Paris Attacks in France.

Paris Supported by JoshiesWorldThere are only very few of countries that has some breathtaking and beautiful landscapes in some of cities in different countries. One country of these countries were under attack by the terrorist known to the world as Islamic State in Iraq and Syria aka ISIS over the weekend. That country is France who were under attack by the terrorists ISIS as few members of ISIS attacked fiercely in one of the beautiful cities in one of beautiful countries, Paris in France as on a calm night when the city Paris were packed with tourists along with the French people as they all were at some entertainment places such as soccer game or dining out at some restaurants nearby and within’ a blink of an eye Paris was under attack unexpected as the few ISIS members who entered inside a couple of restaurants that were close to the stadium where soccer game played sprayed bullets at people. Also there were a concert in Paris where an American bands Eagles of Death Metal played which was also close to the stadium where the soccer game played as well, ISIS members unexpectedly entered the concert’s building and fiercely shoots the concert goers and the members of the American’s band Eagles of Death Metal too although all of members in Eagles of Death Metal escaped quickly without getting any one of them injured but sadly many of the concert goers weren’t lucky as the Eagle of Death Metal members. In the beginning of the terrorist attacks, some members of the terrorists group ISIS who attempted to explode inside the soccer’s stadium with the bomb strapped on their body but they failed to do so and ISIS members were trying to escape themselves from being caught but then they committed suicide as they were getting closer to being caught right outside of the stadium.

There were several sites that the terrorists choose for their targets to attack using different types of guns including the machine guns and suicide bombs as they traditionally do although to many of us cannot understand why they would do something like that by strapping the explosives to their body but at least they do us a favor by harming themselves than have our governments doing that because the terrorists deserves that by erasing their existence for what they are doing to humanity.

The terrorists group ISIS have killed over a hundred of people in Paris, for that the country France president recently made an announcement in public saying that it is act of war and they have sent their military off just a few hours after getting a confirmation on who were responsibility for the terrorist attack which that is the terrorists group that is known to the world as ISIS or ISIL as they confirms themselves by saying that the terrorist attacks in Paris were their call and since that France called airstrikes on ISIS. United States have been attacking ISIS for several weeks now by their airstrikes and bombing with the help of United Kingdom and France for a while but for some reason United Kingdom and France started cutting back while United States still heavily attacking ISIS. But that changed now as France declared war against ISIS with the help of United States too as United States have been attacking them for a while and United States now will be more than gladly to attack with all of their mighty to help France to show their appreciation for the help from France when United States was under attack by terrorists in 2001 when the terrorists hits the twin towers with airplanes in New York.

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It is very shameful for what terrorists have done to France people, I am American and I am angry that the terrorists harms one of our oldest friends France. Although I am not a solider due to countless disabilities but I am there in spirit with the French people and JoshiesWorld is with France all the way. My thoughts are with the victims family, survivors and the France people heavily. I pray for all of your safety in France and I pray that there will not be another terrorist attacks anywhere in France again or anywhere else for that matter.

~ Joshie.

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