Iphone: Better than any other phones.

Apple Iphone 5S model.Everybody has their own preference for which products they like better than the others especially smartphones. There is several smartphones in the market which is a problem in my opinion because there is too many smartphones when there should have been ten different smartphones then that would be enough for anyone to choose. I mean there should be only one or maybe two the name of makers smartphone models, such as Apple only have one model name for smartphone which is Iphone and it’s acceptable that they can have update version of their own models such as 1, 2, 3, 3G, 4, 4S, 5 and 5S but other makers have too many models such as Samsung Galaxy, Note, Freeform, Gravity and others when Samsung should only make one model which is Galaxy S models (all version like Apple’s Iphone) and other companies that makes smartphones has too many models name. I think if each maker only have one or maybe two models name then they would sell a lot more. It always annoys me because I think it doesn’t make any sense to have so many models name, sure it does give us all kinds of choice to choose which smartphone we like the best but we can still choose one or two models name of each makers better as it would make it easier for us to choose and less of hassles by having to look over so many smartphones to see which one it suits us.

Iphone is better.

Now getting to the subject about Apple Iphone 5S is a lot better than any smartphones I have ever came across and tested because I have owned several smartphones, more than average numbers of a person owned cell phones in their life. Any cell phone you can think of, I probably owned them and tested them. Now several years ago I was a huge fan of Motorola as the only maker of cell phones I used to trust as we know that Motorola used to be the leading cell phones maker and I am not talking about smartphones as I am talking about a flip cell phones and a long and big ugly cell phone that almost covers the size of your jaw to the top of your head. When smartphones born I was with Blackberry for several years until Apple came out with the first Iphone I couldn’t bring myself to buy it because I was to way loyal to Blackberry while it’s a mistake that I was because I was missing out and then few models later by Apple for their Iphone and I kept my eyes on them and I realized that they keeps getting better and better by every newer model of Iphone that comes out to the market and everyone goes wild about every new Iphone model coming out and that is where I started getting curious about what fuzz is all about Iphone because when I thought Blackberry was the only best one.

Then when Iphone 4S came out and I decided that it’s time that I try them for the first time when my contract expires so it was time that we renew the contract anyway so I went out and bought Iphone 4S and I bought it home to charge it so I could get it full charged before I can try it and when I did, I fell in love with it and that made me realize that there could be better smartphones because before I was so stuck with Blackberry models so when Galaxy S4 came out and I went out to test it and I couldn’t stand it at all but I figured that it might could have been a faulty one so I had asked some of my friends who owns Galaxy S4 and they said that they gets a drop-call too often and that the data is very poor so then I ask some of my friends who owns Iphone 4S and see if they have any problem with them and they said that they never had a problem with them so I had asked one of my friend who owned Galaxy S4 if he could test out Iphone 4S and see if he has the same problem with Iphone 4S as he does with Galaxy 4S and he test out Iphone 4S for few days and I got in touch with him and asked him if he still using Galaxy 4S and he said his Galaxy 4S is somewhere at the recycle center because he threw it in the trash can and it was still brand new that he recently paid it not longer than a month and said he’s now got Iphone 4S.

Right then there I knew that nothing could top Iphone 4S as I have discussed with him if he had any drop calls with his new Iphone 4S and he immediately responded and I quote “Thank God, no it has never dropped a call on me like my Galaxy S4 keeps doing” and that is when I figured that Iphone 4S or any Iphone has better antenna than any of other smartphones and my tech friends said that no cell phones could tops Iphone and I agreed with that statement.

Still to this day many of people in this area owned the new Galaxy S5 has told me that the problems never stops with their Galaxy 5S and said that they wished they still using their old Iphone 4S or wished that they upgraded their Iphone instead of switching to Galaxy 5S to try them out. I have personally tested Galaxy 5S out and I will say that they do have nice features but it’s not important because the most important thing is the antenna signal that receives data and voice (calling). Most of people ignore this and that’s the biggest problem in choosing smartphones because they easily fell for the trap that has some good-looking features without actually testing or know if their antenna signal is any good because you’d have to have a good signal to be able to use the data at full speed (4LTE), to text and call and beside most of apps requires data so the biggest problem is choosing style over performance when we should choose performance over style instead.

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Only reason that I said Iphone 5S is better than any other phones is that it’s my opinion but any version Iphone is the way to go. Or any smartphones that actually have good antenna signal (chip) which that is what Samsung fails miserably and I know this going to cause some of the people to argue and I encourage you to do so by leaving the comments below. But before you do I would first ask you, did you choose style over performance?

Please note that this is MY opinion and if you would like to share your opinion on smartphones or there being too many smartphones then please do leave a comment below and I’d love to hear them!

Thank you for reading this article and be sure to keep checking back here in case if I am going to write another article which I am hoping to do so at least one or couple more before end of the day. Please be safe wherever you are or whatever you are planning on to do today. Stay awesome, my friends!

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