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Fan SignsOnly for 18 years old or older and or with permission from your parents or guardians please. If you would like to make a fan signs like these for me, feel very free to do so by submitting your fan sign picture(s) there in the Fan Signs album page at under the fan signs pictures and submit.

Pictures Of MeAny pictures that has me in it, whether it be selfies or any pictures that the people took had me in their pictures.

Travels And Events PicturesTravels and Events Pictures, as a title for the album page should say it all but if it is not. This album page are the photos of the travels that I went on, such as on vacation or business somewhere such as beach, tourist place like Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg in Tennessee, some restaurants and the likes. Also pictures of events that I attended such as wedding, business, celebrations, holidays, graduations, friends house, families and the likes.

Adventures And OutdoorsWho doesn’t like some adventures or outdoors?! Of course some of us always have to have some adventures or the urge to go out enjoying the mother nature. In this photos album page will be where I share pictures of the adventures that I went on and outdoors as well such as trail riding on ATV/Four Wheelers or the likes.


Adventures, Outdoors & Natures – Videos playlist for Adventures, Outdoors & Natures!

Travels & Events – Videos Playlist for Travels and Events where you will get to see Joshie recording him traveling around or recording at some events that he is invited to or at some public events such as festival or others.

Latest UploadsA playlist of the videos that I have uploaded very recent, so the latest video that I have recorded will be shown in this playlist and any of the newest video I have uploaded will be automatically added to this playlist!

VlogsOnly in American Sign Language (ASL) and possibly some of them are captioned. If you are fluent in American Sign Language and willing to offer your service to translate ASL into English for caption please contact me using the contact tab at top!

Old VideosFrom old YouTube Channel before JoshiesWorld was born and now actively using JoshiesWorld channel.