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All countries have military to defend each of their countries from other countries and when any countries are under any threats or attacked the countries then they will most likely declare a war against any countries that threatened or attacked them by sending military troops from any branch over to the attacker country with offense to fight them for attacking their country while having the defensive troops standby at their own country to defend if anyone from the attacker’s country decides to come over to that country or if they launch missiles then the country has the defensive military to stop the incoming attacks if possible. Every countries military have the pride in themselves for being a soldier that fights and defend their own countries, not only that every soldiers are fighting for their country to defend their family which that is their primary reason of being soldiers and that is understandable because no one likes to see anybody harms their own family. In fact a lot of people who wants to become the soldiers to fight and defend for their country due to some reasons including to defends their own country where their family is but not everyone can join to be a soldier which is a bit of discrimination by own country or governments in my opinion whether they agree or disagree that it is somewhat a discrimination because if someone with disability who apply for a job at some places and then they are rejected due to their disability then that would consider discrimination so that is same way with not being able to join to fight and defend their country due to them having some disabilities.

Discrimination are ugly and hurtful word because it is to force a rejection for anyone that has or could have the ability to do the required tasks but yet they are rejected after judging somebody with something when they could easily do them but not being given a chance to prove that they are up to the par, especially if they are wanting to join the military or have a job at some places which they know they will be able to do all the tasks that they are required to do otherwise they wouldn’t be bothered to try to join the military or to have a job at some places to work for.

Military for deaf and hard of hearing.

The majority of deaf and hard of hearing people always want to join the military in any branch they prefer to be recruited such as Army, Navy, Marines, Air Forces or even Coast Guard but they are not allowed to join to be a soldier due to the branch’s regulation where all the soldiers must have at least 30 decibel (DB) to be in any military branch at least here in United States of America which was signed by Ronald Reagan as the president of United States in the 80s. That is almost same goes to anyone who want to be truck driver who transports coal or others by hauling on the 18 wheels truck or fewer as deaf or hard of hearing weren’t allowed to be a big truck driver but that has been changed as they have decided to change their regulation that allows deaf or hard of hearing to drive big trucks now which is one of major victory for deaf and hard of hearing people here in the United States because they no longer wants to discriminate deaf or hard of hearing by rejecting them to have a job as a big truck driver to transport whatever the companies they works at needs them to.

So that is a huge relief for deaf and hard of hearing community because the governments finally realize that they are able to do what anybody else could normally do because only difference is the hearing which in no way interfere their performances. But still even though that is a major victory for the deaf and hard of hearing people to finally be able to have trucking jobs they always wanted to do so, the military branches still sticking with their old regulations because for some reason they believe the deaf or hard of hearing people means they have half brain because that is how many of the people used to think of them as that way several decades ago especially in world war one and two era but obviously they aren’t too smart themselves because being deaf or hard of hearing doesn’t means that they have only half brain as they have the exact brain as everybody else does and some of the people calls them disease which is completely untrue again because what they are would be simply defection where a certain parts of the body stops functioning, just as when you become 18 years old for men or 21 years old for women stopped growing which that means that’s a part of your body becomes defected or to be more understanding – it becomes no longer functional. But the military branches or governments sticks to a regulation that was done by former governments or whoever made the regulation that automatically rejected any deaf or hard of hearing people who wants to join to fight/defend their country who thought the people who being deaf or hard of hearing means they don’t have the same ability that everybody else does because at that time there was no science or technology that gives the people today a better understanding of what exactly is deaf or hard of hearing which this is why they need to reconsider about the military branches regulation that doesn’t allow anyone who is deaf or hard of hearing to join to be soldiers while there are many soldiers that came back being deaf or hard of hearing, or having their legs or arms cut off then replaced them with fake legs or arms then send them back to their duty being a soldier that is back in the battlefield while deaf or hard of hearing people who have not joined the military branches are still not being allowed to join? That is somewhat discrimination or non-sense because that doesn’t make any difference especially the soldiers who went back to the field with new legs or arms, or who lost their hearing due to explosives or others and the people who are deaf or hard of hearing that has never been in any military branch but wants to join.

So if that isn’t discrimination by own governments or military branches then I don’t know what it is but regardless whatever it is, they still need to reconsider the regulation then update the regulation because with the new technology or sciences today they now know that only difference between deaf or hard of hearing and the people who can hear is the ability to hear while everything else between deaf or hard of hearing and the people who can hear are same or possibly a chance that the military branches or governments are trying to ignore the proven facts. There are several deaf or hard of hearing combats soldiers in other countries because they understood the difference between deaf or hard of hearing and the people who can hear so they were happy to change their military regulations that now allows deaf or hard of hearing people to join their military branches to become soldiers for their countries but here in the United States prefers to either discriminate deaf or hard of hearing by rejecting them to be soldiers to fight for the United States or they are afraid to give them the chance to fight for their own country which United States needs to wake up and realize that if they allows deaf or hard of hearing people to join the military branches would means a lot more of soldiers to fight for and defend the United States if we are under any threats. Wake up United States of America, United States Governments and United States military branches!

The naysayers.

