Internet is important for us.

InternetIn every nations the internet is very important to everyone’s life obviously as there are many reasons for it, without the internet we had to rely on the phone and television especially for keeping up with what is going on in this world and to keep in touch with everybody such as our family and friends or our friends from the schools that we went and graduated with. I was born before the internet came into the world, before the internet I was very limited in social skills and when I want to learn about something I would have to read on the books to learn and most of the books that I was reading to learn about something is often outdated so having the internet gives you a way to be updated with everyday news and gives you the unlimited resources to learn from. So the question would we be better without internet or with the internet? I would say both but the problem is that we are too hooked into the internet which is fine but you would need some time to breathe and be updated with things outside the internet too.

Is internet that important?

Absolutely it is because with internet we have unlimited of resources for us to do whatever we want to do with it, with the internet it expands our education because on the internet we are able to learn better and learn new things everyday that we couldn’t without the internet because before the internet we would have to rely on to learn things from the books and the books is often outdated even the newspaper, as the journals or reporters even use the internet to write newspaper for the subscribers which that is one of reason it is hurting the newspaper business because whatever is on the newspaper is also on the internet that we can get free which is good thing and bad thing at same, the good thing is that we are able to get the news free and the bad thing is that the newspaper company are already running out of businesses which that means it makes less of people being employed.

When there was no internet we had very limited resources and we hardly could use it howsoever we wish to do with it but now that we have the internet we have rich resources that gives us the ability to do what we wish to do with it which is a great thing actually and plus whatever you learn from schools you can learn them on the internet as well but a lot more than in school because the internet is full of information that we can gather and learn to sharpen our skills in whatever it is that we wish to do especially when it comes to jobs or anything else that we need to learn to do something like building a house because before the internet you would have to go to a college to learn to become a carpenter but now with the internet we have, we can be self-taught and build a house even better than what we can learn in college. But in someway that it is hurting schools although it is better to learn from the internet than to learn in school because where in school we are limited to resources but on the internet we are not at all.

Not only that there is full rich of information that we can learn but we can also sharpen our social skills more than ever we can learn from school or anywhere else thanks to social media networking websites such as twitter, Facebook and few of other and not only that, it also give us better way of keeping in touch with our families and our friends than having to rely on the phone to keep in touch with them which is getting boring at times but not only that, it breaks the barrier in a big way for deaf and hard of hearing especially because deaf and hard of hearing cannot use phone to communicate with their family or friends so having the internet gives them more independence and a better way of keeping in touch with their family and friends and to communicate with them as well through messaging system such as Yahoo! Messenger or Facebook messaging system. Now most of you know that I am hard of hearing and I was born before the internet existed so when the internet born and the developers begins to learn how to build websites, how to build some applications and software for a couple of years then instant messaging was born like Yahoo! Messenger or ICQ if you remember it and when I learned that there is instant messaging to be able to communicate online with family and friends I was very relieved and excited because then I was able to communicate with my family and my friends via the messenger and it broke my barrier in communication and it helped my relationship with my family and friends better than ever. This is one of the reason that it is extremely important to have internet for social.

With internet it gives everyone a much easier to be able to find jobs and to be able to have jobs online which can pay you bigger paychecks than you would normally get outside the internet, when you hear that people have jobs or be able to work at home over online is absolutely true because you can only if you know how. There is many kinds of jobs you can have from the internet such as career in blogging like myself, internet marketing, web developer, web designer, game designer, online news editorial, affiliates program, advertisements, e-commerce (online stores – such as Ebay, Amazon, Craigslist and others) and many more as the sky is limit. This helps especially for the people who is disabled like myself so it gives me a chance to have a career because I cannot work outside the internet unless there is computers which I can be a computer repairman but my career online is web developer, web designer, internet marketer, affiliates, advertisements and blogging which is my main career – I am a blogger and it is my passion. How did I learn to do all of these as my career? On the internet of course, being self-taught although I did have experience in college. I have heard several people saying that they have no jobs outside the internet, saying it’s impossible to get one because no one is hiring and I call that bullcrap! Anyone can get a job very easy, all it takes is the computer and network connection then you are set to go and start a career then you get a bigger paycheck than you would ever make in your own life – you’ll be surprised. Like I said on the line there is full of rich information and resources that you can learn easily and be self-taught then you can have a career right away, even quicker than looking for a job somewhere outside for smaller paychecks than you gets online. But of course everyone has their own preference and I encourage it but still if some of you say that you cannot get a job or that it’s impossible to get a job then I am going to smack the back of your head (gentle) because there is, you just have to do it. If you would like to learn to kick-start a career as a blogger like myself then please do contact me and I would be more than happy to give you the guide!

