Long time no write.

I have realized that I have not write anything on here at JoshiesWorld in very long time although I do still know that I am still running JoshiesWorld and still own it as I have planned it to never stopped running and in hope to continue running it whenever I am decreased under my mother’s control to continue displaying my work and my thoughts in public for everyone to either be reminded or have the interest to read my thoughts, opinions and others once again.

But writing this post on the blog means I am obviously still alive thankfully, I have been quite busy with my life and other tasks I have yet to finish that I am supposed to do so but at this time I have free time which is a few minutes to myself to do what I feel like doing which I came to a decision that I should write something.

I have been thinking of what I should start doing for JoshiesWorld, I am thinking that I may will do bits weekly on different subjects at once rather than per post so to give reader something more to read at once rather than going to post to post for one or couple of subjects on things. Some call it tidbits or some sort of bulletins. But I would like to remind every one of you that when I do write about things it is entirely on my opinions and my view of things in general and being open minded about things rather telling you as it is unless I do know it is as is.

Some vloggers on YouTube like doing tidbits and bulletins about few things at once, but I am rather a blogger than vlogger though however I am indeed partnered at YouTube but only use YouTube to record of something out of randoms even unnecessary things, not so important like it is here at JoshiesWorld.

I think I will start doing research on different things on different subjects and share my opinions or the facts if I do find some as I rather to not tell you something that are facts that happens to be not true which some bloggers like to do just to get you into thinking of something that is a fact when they are not especially on few popular celebrities bloggers which I shall not name as it is not my interest to advertise something that I share with some of you to make you think they are true.

Yes sometime some peoples do have different opinions, which makes you wonder which people’s opinions is accurate? You will never truly know unless you do research and that is the beauty of search engines.

Back to being busy, recently I was on the trip to Pigeon Forge in Tennessee with my mother’s friends and some of them I very much dislike which will not be named for their security. However I had fun in Tennessee with my mother, especially browsing around many things and as well the stores to shop as it often gets you curious what they have in stock and what kind of things they have available or what things they have to keep you entertained. I have not been on any rides as I dislike to be on any rides now although when I was a child I love being on the rides but as I become older it seems that I am more so of browser than wanting to do something except things such as arcade which I quite enjoyed.

Next summer I am hoping to do something that is better and something that I can never forget especially going few states away from here and not one state away from here like Tennessee. What am I talking about? Beach! Although if not beach then I would like to go to New York or similar. I am not done being busy yet as I am planning on to go out riding next weekend I hope and for couple times before the winter arrives which I know some of you are not looking forward to it but winter can be a such beautiful thing to look at but the feeling of it may be not so good.

I know that many of times I have promised you that I will start writing more as I have said that few of times in different posts here at JoshiesWorld but this time I am not going to promise you when, however I will promise you that I will make another post eventually and that I do hope I will be starting to write once a week which is my goal but it depends on my busy schedule if I am able to squeeze in for the time to do some writing as what I usually do when writing a blog, I always have to research into things to make sure that I am informed enough to write which can be time consuming but like to write something for some of you readers to read when you have spare in your time like I do for mine to write here.

I hope all of you have a great day and please be safe as the world isn’t getting any safe anymore sadly. It seems that the world is starting to be more dangers to live in but again it is something that we have to deal with but as long as we are being safe for ourselves from things that are dangerous.

Thank you!
– Joshie.

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