MSN Messenger Is Out!

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MSN Messenger Is Out!

More than a decade ago especially in the late 90s I remember that I would always log on my Windows 95/97/ME computer just to log on a messenger to chat with a few of my family or my friends but mostly my ex girlfriend as it was the only communication I could have with because where I am hard of hearing I can’t communicate with anyone using the phone. That messenger was MSN messenger although it wasn’t the only the messenger as there was Yahoo! Messenger which was the most popular messenger besides ICQ but still MSN messenger was the messenger that many of my family, friends or girlfriends like to use to communicate with me. In early 90s Microsoft created MSN messenger to compete Yahoo! Messenger and ICQ messenger but it never surpassed Yahoo Messenger! although it did ICQ Messenger especially in early 2000 after Microsoft updated their MSN messenger that had a complete makeover which it made it so simple while offers tons of features although Yahoo Messenger! was the messenger with the most features but still MSN messenger was an essential for the windows computers.

Microsoft made an announcement a while ago that they are getting ready to discontinued their MSN messenger because let’s face it, nobody uses the messengers that once was essential to everyone that they must have like MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ Messenger, and AIM messenger anymore because of the booming mobile technology like smartphone or tablet which is a bit disappointing because apparently they are taking over many people’s life but not mine because every time I need to get on the internet or anything that uses the internet I would only get on the computer for something instead of what people usually do which is when they need the internet for something then they would get on the smartphone or tablet. I don’t think that a lot of the people realizes that the computers everything that the smartphone or tablet doesn’t even have a quarter of what computers has or can do. I know I have complained about that a lot of times especially about the smartphone or tablets usage over the desktop or laptop because it doesn’t make any sense to me, I mean get yourself a dictionary then look for the word “Mobile” and tell me the definition. Right! It means that it’s something for you while you are on the move which that means if you are home then you are NOT mobile so use the computers but if you are not at home and somewhere else then that means you are mobile which that’s what the smartphone or tablets are for or even laptop!

Anyway does the Microsoft recent announcement about discontinuing one of their oldest software MSN messenger surprises me? Yes and no. It does surprise me that they have decide to discontinue their MSN messenger now because I had a feeling that at least still a few of people who still uses their MSN messenger to this day and I know I still use their MSN messenger – Well I was using their MSN messenger. It is somewhat a shame that they are discontinuing their MSN messenger but I do suspect that eventually they would discontinue their MSN messenger because of either two reasons which that would because of smartphone or tablet taking over their lives so they texts or the other reason is there are one messenger that dominate the heck out of messengers market which that would be Skype; maybe it’s both but it’s shame that Microsoft are giving up their MSN messenger that easy because when Yahoo! Messenger were dominating the messengers market the Microsoft kept on fighting. But I definitely thanks to Microsoft for earning me a few of women through their MSN messengers because where I couldn’t use the phone due to being hard of hearing and their MSN messenger gave me a way of communicate with the people so it gave me and all of previous girlfriends a chance of getting to know each others before I ask them out. Before you ask me if I was e-dating then the answer is no, these women I know in life but didn’t have a way to communicate with each others to get to know each others more before asking them out myself in face to face.

I don’t know why they are discontinuing their MSN messenger because there is nothing wrong with them except losing a large numbers of users to either texts through smartphones or tablets and Skype stealing all of MSN messengers members although Skype is owned by Microsoft and Skype is now the leading messenger market. Even that Skype is owned by Microsoft shouldn’t means that discontinuing their MSN messenger because MSN messenger are their first messenger and if something isn’t broken then don’t fix it. While Skype is owned by Microsoft, I will not start using Skype because I don’t like the design of Skype and Skype are mostly for users with camera now which I am not a fan of using a camera myself. With Microsoft discontinuing their MSN messenger makes me wonder if Yahoo! or others will be discontinuing their own messengers soon but if that was the case I can safely say that I suspect Yahoo! Messenger will be the last messenger that goes out because their messenger still packs the most features that no messengers including Skype has. Anyway, rest in peace MSN messenger!

Source: MSN Messenger is shutting down after 15 years of memories by TheVerge.

Do you remember using messenger like MSN messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, ICQ, AIM or others in the 90s? Share your memories of them by leaving a comment below this article and I am curious to hear them out because in the 90s using these messengers are the golden days!

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