Quality Over Quantity

Hey guys and women! I hope that all of you enjoyed your Christmas with your family and your friends. I hope that all of you are doing well, I am doing well myself and lately I have been very busy but again around the Christmas is the busiest time of the year for the most of the people including myself. I have realized that I haven’t write anything for more than four days I think or maybe more, I want to apologize about that and I do have the reason that I haven’t write anything for the past four or more days which I will explain in a few minutes. First, I would like to hear about your holiday, leave a comment below and talk about your holiday! As for me, my holiday was good and not good at the same time in a way. Why wasn’t my Holiday good? Good part is that I get to spend my time with my mother, I got a new supercomputer desktop from my mother for Christmas which I customized it myself at one of the website such as HP and the computer is HP Omen X. I also got GoPro Karma Grip with the money that I got from step father, two of my uncles and a few dollars of my own so I am happy with that. Bad part is that I noticed that none of us was in spirit for Christmas this year that like we used to be for several decades. I think that it is because our family is no longer here with us, my mamaw (mom’s mother), my aunt and my uncle (mom’s sibling) passed away within’ 2-3 years apart so we lost our family quickly. My mamaw was the last one, my uncle was first and my aunt was second then my mamaw last so in a way that half of my mamaw’s children passed away before her. Nonetheless, we barely feel any motivations for some of the holidays now.

Right now, it is just myself and my mother with my step father. Or technically, he and my mother aren’t married but they have been together for over a decade now so I pretty much look him up as a father figure since my father pretty much abandoned me after I became an adult. I have siblings though, two young sisters so I am the eldest out of all and the biggest problem I have with my father is that he is favoritism as he has done everything for one of my sister while none for me or my other sister as each one of us three have different mothers but same father. The favorite one is the woman’s daughter that my father has been married for several years now since divorcing my mother three decades or something around that.

I am fine though, thank you for asking but I am fine and so is my mother.

Quality Over Quantity

For past four days where I haven’t write anything for the blog, I have been somewhat struggling with coming up with some of the topics to share my opinions or thoughts on. For several months, this year, in the beginning I stated that I would be writing an article the next day and by that, I mean every second day. Monday I write, Tuesday I won’t then Wednesday I write, Thursday I won’t and Saturday I write so I pretty much write three articles to four a week including the weekend. For a while I could come up with a lot of things that I would like to talk about as every day I would be writing some topics in a document on my iPhone that I would like to talk about as I thought of something that I would like to talk about and check a lot of news to see if there was anything that catch my attention to talk about it. The problem is that since the beginning I had so much to talk about, as we were entering the summer I notice that the list of topics that I would like to talk about getting less and less. From that point I would catch myself having some struggles in trying to think of something more to talk about so I could keep the train going for the blog, as the summer was done and now we are in the winter my list of topics that I would like to talk about is blank. So for over a week I have tried to come up with some of the things to talk about by thinking on the fly while I was writing, a lot of the times I would realize that I just couldn’t think of anything to talk about as if I run out of the words literally and a couple of days ago I noticed that I would start hurrying myself to find something to talk about because of that routine or method that I had by writing an article every other two days. Two days ago, I was very motivated to write an article for the blog but the problem was that I had nothing to talk about and I found myself stuck trying to figure out what I should be talking about because I don’t want to rehash anything that I have talked about in the past. For a while I have asked some of you for some help by suggest some good topics for me to talk about and I only have received a few which most of them have been covered already as I have written about these topics they had suggested in the past as I referred them to some of the articles.

So, I started thinking about quality over quantity. Is quantity important and interesting? Not really. Quality is what’s important to me and I am sure that it is also important to many of you readers. The difference between the quality and quantity is:

Quality: More time-consuming research, more carefully writing and several double checks to make sure that everything that I had written is what I intended to write. This would means taking a lot more time, because the longer it takes the more quality the content will be for the blog and that have always been my goal. But the problem is that sometimes the readers would like to have several quality contents daily, several quality articles per day and that is something that I cannot do because I am the only one blogger unless I can find one or two guest bloggers which that is something I am working on.

Quantity: Less time-consuming, less research or a quick research but still a bit carefully writing and double-check once or twice just to make sure that it’s good enough. This would mean one article each day or one article every other day like I have done for this year except that in the beginning I was aiming for quality but overtime I can notice that I started getting sloppy but tried to keep on at it.

What does the readers want? Quality over quantity but the problem is that not many of them realize that not every blog has a team of bloggers that can produce several contents a day that is quality. I am one-man at the helm of JoshiesWorld and believe it I have tried so hard to keep it sailing. But at the same time, I don’t feel right because I want to produce quality contents which that require time and few days of research along with few days of writing too. So, the question is will the readers like you accept that I write an article every three or four days instead of every two days so that way I can come up with quality contents and better things to talk about? Or do readers like you want me to keep pushing my limits to try to write as much as I can like I have been this year without a guarantee or the possibility of a quality content for some of you to read? So, what should I do? I can keep writing every two days if I am to get some help from you by suggesting some topics every now and then but without your help I barely can keep up with it. If you ask me which one is more important, quality or quantity I would say quality and that can benefit both of us. Quantity would mean a lot more articles that may or may not be interesting to read and quality would mean a few less articles but better chances of producing something interesting to read.

If we are to choose quality, then I may will not write an article for four days at most so that I can refuel better but if we are to choose quantity then I will try to continue writing an article every two days but I may be sloppy in some of the articles. That is up to you, let me know by leaving a comment below and if you would like for me to write an article as soon as possible then that can happen with your help by suggesting some of the topics that you would like for me to share my opinions or thoughts on. I greatly appreciate for your time that you have taken and read every article I have produced for several years. I think my age is getting the best of me and my brain isn’t running on all cylinders. Who knows, maybe if I take the quality over quantity I will have enough time to produce some videos as well for YouTube as I got GoPro Karma Grip for Christmas and show some of the videos on here for all of you to watch!

Over to You

Thank you very much for all of your time reading this article, I felt the need to write this article because I was about to write a tidbits article tonight and while I was writing the first topic for tidbits I started noticing that I am a bit sloppy so I decided to trash that draft because I felt that it wasn’t going to be quality enough or that it was going to be interesting enough for some of you to read. That is why I needed to write about quality over quantity here because I really want to produce quality instead of quantity as much as possible. I just must try to write more quality articles than to be in hurry writing an article so to get over with it so I realized that it was starting to lose the quality so I had to stop there before I head over that way. Please leave a comment below, share your thoughts about this and let me know what I should do!

Joshua “Joshie” Sullivan.

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