There is so many of things you can get online so the bottom line is, absolutely the internet is important and probably is more than any one of you can ever imagine. Not only that, you also use it on your smartphones as well to have GPS which it makes it easier for you to get to places because let’s be frank, without data for GPS/map you probably won’t get to the right place or find out where the place is.

With online you are able to get a lot of things a cheaper than you would ever outside because it is almost free for everything online and when you do shops online, you get better deal at cheaper price than the costs of them outside in real stores – think Amazon. The stores online sells the items cheaper than the price they sells in their real stores which is a bit of odd because it’s coming from the same store between online and outside as the price is different but the bottom line is, it’s cheaper than outside – a lot!

Almost everything now uses the internet especially new gadgets and other devices for things to work such as videophone and even using it to make a phone call, and as goes for using some of the gadgets such as online gaming, to unlock and lock your doors, to unlock or lock your cars door and even to start the engine in your vehicle. It makes things a lot easier for everyone to use to do things that uses the internet with any kinds of gadgets in your house, vehicles and many of other things instead the old fashion way – such as to lock and unlock your doors by twisting your wrist, or as goes for the vehicle you can get in the vehicle and go quicker such as starting the engine while you are unlocking the door to enter, it is a good thing especially in the winter to start the engine without having to go outside freezing yourself to start the engine to warm up then come back in the house for few minutes then go back out to your vehicle and go but now that is no longer the issue because you can start your engine in the vehicle while standing at the door in your house!

The last but not least reason is that we are able to watch some videos, or be able to keep up with new music and as well books for some of who is bookworm! Being able to get online to stream television and movies is better than having a television in my opinion because with the internet we are able to watch anything, listen to anything or to read anything anywhere even when you are camping out or somewhere in the mountains by using the teetering which is hotspot feature in some of the smartphones that connects the data through your laptop if you have one! But not only that, it’s cheaper to stream the movies or some TV shows than having the cable on television which this is the reason that I think the providers for the cable on television need to start lowering the prices instead of raising it everyday because if they keeps doing that they are eventually going to lose the customers to digital so if they want to keep their business then I would suggest to be smart and lower the prices.

Now if you ask me if there’s anything bad about the existence of internet? There is a few. It lessen your time of being around with your family and friends although you can do so online but it’s better to be around with them now and then, I beg you to do that because it could be the biggest mistake of your life because eventually the family and friends isn’t going to be around forever as I had to learn that the hard way. Second it is hurting many of business especially the newspaper and magazines but again they can save their business by going the digital way of selling online news by charging subscribers like New York Times and few of others although we can get same information somewhere else but it would still save their business nonetheless. Three it takes your time away from spending the time with the nature especially such as riding four wheeling like I love doing so or spending the time outside to appreciate the nature or have some cookout with your family and friends – and more reasons to be outside. Although the upside of being online outdo the downside of having the internet depending on some of the things.

If you are interested in to read more about the internet to learn the history of how the internet comes into the world and what starts it, you can read full of information about it which this is one of fantastic reason that we need the internet so we can learn about anything that we need or want to learn! Click here to read about the internet itself.

There is many more reasons I have yet to mention and if you can think of more reasons for good and bad then please feel free to share with me and everyone else by leaving the comment below and I would respond them when I have a chance to and appreciate them. Thank you for your time reading this article and please do keep checking back here for some more new articles because I am planning on to write another article before end of the day, hopefully! I hope all of you have a great day as I am having one but it’s very hot outside and please be careful wherever all of you are and whatever it is that you are planning on to do today! Stay awesome, my friends.

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