Not M.I.A. And Passion in Blogging

I know I haven’t made a blog post anywhere for about two weeks now, I barely have any time to do so and I have dealt with some of the things outside the internet which I prefer to not share what it is. I have struggled to find some time to write a blog post, I realize that trying to write a blog post on schedule is an issue for me and it is stressing so after having some thought today about what I should do about that. I have utmost passion in blogging, I became blogger in the year of 2004 to be exact although I did blog back in 1999 I believe on a free websites service which I cannot remember the name of the service but I think it was or similar name as that when I gave blogging a try and wrote the first blog post to share my feelings for that girl I was with at that time which is a bit corny now that I looks back to that day but I only wrote one blog post then forget about it until the year of 2004 I invested more of my time into it and become a guest blogger from there. Fast-forward to the year of 2007 when I acquired, setting it up as a blogging brand and rolled with it since then so in August coming will be 10th anniversary for JoshiesWorld. I have written more than a thousand blog posts since, not just on JoshiesWorld but also as a guest blogger for others until they decided that they no longer want to run a blog and shut it down so luckily, I had JoshiesWorld to fall back on. This was in the year 2011 or 2012, I can’t remember which one but I am very thankful for the opportunity that I had at that time because it gave me an idea of what I want to do and that is to blog or to be an editorial or columnist for a local news and whatnot.

It is my passion, a passion that I just cannot give up easily, I mean how can you give up something that you have an utmost passion in doing something in that field? To be honest with you, what you don’t know is that I barely get a paycheck in these over 9 years that I have blogged and the reason that I continue blogging despite that I didn’t earn much of revenue or income from that is because I want to entertain many of you as much as I can with my opinions or thoughts along with a few interesting news that hasn’t been out to the public yet.

Even though, it may be my passion that I kept going at it but there were another one that inspired me to continue and that is you all who encourage me to blog by sharing several articles that I have written on social media or getting some e-mails from you encouraging me to keep up with the good work. Of course, I cannot please everybody, everybody has their preference in what they want to read and some of them adds mine of other blogs for their preference to read. With that, I just want to say that I am very thankful for yours encourage and your words to inspire me to continue even if I rarely earn a penny from it. I always believe that everyone should have free access to any kinds of information without being charged to subscribe and I share everything I can think of without asking you to pay ten dollars a month or something like some news or blogs do which is stupid. Anyway, no I am not saying that I am giving up blogging because I never will do and I will continue to blog but I must reevaluate myself on how I can do so. By that I mean, I would usually write a blog post three or four times a week on schedule then decreased it to two or three blog posts per week, again decreased to one or two a week and now this being the first blog post I have made in two weeks so one in two weeks. I made it my job, being on schedules and earning nothing from it. That is overwhelms me a bit, I have some issues that I must deal with outside the internet and my focus has got out of control to where I just couldn’t focus on one thing. Multitasking isn’t my best suit, that was what I have done for a few months and I realized that by doing so I get exhausted so easily to the point that I just couldn’t think of what to write or what to say. So, I need to recuperate myself for the time being, try to take care of everything else first so that way it would give me at least some flexibility when it comes to blog without feeling pressed by the fact that I am on schedule and I also need to reevaluate my schedules as well since the schedules is the core of this problem that I have.

So, what I will do is that I will blog when I have about three hours free in that schedule and that is a problem because I don’t see any three hours’ frame for some free time in that schedule so that means I need to reevaluate my schedules. It may take me one week, two weeks or even a month or longer I have no idea. In other word, I will blog when I can without being pressed by other things and no one including myself will know when I will be able to write a blog post. Even though when I may not be blogging, you can still see a quick thoughts or opinions of mine on Twitter on regular basis because it only takes me a minute or two to write a tweet and as for a blog it would take me about two or three hours of writing with editing, correction, and whatnot. I envy some of the bloggers who can find the time to blog more than two or three blog posts a day. You are more than welcome to follow me on Twitter (click here) and I also recommend that you subscribe to this blog so that every new blog posts I write will let you know via e-mail that I have written a new blog post. It costs you nothing to subscribe, the subscription I set is so that you can be alerted via e-mail when I write a new blog post since you and I won’t know when the next time I will write a blog post. Not only that, when I publish a new blog post I will share it on social media to so that way you will be aware of the new blog posts I wrote and to read. So pretty much I will blog randomly instead of saying that I will blog tomorrow or tonight and whatnot to see if that will helps me a bit.

Until the next time, I hope that all of you have a great days and nights. Keep yourselves warm or cool since the weather is acting as if they are drunk or something. Please know this, you still are more than welcome to submit some topic suggestions that you would like for me to share my opinion or thought on because I will still need them anyway since I will eventually write a blog post when I have the time to do so and please be sure to follow me on social media too so to keep up with me instead of relying on or to see what I am doing or what I have been up to! Thank you so much! <3

Joshua “Joshie” Sullivan.

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