MIA and mother’s surgeries.

Hey everyone! I want to point out few of things that I have came to realize something that I need to come out and write what I have realized. You see the title of this post that says “MIA”? Most all of you know what it stands for but just in case that few of people don’t know what it means but it is a initial for missing in action. Missing in action is common for in army, navy, military and among others but a lot of people also use that for anything else but in this case is that I haven’t been able to be active for JoshiesWorld.

Unfortunately I realized that I have gone MIA from this website and that my posts are getting older each day gone by which I apologize for that but the reason for that is I have been very extremely busy with everything that are going on around here such as my mom being undergo couple of surgeries and other reasons. No, it’s not life-threatening surgeries for my mother in case if you begun getting curious. She’s fine, thankfully. But yes, the first surgery that she had to get few months ago were to remove her gallbladder which seems to be successful however the surgeon or the doctor has said that she has problem with her liver after they done surgery on her although they aren’t being very clear on the reason why she has a issue with her liver but most of people who had surgeries for her gallbladder would have liver problem as I have researched that a lot of people who had surgery to remove their gallbladder that they may have liver issue.

Second surgery she had undergo were for her rotary cuff on her shoulder which she went undergo surgery last Friday and thankfully that surgery succeed and I would like to give my huge thanks to Three Gables Surgery Center for their great job to take care of her and that the surgeon found out that her rotary cuff weren’t worse than we thought it was because her doctor here nearby Pikeville, Kentucky has said that her tissues in her shoulder were torn as in completely torn that she has no tissues connecting from her neck and arm in her shoulder but when she went undergo the surgery in Proctorville, Ohio at Three Gables Surgery Center the surgeon had found out that it wasn’t worse than we all had thought that the tissue on her rotary cuff in her shoulder has been torn in half. After the surgery that the surgeon came in the waiting room and asked me to go to this one small room to update me with what’s going on and gave me the good news, the surgeon said that the tissues in her rotary cuff were not torn off however she did have very small torn tissue on top of her shoulder and they were about size of half penny which isn’t huge and it’s practically nothing but originally for her surgery that they were going to sew her tissues back together with a screw in but thankfully it wasn’t that case as it was no needed to put screw in her rotary cuff and that she did not have to get sew her tissues back together as it was not torn in half because it wasn’t, only very small piece of tissue that did got torn but it was fixed with no problem and that she was supposed to be wearing a sling for six (6) weeks and was not allowed to move her arm at all and then after six (6) weeks that she were to be put in physical therapy but thankfully it didn’t have to happen so since with the good news she only had to wear a sling for 24 hours due to her nerve being blocked from surgery and that was on Friday then she would be put in physical therapy in couple of days after her surgery which that was on Monday this week and that she would be in it for two weeks, five days each week for two weeks.

At this moment she is currently at physical therapy as I am writing this post. Although the first couple days in physical therapy it was very difficult for her but again it was expected to be so. She’s still in pain with her arm obviously, so it’s going to take few weeks before it’s completely healed and hopefully that it’s less pain than she had experienced before the surgery and I believe that she is not expected to be back to work for few weeks, a month or possibly so until she is completely healed and be able to move her arm with no difficulty or with no much of pain to do so. Either way I am absolutely glad that everything goes good with her surgeries, she had to have two surgeries within’ a year and that’s pretty crazy because at first she had to have surgery for her gallbladder and to have her gallbladder to be removed and then now her rotary cuff so it has been several months busy.

Other than that I have been tired a lot so I couldn’t find the right time to work on here or any websites or to write some posts. I know that I have said few of times that I would become active again and start writing more posts but the way it has been, it’s a bit of unpredictable so therefore I will not and cannot promise that I can be heavily active that I once was with JoshiesWorld and other activities on the internet such as websites and among other works or even with the computer/internet alone. So only thing I can honestly say that I will try my best to write more but only if I can find the time to do so which that’s where the problem comes in is that I have no clue when that will be sadly. If you want to keep updated with what’s going on with me and such then following me on Twitter would be the best place to do so as I update things on Twitter on regularly basis. You can follow me on Twitter here (click this link) by searching my Twitter username JoshiesWorld. Please do so, you can tweet me from there and I will most likely respond as I always check on Twitter since I have it on my IPhone and I am never without my cell phone, who can ever be without a cell phone?! Ever since smartphone were invented it became everybody’s second item to be carried in their pocket as the first item is the keys if you have noticed that.

But sadly, I must wrap this up as my time is running out as usual it has been. But please stay good to yourself and keep out of trouble! Remember to follow me on Twitter if you want to keep up with what’s going on with me as Twitter is my backup in case if I couldn’t find the time to write anything on here (which it require plenty of time to do so). Even though that I am updating on Twitter regularly basis does not means that you should not keep up with JoshiesWorld as I am never going to stop posting on here or anything because me being on Twitter is just a BACKUP thing. Thank you very much for your time to read this post and I hope that you have a great day, or night depending on where you are located in when you read this, haha! 🙂

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