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Periscope App LogoHow are you all doing at the time of this warm night?! I am doing fine but definitely could be better though and again that is just a part of precious thing we call life. Lately I have done a lot of researches on everything, by everything I mean everything because I was just curious about what is going on out there in this polluted world that we all lives in and when I do research I don’t only research one specific thing. Just researching in general of everything with mixes of different topics or what us bloggers call categories so that we can find something to blog about or to get some ideas on what we should blog about, not only that we also do some research to make sure that all facts we know are really facts before we would say something that are facts so to not mislead our readers of anything and through doing some researches helps us to keep us in check as bloggers. When it comes to sharing our opinions on blogs, most of us would make sure that we understand whatever the subjects are before sharing our opinions out on the internet so to make our opinions valid and there are not many bloggers who makes the effort of doing what a very few of us as bloggers do when it comes to blogging by doing several researches but the bottom line is doing researches before blogging is important or at least in my opinion it is for me.

Because if you don’t do a such research on something that you are about to give your opinion about something or on something then how can you understand something that you have not yet to research about something you are about to share your opinions when you are blogging especially in public? That would be embarrassing I think. Anyway getting back to the topic that I have in my mind before I make the decision to blog about, please keep in mind that everything I plan on to write my opinions on or to write reviews of, about something or on something.


Do you know what is Periscope or have you ever heard anything about Periscope? Me either until yesterday I became bored as I had nothing to do so I decided to do some research on the internet and found out about Periscope. Periscope is live-streaming, social networking service combined and can only be used by mobile devices such as Apple IOS or Google Android smartphones or tablets. So that means it is application (app) is only the way we can use the service although they do have the website but the website version is not available to use as the website are there to let us know what Periscope is or what it does. The ideas of Periscope is actually brilliant because what do everyone likes to do with their mobile device? That is right, taking some pictures and some videos especially selfies. But what about what allowing people to see what you see? For example if you are at roller coaster ride, you want to bring your friends or family along with you but they couldn’t for some reasons and now you can bring them along with you by showing them what you are seeing with your own eyes. That is what Periscope is, as Periscope’s slogan or motto says “Explore the world through someone else’s eyes and in my thought is that it was about the time because I am almost sick of seeing too many selfies on some social networking websites such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or others so I want to see what they are seeing.

Now with Periscope I can see what they are seeing as long as they uses Periscope app on their smartphone or tablet with data enabled internet or Wi-Fi and what I like about Periscope is that they have the feature where you can look up at the global map where they will be several Periscope users allowing you to see through their eyes at wherever they are located. For example if I want to see something that is happening in some areas in Florida or California then I find some users in these areas and see what they are looking at while being able to leave comments live so if I missed something whatever they were seeing then I can leave a comment asking them to place their camera back on the spot I missed. You ask me is Periscope app an app that bounds to be a big flop like a lot of apps that people developed? Absolutely not because Periscope is owned by a giant social networking service or shall I say micro-blogging service and yes that is Twitter which that means Periscope is owned by Twitter. Twitter acquired Periscope for $100 million dollars about three months ago (March 26th, 2015) so ever since the acquisition by Twitter Periscope is becoming even larger and larger just like when Facebook acquired Instagram then made Instagram so successful.

I think Twitter made a great decision by acquiring Periscope because it makes sense that they acquire Periscope as it has same style of Twitter so if you use Periscope then you would almost instantly think that it makes perfect sense that Twitter acquired Periscope since Periscope is almost just like Twitter except instead of micro-blogging it is live-streaming but not for selfies or such but to allow the people to see what other people sees which is a bit brilliant idea in my opinion. Periscope has a competition which is Meerkat but Meerkat has nobody to back up and Periscope does as it is being backed up by a giant social networking company Twitter. Of course with me praising Periscope I am highly recommending all of you to give Periscope a try and there are two options of signing up with Periscope is your phone numbers or Twitter accounts so I suggest to sign up using your Twitter accounts because it would be easier. Periscope is already becoming essential just like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Only downside I can say about Periscope is that there aren’t web version for Periscope, I wish there are because I am more of desktop or laptop users than mobile user as mobile devices ARE NOT a computer.

There are three options on how to download Periscope application for your mobile device by either visiting Periscope.TV, Apple iTunes (click here) and Android Google Play (click here). You are more than welcome to follow me on Periscope by adding my Periscope user which is same as Twitter or for most of social networking services anyway, JoshiesWorld and I will follow you guys back too so we can see each other’s eyes on or of whatever it is that we are looking at or seeing. If you have used Periscope, please leave a comment below and let me know what you think of Periscope. If you haven’t used Periscope app yet but planning on to give Periscope a try which I recommend you to do so and done trying Periscope please leave a comment below to let me know what you think of Periscope please.

Thank you very much for all of your time for reading my blog and I hope that all of you have a great night. Please be safe wherever all of you are at or be safe whatever it is that all of you are planning on to do for the night and stay awesome my friends!

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– Joshie.

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