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It is known that I have looked for some partner in distributing personalized items for JoshiesWorld such as T-shirt, Baseball hat, Mugs, Mousepad and others for a while and I did came across to two companies that personalize some of the stuffs I would like to have for JoshiesWorld but the problem is that they were asking too much or they are not nearby in case if I run out of stock and some of the people wants them because I don’t like keeping anyone waiting especially that the shipping takes a few of days depending on which shipping company they prefer. Then I had a discussion with my mother about some of the options I could consider because I always like to have a second opinion when it comes to choosing something that is very important and this is one of them and the one option out of few options was to buy the equipment myself to make t-shirt, baseball hat, mugs, mousepad and others for JoshiesWorld so I looked around online to see the cost of equipment and they were very expensive but it would be a good investment in a long run if you make a commitment to it so I choose that option and bought the equipment and necessary things to personalize anything I wish for JoshiesWorld.

The personalize business.

At first I only wanted to have personalized items for JoshiesWorld for all the people who is a fan of JoshiesWorld and that was my main goal of making that happen which I have achieved that but that was when I tried to find some company to make a deal, now that I instead bought the equipment and the stuff to personalize I have decided that I am starting the personalize business because I figured that if I was having a such hard time trying to find a deal to get a distributor for personalize items I wanted for JoshiesWorld that I shouldn’t be the only one and that there could be few of other people who is having difficult with finding a distributor to distribute personalize items for their business or such so I am starting a personalize business to hopefully help some out or to personalize some of stuff that anyone wants who couldn’t find them anywhere else at a reasonable price.

Since I have the equipment and the stuff to personalize anything such as t-shirts, hats, mousepad, pants, purses, underwear, socks and anything that is soft, I also have the equipment to personalize leather, glasses, mugs and other hard surfaces but at the moment I would need a different printing machine to personalize them which I will be getting a different printing machine in few weeks. While I am a web developer and web designer I will be developing an online store where anyone can easily order some of the personalized items instead of having to send me a text message, calling me or sending me a message on my personal Facebook account but I am looking forward to it. I will be start making some of personalized Belfry items and have them in the store for anyone to buy shortly but first I would have to start making the designs before I start personalize them and if one of Belfry schools would like to have some of Belfry Pirate personalize items then I would be happy to distribute them to the students and the employees of Belfry.

While the personalized items is going to be at very low price, the customizing will cost a bit more because it takes more labor of making them than mass making personalized items but still will be at very low price too especially comparing to popular personalize stores such as customink and others as they would charge nearly $30 for a t-shirt only if you would buy in a bulk which is ten and that is an unreasonable price in my opinion as I have tried them which is one of the reason I would feel more comfortable of selling the personal items myself at the reasonable price but I would barely make any profit, the only most matters to me is the customers happy.

Anyway I am looking forward to make some orders that I have received so far, it is becoming a success already before I could even call it a business but I am more than happy to personalize anything they wish to have and that is what I want to do is to give the customers something that they can be proud wearing them or using them especially with any kind of images or letters they want on their items. Mostly what the customers are paying from me is the cost of the items itself, the percent of inks that is used and the materials used to personalize the items and then only a couple of dollars in a profit of each item for my labor and time so you can get an idea of the prices comparing to the personalize items company sells at shocking unreasonable prices.

If any one of you would like to have some of personalize items for you then please feel free to contact me through Facebook, text me or call me but this is only for the local in Belfry in Kentucky at the moment until I launch an official online store then it will be a national business although that may cost a bit more than would be locally due to taxes and shipping but obviously that is out of my control, although I will still try to price them low as possibly I can because it is not about the money for me as it is about the customers to have something personalized that no one else has or some of the things they like but cannot get them in stores anywhere in the world. Thanks to my mother as she is a part of this too but I am looking forward to be making some of personalize items nonetheless, if you see something and want to personalize them on some of the items then you know where to get a hold of me.

Thank you for reading this article and I hope that all of you have a great night, and be safe wherever all of you are at or whatever it is that you are planning on to do for night and be sure to keep checking back here to see if I am writing another article which I am hoping to write by either tomorrow or in a couple of days depending on if I can find something or heard something that is interesting enough to write in my spare time but if you have any idea what I should write about or on then please send in some of the ideas to me by submitting your ideas here.

– Joshie.

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