Protest Instagram!

Protest InstagramIt is frustrating that Instagram is still refusing after my third attempts of requesting Instagram to transfer the user name of JoshiesWorld to the rightful user which is by now I am sure all of you know who, where every one of you know I own JoshiesWorld all over on the internet since I own the JoshiesWorld name and the problem with Instagram is that Instagram seems to not fully understand the importance of the rightful owner as it seems like they are harboring a user who happens to stolen my identify since there is a Instagram user who is registered in my identify name JoshiesWorld. After three attempts of requesting Instagram to transfer a username JoshiesWorld from some guy who registered the user name to me, I am now at the end of the tunnel so I am reaching out to all of you to help me out with getting Instagram to transfer the user name JoshiesWorld over to me and I would be very grateful for any pointers in getting Instagram to transfer the user name over to me.

All through these attempts I have requested Instagram to transfer the user name JoshiesWorld over to me, they have gave me an advice to (politely) ask that user to change its user name so that I can change my temporary user name to JoshiesWorld because if the user would change his user name then that user name JoshiesWorld would become available for me to register that user name and then for once all that would finally to be registered to the rightful owner of the business JoshiesWorld.

If some of you have succeed of getting the user name to be transferred to you then I would very much appreciate for some advice you may give me or some pointers of finally getting through Instagram to transfer the user name to the rightful person and I have realize that a couple of people who told me to move on because it is just a user name. Surely it is a user name but it is also not only my identify, my business too and there are thousands of visitors or people who knows its name “JoshiesWorld” which is what I fear for is that they may follow the wrong person by thinking that the wrong guy who is registered under that user name “JoshiesWorld” is me when it is not. So I would like to stop the confusion for some of the visitors as I have received some of e-mails saying that they have following me by the user name “JoshiesWorld” on Instagram when they didn’t realize that it is not me, so I would more than ever like to stop misleading the visitors because visitors are very important to me as you know me I always value my fans more than ever and so I need the user name “JoshiesWorld” to be transferred to me on Instagram then that would not only help me but the future of my fans as well.

Bottom line is that the user name JoshiesWorld on Instagram is registered to the wrong guy, also not only that I am also against anyone who registers the user name anywhere on the internet that steals the identify of others businesses or person which that is what Instagram allows to happen and I am sure that if I have register the user name “Instagram” on some social networking websites then they would quickly file a lawsuit against me but when somebody else uses the user name of a private company with an owner who only have a few of pennies in his pocket not being able to afford the lawyers to file a lawsuit against them or any legal problems. Because of that, this is why I am reaching out to all of you asking for some help from all of you to try to pressure Instagram to hand over the user name “JoshiesWorld” to me by telling them that they are allowing a user to steal identify by someone or a business by registering the name for a user name. Also get them to transfer the user name “JoshiesWorld” over to an existing account on Instagram which is my account on Instagram (, the more of people contacting or pressuring Instagram to hand over the user name “JoshiesWorld” to the rightful owner then that might just work to get them to finally realize their refuses for handing over the user name to the rightful owner are their mistake and if some of you have Instagram then please do feel free to follow me on Instagram as I would like to see a lot more of awesome pictures or videos from all of you!

There are a few ways to contact Instagram to try to pressure them into hand over the user name JoshiesWorld to me by transferring JoshiesWorld user name to an existing account which is JoshieTheBlogger and let them know that it is unacceptable to allow some of the users stealing a person or a business’s identify!

Protest Instagram!

Flood their Twitter profile @Instagram by telling them “You accepts users to steal a identify is unacceptable, hand over JoshiesWorld username to JoshieTheBlogger! This is JoshiesWorld’s fan!” with hashtag #Instagram to get their attention or if you don’t want to type anything then feel free to send this post to them by tweeting this article as you can do so by pressing the twitter button above of this article. You don’t only have to do through Twitter as they have an official Facebook page and their Instagram page can be found through this link: be sure to use the hashtag #Instagram to get their attention!! So anything you say then at the end put the hashtag #Instagram at the end of the sentence because that will get their attention or better if use both @Instagram and #Instagram if characters limits allows you.

Instagram is now owned by Facebook as Facebook have acquired Instagram a few years ago so you can use the contact on Facebook too and flood up their e-mails by Facebook’s contact letting them know that it’s not acceptable for them to steal someone’s or a business’s identify or send this article’s link to them as this article should do the talking but writing your own words can definitely helps a lot more though. JoshiesWorld is registered on every popular social networking websites only except Instagram as someone was apparently a bit quicker than me with registering the user name and beside I didn’t know about Instagram at that time though but still I have notified Instagram many times that the user has stolen both of my identify and business’s identify at all once. I have not only notified Instagram, I have also notified the user that registered my name on Instagram politely to aware him that he is stealing a identify but I had no luck getting through him sadly. Maybe with your help I could finally get the username then I can for once of all end the confusion or more importantly the confusion in future and not only that to also protect both my surname and business’s identify. Please understand that you all don’t have to do this if all of you don’t want to as I won’t force you but if some of you do help or have experienced the horror of trying to get through Instagram on identify theft or such then I would greatly appreciate for some of the advice from you.

Thank you all very much for reading this article, I hope all of you have a great night and be safe wherever all of you are at or be safe doing whatever all of you are planning on to do for the night. Stay awesome my friends and feel free to follow me on either Twitter or Instagram. My twitter is @JoshiesWorld and my Instagram is JoshieTheBlogger which I hope that will be changed soon to the right user name.

– Joshie.

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