Miley Cyrus certainly grow.

Miley CyrusI remember several years ago there was a television show that several children loved watching named Hannah Montana, the star acting was Miley Cyrus who is a daughter of country legendary “Achy Breaky Heart” singer Billy Ray Cyrus who was also starred in the pop culture television show Hannah Montana with his biology daughter Miley Cyrus. We watched almost the entire of Miley Cyrus’s growth through Hannah Montana television show on Disney World channel as in the beginning of the television show Miley Cyrus were very little girl who would make millions of people in awe of her cuteness, admittedly I am one of these people as I was a fan of Hannah Montana television show back in the days although I don’t watch it on regular basis but enough to know about her television show. Ever since the ending of Hannah Montana, well almost in the end of the television show we would see Miley Cyrus lifestyle changed where she would go from the cuteness to something that almost no one of us can explain because it was strange but she was becoming an adult where she wasn’t afraid to show that she’s becoming an adult herself.

Near the end of Hannah Montana almost the entire of the world seen the drastic changes of her especially coming out of her childhood shell where she would not be afraid to show that she is becoming an adult and that to let everyone know that she is no longer a child that we once see in her on her television Hannah Montana. It angered millions of parents especially the parents of the children who considered Miley Cyrus or Hannah Montana in that case as their idol who their children looked up to her when she came out in the media to imply the entire of world that they need to get over it and that she’s becoming an adult whether you like it or not.

But the question here is that did she do it right? That is where the problem is because how she shows herself in media of becoming an adult is a bit of creepy because I don’t know at that moment she really knows what becoming an adult is. By that I mean when she came out to show the world that she’s an adult by practically showing herself naked or possibly showing the entire of viewers in media her vagina although she denied that she did it on purpose but what she doesn’t realize that not everyone is dumb as she would like them to be because if she did not do it on purpose then why wouldn’t she wear underwear on that day when someone snapped an image of her showing something-something of hers? I don’t know. I have no children but I can somewhat understand why that angered many parents because of the way she wanted to let everyone know that she is no longer a child like she once was in Hannah Montana television show in media, which is somewhat creepy because like I said I don’t think she know what it means to become an adult as she did not show it the right way because when she came out in media to show that she’s an adult and the problem is that she practically showed herself as if she is a prostitute.

Becoming an adult doesn’t means be practically naked or act like a prostitute woman and I mean no offense but come on?! Now lately in her music videos what she doesn’t realize is that being practically naked can somewhat traumatized people especially the people who reminded her as Hannah Montana. If she wants to do exactly the way she is doing, fine but I don’t think she should overkill it. Now from a cute girl on Hannah Montana to pole dancing in bikinis while smoking marijuana on her Instagram is more weird than be pretty, I apologize Miley Cyrus but that is not the way to be an adult and I am even shocked to see you have no self-respect for yourself.

Please be warned that this video has somewhat nudity, so if you are under age of 17 then I recommend you to ask your parents or guardians for the permission to watch the video and if you are permitted to do so then feel free to continue by pressing the play button on the video.


Now you see the video she have uploaded to her Instagram account? I am sure that probably will please some of the boys especially who is in her age but it is a sore to my eyes, only because I feel sorry for seeing that she thinks she is all that herself when she truly is not at all and not only that all she has a few of nude images uploaded to her own Instagram account saying “Free The Nipples”. Now I am not against the protest of the Free The Nipples mind you, because I agree that it shouldn’t be censored on female private parts when it comes to their images being uploaded on some social networking websites while they never had a rule in place about censoring the male’s parts but do have a rule for female so I am seeing discrimination or sexism somewhere in there. But back to the subject, I do applaud that she is enjoying her lifestyle and I welcome her to do whatever she wish to do but please be appropriate though! Showing off nearly nude or something like these should be either private or share them with their sweethearts but maybe I am old-fashioned I don’t know, still I think it’s quite crazy a bit for how she is showing the media.

Every now and then I wonder what Billy Cyrus, the father of Miley Cyrus thought about the way she does out in media or how she is today but again I do recall that Billy Cyrus saying he happily accept the way she is doing out there (what a father, give him a trophy for father of the year!). Nonetheless the video I have embedded above from Miley Cyrus’s Instagram got me thinking about the timeline of her growth from Hannah Montana now and how I look at it is it is very absurd but if that’s the way she want her lifestyle to be then be my guest but at least I am very glad that I am no longer a fan of her but at same time I have nothing against her… Maybe a bit but nothing offensive. 😉

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