I understand that there are some of the people who may have concerns that deaf or hard of hearing wouldn’t be able to hear to understand the orders on what to do when they are in the battlefield that are proud to fight for their country but what they don’t realize is that this is NOT old technology because the technology has gone beyond the future especially here in the United States so there are easily a way for the deaf or hard of hearing soldiers to be able to receive the orders as soon as they are given especially with a tiny piece of an equipment will translate what exactly the leaders of teams are ordering. I am even sure that there are already some of the equipment to help deaf or hard of hearing to get the orders from the leader of their own team and even if there are not an equipment then it can easily be invented even by a monkey, and beside they are already a device that helps the soldiers to translate the other languages when they have a conversation with somebody in other country like Iraq or Afghanistan which that same equipment can also translate the voice into letters for deaf or hard of hearing when they are being ordered to do some of the tasks and beside like an old quote goes says “the more the merrier” which that imply if starts accepting deaf or hard of hearing people to be soldiers then the existing numbers of soldiers will go up in thousands of thousands easily.

If you still think that the deaf or hard of hearing people should not be accepted in military then maybe you should think about protesting the military for sending back soldiers that has become deaf or hard of hearing from an injury in battlefield or sending back the soldiers back with new arms and legs because that doesn’t make ANY difference between allowing the deaf or hard of hearing people who has not been in the military to become soldiers so that they can finally have their dream to fight and defend their own country that they are proud of. The other countries has already recruiting as many as deaf and hard of hearing people in all of their military branches which is increasing a huge numbers of soldiers for their countries and they are showing that they don’t discriminate deaf or hard of hearing people like here in the United States has done to them for several years.

If United States changes the military regulation to allow the deaf or hard of hearing people to join the military branches then they will have a lot more advantages because there are many proven studies that shows both deaf or hard of hearing people has a bit better focus than anyone else so having them in the fields can bring a huge assist for everyone especially their sensitive eyes because deaf or hard of hearing easily catch something that couldn’t be noticed by others and they can see a bit wider than others because they born relying on their own eyes so when the soldiers that can hear the guns going off from enemies while the deaf or hard of hearing people will easily catch when they are firing and WHERE they are coming from which the advantages that many of people who can hear couldn’t and not only that the deaf or hard of hearing are very sensitive to feel so if there’s a train coming that happens to be miles away they will know the trains are coming immediately so seeing isn’t deaf or hard of hearing people’s only advantage but feelings too and as well their reflexes where they reacts quickly before knowing that something is going to happen in their surroundings.

In fact there has been a few of deaf and hard of hearing people who proved that they could do all the tasks the military branch requires them to which they passed it with flying colors because there was a guy named Keith Nolan who was accepted to basic training in the military because I believe a captain or high ranked in the military was curious to see how a deaf person would perform so he was accepted into basic training for military and then passed it with flying colors as they said he performed as if he’s a top soldier but after he passed the basic training in military he was rejected due to the military regulations but they said that after seeing how much advantages the deaf guy has in military when passing each courses without any problems that high ranked soldiers couldn’t even understand themselves how that their own military regulation doesn’t allow deaf or hard of hearing people to join and due to the military regulation Keith Nolan was rejected when completed the basic training because after basic training, there was one more thing to do before becoming an official soldier was to give a hearing test which that is where it stopped him from becoming a soldier that he dreamed to be. Here is a video where Keith Nolan shares his experience throughout the basic training in the military which is very interesting to hear and the video was done by TEDxlslay so enjoy!

If you cannot hear what he is saying then be sure to click the closed caption (CC) button on the bottom of the video player so you can read the translation of what Keith Nolan is saying about his experience from basic training and throughout trying to enlist in one of the military branch that he dreams to be a soldier so he can fight and defend for his county and that would be the United States which a country who likes to discriminate deaf or hard of hearing people by not allowing them to enlist like some of other countries that are proudly allows them to be enlisted.

And also here’s one video of the guy who happens to be a deaf that is in the battlefield at other country of his own but I cannot translate because I don’t understand the language that he is saying in sign language as I only know American Sign Language and his sign language is from his own country but he is saying Syria and you can use closed caption (CC) to see it in English instead of his country’s language.

The Ending.

Before I finish this up, I would like to salute to all the soldiers who is fighting for the United States of America and hopefully that the governments or somebody change the regulations so that the deaf or hard of hearing can join the military to fight alongside all of current soldiers because there are many deaf or hard of hearing people who would like to join to fight or defend United States of America for their family to be safe, and yes I am hard of hearing but I will say that I don’t have the ability for combat because I have more disabilities than hard of hearing but still I am using my voice or more so my AMERICAN sign language to tell the governments or high up there “HEY!” it is time to change and don’t stick with something old because when something is old then that means it is time to change something new right?! I would like to hear all of your opinions on about the military regulation and do you agree or disagree with my saying about the deaf or hard of hearing should be accepted in the military when they want to enlist as long as they pass the majority of courses like Keith Nolan did because Keith Nolan has passed EVERY SINGLE courses except ONLY hearing test and is rejected just when it comes to that which is very unbelievable but share your opinions by leaving a comment under this article or feel free to leave wall post or comment on JoshiesWorld’s official Facebook or Twitter whichever you prefer. If you prefer Facebook then click this link but if you prefer Twitter then click this link.

Thank you very much for reading this article and be sure to keep checking back to see if I am writing another new article which I am planning on to write another article before end of the day if not tomorrow or in a couple of days depending on if I can find something or heard something that is interesting enough for me to write about something or on but if you have any ideas for me to write about something or on then please click here to submit your ideas which I would be very grateful for any ideas you can give me to write about or on! I hope that all of you have a great evening and be safe wherever all of you are at or whatever it is that you are planning on to do for the day, stay awesome my friends!

– Joshie.

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