People and us as the people.

PeopleI could not find anything or have not heard anything that are interesting to write about so I started thinking what should I write about or on if I have nothing that inspire me to write about something that I have found or heard from and then some minutes later I have started thinking about the people as in the people and us as the people. So for today I am going to write about the people in general with different topics that are about the people itself, today’s subject is the people but with different topics underneath that so hopefully the article for today will be interesting for you enough as I am thinking that it might be and this is somewhat education or history but again it is not although they will be questioned. If some one comes to you then ask you a question and that would be what are your thoughts on the people? What would be your quick response? There are many things that comes with “the people” in general, which I will be discussing about that here in a minute but please keep that in mind that in this article will be my opinion only but if you would like to share your opinion about few of topics that I puts on the people then feel free to do so by leaving a comment under this article where everybody else can also engage in with every one else as well and that will be very interesting because after reading this article I am almost certain that it’s going to make you to think about what I said.

Again I have realized that some of the topics for the people may be a bit sensitive for some of you so if I offend you in any way then please allow me to apologize in advance and this is a warning that some of the things in this article can be sensitive so that you decide to whether if you want to read this article or not.

People and us as the people.

If I come to you with a question saying “what are the people? Define (the people)” and what would your answer be? Would you define it as creatures? Alien? Robots? Or something else that I have yet to mention, of course as the people refer us and everybody else. Everyone has their own religions that explains where we come from, like in Bible it says that God created the people by using Adam and Eve to produce people and then that goes on to us today and some says that we comes from fish or monkey and so many theories for how or where we comes from that started us as the people. Of course I am christian which that means I believe that it was God who created us by using Adam and Eve as just like some of other have their own belief on how the people originated.

Either way we are what they call the people, just like animals are called animals and same ideas with the species/breeds/ethics in between the people and the animals because there is dog, cat, bird, cow, monkey, deer, bear and many others while the people are English, Irish, Russian, German, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican and many others that identify who we are as the people or them as the animals. The way I see it that the each breeds of dogs like Jack Russel, Poodles, Chow, Husky and many others is almost same way with the people such as the coloring of our skins so it is interesting ideas on how it goes with everybody. Regardless we are and they are the people so I am going to write some topics and discuss about them on some of the people in general.


Whoever has been in history class should know enough about the racism especially when there was slaves or human trafficking whichever you would like to call it where in United States the Americans buy colored (black) people from other Americans to work for them especially at their farms or other kinds of works that they wants them to do for them. The Americans were to way harsh with them by forcing them to work for them at no costs which that is what slavery are and if they don’t do what the Americans tells them (not ask) to do something for them then they would either punish them by hurting them or kill them which these were their two only options to choose and Americans would look at them as their robots in someway. Many colored people who happens to be both male and female that works for Americans never had any rights or freedom that Americans have at that time and often Americans becomes rich by selling colored people to farmers so almost all colored people never had the life that Americans has or the life that they now have today.

The slavery goes for many years who would often raped, killed, used and many of others you can think of until the new president was elected which that would be Abraham Lincoln who ended the slavery for once of all and then gave the colored some of the rights for their life and one of them was to fight in the war along with the Americans which somewhat that changed how Americans used to see in colored people because then Americans would see that they are fighting for their country too but nonetheless ever since the slavery the colored people would never accept us and the Americans apology which that is very understandable especially for what early generations of Americans did to their colored older generations. Although with Abraham Lincoln ending the slavery by signing the law to give them certain rights although not entirely but there was still problems especially equality because after the war in late 40s the colored people weren’t allowed to use the same restaurants, public bathrooms, buses and others that the Americans (white) people uses until a few years later a brave colored woman who rode in the bus walked up and sat in the white section on the bus to protest against that idea of putting the colored people in the back of the bus while allowing the Americans or white people to sit in the center and front on the buses.

