Learn Sign Language on your IPhone!

I have been browsing through several apps on ITunes lately to add apps to my Iphone or Ipad and I came across to one awesome app called “Marlee Signs” that you download for your Iphone or Ipad and it’s absolutely free! It has actress from “Children of a Lesser God” Marlee Matlin herself teaching you some sign languages, I am sure that many of you know who she is as she’s famously known as deaf actress in a movie title “Children of a Lesser God”.

I downloaded the app and tested it myself and it is indeed awesome and that it is accurate because some of you may not know that I am hard of hearing so therefore I know sign languages in order to communicate if it is needed. A lot of people has been asking me for some lessons on some sign languages and obviously my often answer was that they can easily learn sign languages on the internet especially on search engine such as Google. Until I discovered that anyone who wish to learn sign languages can finally to do so with their own Iphone and as well their Ipad and I am sure that it will also on Ipod and other Apple products however I have only tested it on Iphone and Ipad which I can assure you that it will work on your Iphone or Ipad.

I have grabbed the download link for you to go to and download it to your Iphone, Ipad or maybe Ipod since that I haven’t tested Ipod yet and I am sure if I ever will be able to since I don’t use Ipod however I do own couple but they’re put up somewhere. If you have ITunes on your computer then you can download by clicking here which it will take yourself right to your Itunes or you can simply search “Marlee Signs” in App Store on your Iphone or Ipad. It’s free! Wouldn’t hurt you to test it out!

Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/marlee-signs/id566054855?mt=8

In that “Marlee Signs” app will have several signs in different categories such as Town, Questions, etc etc along with finger-spelling feature where you can type any word(s) that you would like to learn in finger-spelling such as ABC. That app is beautifully job done, I would like to thank to Marlee Matlin herself for her time to making “Marlee Signs” a possibility for every one to learn sign languages to communicate with anyone who is hard of hearing or deaf or for anyone who’s curious to learn American Sign Languages (ASL) because ASL is the language like Spanish, French, German and others is language and is NOT what some people in office would credit them as “foreign” language as American Sign Languages is in fact one of other languages including English is the official language(s) in United States.

Enjoy “Marlee Signs” app! Just simply beautiful!

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