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Lately I have been keep purchasing Monster Energy drinks especially the regular one which is green and the other one would be absolutely zero so that way I can drink one of regular monster energy and absolutely zero monster energy to keep me on diet and such. But let me tell you something though, I used to drink Red Bull heavily which was my daily drink until I decided to give Monster Energy drinks and fell in love with them immediately. In fact I have several red bull cases which is about a little over 30 cans because before I would not give Monster Energy drinks a chance to see how they taste and how effective they are. Once I took a first sip of Monster Energy which was assault flavor and it caught me off guard because I never imagined that it would taste absolutely great, so afterward I started buying some more different flavors to try and now Monster Energy drinks are my only energy drinks and I refuse to drink any other energy drinks but Monster Energy. I currently in fact own over 30 Monster Energy drinks different flavors and I have been drinking about a couple to three daily, the regular (green) one is the most flavor I have drank but Absolutely Zero comes close to the amounts of how many I am drinking the regular flavor of Monster Energy, ever since I have started drinking Monster Energy like I would drink pop/sodas which is tons I started buying Monster Energy appeals such as hats, few shirts and others in fact at this moment within’ a month I have purchased 5-6 Monster Energy hats of course with Fox Racing because Fox Racing is my every day wear so Monster Energy comes with it is definitely a bonus for me. So I have decided to join Monster Energy Army and is currently joining different sponsorships that they are offering which you can also join the Monster Army by clicking this link and if you would like to add me as a friend on Monster Army then you are invited to do so by going here and then request me as a friend once after you registered yourself an account. And then you will be joining different missions in sponsorship then you will be able to get 24 cans of Monster Energy a lot cheaper in fact I can purchase 24 cans for only $27 dollars while other stores and online sells for double price than that! The more missions you completed the better deal you get for doing so.

But throughout the day drinking Monster Energy definitely gets me through the day, when I wake up I always begin to have a bad day so I decided to open myself a can of delicious Monster Energy drink and it gets the day going even a lot better than it would be if I didn’t have a Monster Energy drink in my hand. So if you have not yet to try Monster Energy drink then I highly recommend you to give it a try, if you are a hardcore fan of energy drinks such as Red Bull, Rockstar and AMP but yet not have tried Monster Energy drinks then you definitely needs to try. I have drank several energy drinks, believe me and I choose Red Bull because I skipped Monster Energy of course it was my regret because I was wasting my money on Red Bull when I can be buying a much better taste of energy drink and that would be of course Monster Energy. Now if you are wondering what flavor of Monster Energy you should be trying then I will tell you to try the green one (regular), absolutely zero (blue with black) and most of all very delicious flavor is Khaos. Khaos flavor of Monster Energy is very delicious, although only one flavor I really don’t like much is Assault but however I still will drink that flavor from some time to time.

Now for your next time shopping for some drinks, be sure to pick up you some Monster Energy drinks which can be often found at your retail store or at some gas station but easy to find is at Wal Mart. Although, they are indeed expensive if you are buying directly from retailer store and gas station which is why you are so much in need to register yourself an account at Monster Army which you can click the link here to do so and yes it is absolutely free to register an account and in fact even better yet you get so much better deals than you gets at your local store or gas station! But when you registered an account, be sure to head over to the shop tab on the website and then you can purchase a Monster Energy drinks for half price off but again always remember on your homepage scroll down a little bit then you will see “Sponsorship” which is where you will be joining a mission and you must complete which is absolutely easy and fun, mostly all you have to do is just do what they says such as show yourself that you do love Monster Energy in video or picture, or make a video and do cool things such as skating and other stuff with Monster Energy stickers somewhere or with Monster Energy appeals, such like that. Then your prices in the shop will be dropping which it would be starting to get so much better deals than what they already offer you at the first time of registering yourself an account. And yes, they do also sell Monster Energy drinks and yes they will ship the monster energy drinks and also they sells some appeals as well. And also, you will get to see several videos and pictures of other members in Army of Monster Energy such as completing a mission, or some party and others.

Now I know that a lot of you have diabetic and won’t drink the Monster Energy drinks because where everybody says that their sugars are so high, well yes their sugars and carb is high but that’s only for regular drinks. That’s why Monster Energy cares for people with Diabetic and goes into making few of flavors for Monster Energy that will not hurt you if you are diabetic, if you are diabetic then you should get Monster Energy Absolutely zero because it is truly absolutely zero, no sugar, no calories, no carb, in fact nothing but however there is only very little of sodium in it. But with flavor of absolutely zero for Monster Energy, you will still get about 80-90 percents of the same taste of regular (green) monster energy, in fact it could taste a lot better for you because I really cannot vote which one is the best out of regular (green) and absolutely zero flavors for Monster Energy and also if you are diabetic but wants very little sugars in it such as carbs, then there is one Monster Energy flavor that is called “Monster Energy Low-Carb” and also there are some flavors that is labeled “Light”.

If you are into Fox Racing yet also love Monster Energy, you can get some appeals, jackets, hats, etc with Fox Racing and Monster Energy together on it by going to and then click either guys or girls and you will see the different categories for you select but you will see “Monster Colab”, they have amazing appeals and such. So if you are Monster Energy addict then we in the Monster Energy army invites you to join us in the army of Monster Energy by going here and register yourself a free account and then click here to request me as a friend and we work this as a team to do tons of missions and have us a better ranks to show everybody that we are truly, a monster energy addict!

If you cannot find yourself a way to get to the sponsorship once you created an account for yourself then click here for a easy direct access to the sponsorship page and join the missions and do us proud! And also a easy direct link to the store where you can purchase the monster energy drinks at amazingly cheap price!

Thank you very much for reading this post and also we all would very much appreciate if you join us in the army of Monster Energy. It will be a lot of fun for you athletics! We are in no way affiliated or partnered with Monster Energy as this is only a fan post and a also member of Monster Energy Army. Note that we at JoshiesWorld have no relationship with Monster Energy but a friend!

Now, those of you who loves Monster Energy, what are your favorite flavor? Post your answer below the post and let me know!

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