Ever since what had happened with how it was back in the days with the colored people, they are still angry about it especially their new generations today and still blame us as the new generation Americans or white people but that is the problem is that we are not the same way that our older generation was with the colored people and today even many of us Americans or white people are still fighting for the same rights and equality for our colored friends. Many of the new generations were born and learned that regardless what colors we are that we are still the same human beings, unlike the slavery era which are unforgiving even by us Americans or whites for how our old generations did to colored people. In the slavery era it was the hatred by the Americans or white people for some reason and that is something that we as the new generations never can see why but still that is how the racism started because I can see that some of Americans or white still have the hatred feeling against the colored people which many of us including myself as American or white people cannot ever get the idea why they do so many of the people wonders what is exactly racism and it is racism when hate is included.

Nonetheless many of us who are Americans or white people are hoping that some day the colored people and us can be united so that we all can bring even more powerful fight to make sure that they all have the equality that we as Americans or white people has after all we all are human beings who has the same shape of the hearts and we bleed same color.


Favoritism is one of the few biggest problems in the world besides the racism and if you don’t know what exactly favoritism means then it means that you are overlooked by somebody who shouldn’t overlook you or being unfair to a person when the rest of other people are getting a different treatments from you. Favoritism is majorly part of the people than the objections or others because when it comes to favoritism you harm a few certain people than the rest of other people who is something you shouldn’t do. That is one of the reason I am against when it comes to the people saying someone is their best friend because that’s straight out favoritism by calling one friend out of the friends group to be their best friend which makes it unfair to the rest of the friends in that group, but friends aren’t the only one because favoritism takes huge part in the families.

Favoritism is almost same way with racism because it is about hatred in someway but again it isn’t although favoritism aren’t fair in anybody’s eyes. When it comes to favoritism you are giving a few of the people a fair treatments while the rest of the people aren’t getting the same fair treatments from you which that can results people getting their feelings hurt and sadly often the people would commit suicide over the favoritism situation so that is why all of us have to be careful about that when it comes to favoritism. Favoritism takes a huge part in the family especially the parents or children that has siblings because either a father gets a different treatments from his own child that his child gives the mother a better treatment that the father wish to have that same treatment or one of the siblings felt that he or she is getting less of attention from their parents than his or her siblings are getting from the parents so favoritism is very sensitive matter which everybody needs to be careful to NOT being a favoritism.

I have experienced the favoritism and still experiencing the favoritism to this day especially from the father who cares for his other children more than myself and who gives everything both of my sisters ask for while I have gotten nothing and haven’t been in touch with him for many years now but that is not the only favoritism situation I have. The other one would be that both of my sisters are giving each others the siblings treatments where both would always be sure to include each others when it comes to something and never to include me or invite me to anywhere, also both has seen each others often which happens to live further than I am to both but they never came to see me so that is the perfect example of favoritism which that is why everybody has to be very careful with not being favoritism because it will cause the thoughts of suicidal or depression which happens to be hard to get rid of so any one of you who have the same or similar experience then please to know that you are not alone. ūüôā


Any one of you know what sexism means? Wait.. Does that means limited sex or something that relates to having sex or something? Absolutely not! It is about genders as in male and female. In this day the polls and proven facts that many of the people thinks that the men dominated the women when it comes to everything such as power, career, strength, decisions and many of others you can think of. This is almost combined of what are racism and favoritism are except it is about the genders or more so between the genders. Many years ago the sexism was the major problem in the entire world and still it is today, because men would often think that women shouldn’t have jobs or anything but to stay at home to take care of the men children while they are working at jobs and have the women to cook the dinners for the men to come home to eat after working. Also many years ago the women did not have the right to vote for anything so in some way women were the slavery except in a different way.

And that is still going on today which you can see some on the television where on some of reality shows especially like the deadliest catch or some of other reality shows when a women wants to work in the places where it is full of the men and they would quickly reacted to that by saying that the women should not be working and that they should be home instead to cook some foods for them instead. Decades ago the women almost didn’t have any rights or freedom for themselves like today although they still don’t have all the rights that the men has today so women are still limited to some of the rights today along with the freedoms which is unfair and that is another perfect example of favoritism except that it is coming from the governments or higher fields. From decades ago to this day the men still think that they have the rights to abuse their women or any women which is now illegal because if men abuses women in any forms or shape they will be punished by law thankfully but still many problems with the equality between the men and the women. In my opinion that I think all regardless genders, colors or others who are human beings should be equal with everything along with the rights and as well the freedoms – If you disagree with me then you are childish, and no I am not sorry for saying that but I will tell you to think about your mother, grandmother or aunts then maybe you can change your opinion about the fact that there should be equality between the men and women.


