advance of technology that have been improved would means that we may will see high-speed trains all over the United States so we would be able to transport ourselves from a place to another place within’ few minutes instead of several hours by the airplanes. I have noticed that they have worked on rail technology for the trains in many of the areas, I have also seen that some companies are working on building the trains that can transport us from a place to another place and even from a country to another country under the water. It is still a long way to go but with our technology that advances every day would means that we may be seeing them sooner than we thought or for our next generation to see.

As for the science, I see positive in the medical areas who have worked tirelessly on invention of the cure for some cancers including ALS and among others. I think that with the medicines that is advancing, our life span will be obviously increased and that may mean good thing or bad thing. Why did I say bad thing? Longer life span would mean we need a lot more resources to consume and this earth has limits in resource such as water, foods or others unless every one of us start eating foods in proper sizes then we may scratch our reserves a bit longer.

It is about time that the government or in this case the Federal Communications Commission decides to do something about the broadband internet services for the rural areas and farms. Not only that, I applause that they want to make sure that Americans not to be ripped off by the internet providers by charging them too much. Only negative thing I have seen from broadband this year is that almost every internet providers no longer provides unlimited data like all of us used to have and that’s a problem especially for the Deaf community as they rely on a lot of data to use the video relay service to make calls. That is something that the Deaf community must come up with something and ask Federal Communications Commission to find a way to provide unlimited data or increase the data limit for the Deaf people who rely on Video Relay Service to make calls.

Expectations in The Year 2017

While we are already expected that we will have a new President in the white house on January 20th this year, Barrack Obama leaves and Donald Trump become the new President of the United States. I am going to be honest with you, I refuse to sugarcoat this but many of you will have a heck a lot of problems in the next four years with Donald Trump as the President of the United States especially when it comes to foreign, our civil rights, our human rights and some of our healthcare especially for the ones who earns minimum wages or on social security. While with the new administration at white house for the next four years, we may see improvement in medicines and can get access to to a lot more of medicines because it is what Republicans wants as that is what gives the corporations who manufacture medicines to earn a lot more money. If you honestly think that the new administration says that they will be creating several more jobs for the Americans for the rich people, then you are right but if you think that they are talking about creating jobs for the people who is poor then you are wrong. As an American, I am terrified to see what’s about to come and that is because many of you or electors voted the wrong candidate but that is a problem with a lot of the people because a lot of the people often have short terms of memory or clueless on history. I think that we are just giving this four years to all of you who voted for Donald Trump so that, maybe or we are just being hopeful that this will jogs your memory so you can know what it is to have a Republican President and a country that is in control of Republicans so that many of you can (hopefully) learn the lesson to not repeat the mistake.

With the politics, aside, I have a feeling that we will be seeing strange weathers especially in January, February, March and April for the winter than Summer because I think that we will be seeing a very hot summer since that the winter this year is warmer than what winter averaged for.

I believe that we also will be seeing some bad things in economy for the United States, even with the business mogul in the white house and… Bottom line is that we will be getting worse than the era of George W. Bush-era. Terrifying to think about it, I just cannot fathom how terrifying it is for the Americans and I am dumbfounded in how the Americans couldn’t have the common sense in seeing it.

I can only have so little thing to say about what we can expect in the year of 2017 because with Donald Trump being the next President of the United States makes it so hard to predict especially what will happen under him. I hope that all of you have a great year, if not then you know who it is on and learn from it so to not repeat the things that the history has tried to teach us to not repeat the mistakes but the problem is that many Americans ignored it or forgot about the history. Really, I have nothing positive to say about the year 2017, especially in the government but as for the outside of the government I hope that all of us enjoy our spring and summer.

2017 Resolutions

Do you have a resolution list for 2017? If so I would love to hear your resolution for the 2017 by leaving a comment below! I have a few of things that I would like to accomplish for the year of 2017 and here is my 2017 resolution list.

That is all I have for my 2017 Resolution and I am sure that I may will come up with a few more to add to the 2017 resolution. If I do come up with more ideas of what I would like to accomplish in the year of 2017 I will update the list above and announce the update on social media so you can recheck my 2017 resolution list here. If you have a 2017 Resolution List, I would love to hear yours in the comment below and if possible share the reasons.

Happy (or Sad) New Year 2017

Happy or Sad New Year 2017 to you all, I wish you all the best and I hope that all of you will have a better year in the 2017 than the year of 2016. I am sure that Republicans will, obviously as we are about to be overtaken by Republicans in just twenty days and I am not looking forward to that but some of the people voted Republicans so nothing else we can do but hope for the best until the next term because I am sure that the next term we will work harder to make sure that we have the right President in the white house who truly cares about us all.

Thank you for reading this article and I hope that all of you have a great night. I am getting off here, to play a game for half an hour then head to bed so I bid you good night and Happy New Year 2017.

Joshua “Joshie” Sullivan.

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