Okay the word audism is fairly new but it is a word nonetheless which that means who likes to bring the negativity towards to deaf or hard of hearing people. Some of the people who are audism who still think that deaf or hard of hearing people means that they are dumb because many of years ago before the deaf or hard of hearing becomes official medical words, they consider them dumb. It is true which there are many researches that you can find about that in some search engines and I recommend you to do some searches so you can get a better understanding of the history. But many years ago when the people who becomes deaf or hard of hearing, many of the people would call them dumb because they think that it means they aren’t being able to hear so that labels them dumb where they aren’t being able to learn anything which that bothers many of the people who are deaf and hard of hearing including myself because I am hard of hearing.

Many of deaf and hard of hearing people are always pressured by the people who are able to hear because they never involve them when it comes to something such as tools. For example those companies who manufacture the hearing devices for deaf or hard of hearing are the ones who is audism and Alexander Graham Bell is famously known for being audism who forced some of deaf and hard of hearing people to learn how to communicate without the use of sign language and implanting the hearing devices inside their brains which harms them more than anything. Now many years ago in many schools when there was deaf or hard of hearing attends, they would be forced to try to speak without the use of sign languages and if they use sign language to communicate in classes at schools they would be severely punished by slapping or slamming their hands and telling them that they are not allowed to use sign languages.

Alexander Graham Bell who is the inventor of the phones who also invented the hearing devices for the deaf and hard of hearing people because he says that he wants every one of them to be able to be normal instead of dumb and when he meets some of the people who happens to be deaf or hard of hearing he would harm them immediately and call them dumb. Audism is becoming one of the biggest problems in the world now especially for deaf and hard of hearing who feels the pressure from everybody else who would often try to tell them to speak and that they cannot understand them because not everyone know sign language so they feel the pressure so audism takes a part of that. Also some of the parents who gave birth that happens to be deaf or hard of hearing would always choke their own children if they try to communicate with their parents by using sign language because their parents refuse to learn sign language so that way they can have a way to communicate with their own children which is saddening and some parents still doing that today. So in a way that deaf and hard of hearing people are struggling harder than anyone who isn’t deaf or hard of hearing people does by limiting them from the resources that everybody except the deaf and hard of hearing has the access to.

Everyday we are trying to break the communication barriers and have the same equality or freedoms that everybody else have by trying to get some help from everybody else including the governments but thankfully we have changed better for our future generations, still a lot of problems to solve and it is becoming harder because of audism trying to prevent us from breaking through because they know if we do that then they would lose a lot of money because some of the babies that has just born were forced to get cochlear implement which also forced the parents to give them money to install hearing device inside the babies brains which often harms them more than anything and not only that it also limits them from many activities that the deaf or hard of hearing that doesn’t have cochlear implement does which this is why we protest against the companies who manufacture cochlear implements including AG Bell who invented them.

And some more.

There are many more to go for the people but these are the few examples for the people who identify ourselves since we are the people. I could go on to write a few more topics that relates to the people but my time are running out as it is nearly dinner time so I must stop here and I recommend if you would like to read a bit more about the people under different topics like this article then there are some few good articles to read if you search them through a search engine website like and if you are interested in extending this article then feel free to write in the comment or if you have a blog then write an article then add trackback to here then I would be more than happy to approve them as long as they relate to this article (extended) which that has link that goes back to this article so to not confuse both mine and your readers.

Please remember that regardless our ethics, colors and others we are human beings that has the same shape of the hearts and still fight for the rights or equality as many of us are still fighting along with all of our friends too! Thank you very much for reading this article and be sure to keep checking back here to see if I am writing another article which I might do so before end of the day, tomorrow or in a couple of days if I can find something or heard something that is interesting enough for me to write about or on but if you have any ideas for what I should write about or on then please submit your ideas here and I would be very grateful for them! I hope that all of you have a great evening and that all of you are safe wherever all of you are at or whatever it is that you are planning on to do for the day, stay awesome my friends!

– Joshie.

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