Inactivity and The Future

How are you all guys and women doing?! I know I haven’t written a blog since over a bit month ago, as last time I wrote an article were on the first of last month in April and lately I have started getting more silent on social media as well. This is why I have decided that I should blog, so that I let you all know that I am doing just fine and that I would also like to apologize for my inactivity for the past of a month which is a bit unusual I know especially that some of you know that I never could stand to not blog at least more than one week or two weeks at most. There are a few reasons that I have not wrote an article for past a month, which a few I will share and the other few that I prefer to not. Unfortunately, over the past month I nearly lost interests in blogging and I know that is a bit unlike of me to say that especially that I have kept doing so ever since the year of 2007. In August will marks tenth years since I have started a blog with JoshiesWorld which is my first blog in public and it will not be my last because I will continue blogging with JoshiesWorld for the rest of my life unless something happens to the internet or being hit by EMP that knocks out the electricity which I hope that never will happen. Honestly, the brand JoshiesWorld weren’t meant to be used for blogging because that brand name is used in many ways to identify myself and what I see hence my nickname is Joshie while involving myself in the world for everybody to see my thoughts, my perception and whatnot. I use JoshiesWorld as whole, whether it be blogging, videos, social media and whatnot; even with JoshiesWorld Gaming that I uses to live stream my gameplay on YouTube Gaming or Twitch.

The thing is that I just happens to know how to build a website, being that I am web developer and web designer so blog became the main imagine of JoshiesWorld as a brand name. Ideally, at that time when I came up with the name I had hoped that I would have some success in other areas but the blog just happens to be the front of this whole thing I guess.

Anyway, don’t get me wrong I do love blogging and I do love writing especially when it comes to sharing my thoughts or opinions but when you do something for so long especially for nearly ten years you would start questioning your place in what you have done for these years. Not just that, I am getting older and my bones isn’t permitting me to do what I love doing. All this talking is making me miss my youth more than ever, unfortunate for us all human beings we cannot ever get younger and we will continue getting older. You know, some people have a wildly passion in something that they do and in overtime there will be a point that they question themselves whether if they want to continue doing what they have passion in or call it a retirement. Many of you will get to that point where you ask yourself if this is something that you could continue with what you love doing or give in. I know ten years may not sounds or looks like a long to you, believe me it is especially if you made a commitment that you would write (an example) ten articles per a week and as the time goes you will find out that the commitment you made to yourself has become overwhelming for you as it has for me. I remember when I launched a blog for the first time in the year of 2007, I made a commitment that I would be writing three to four a day and as a few years goes by I found myself to be in a tough situation where I realize that I have written too much in short time to the point that I started running out of what to say. That was the reason in 2011-2012 which I am sure that few of you recall, I decided to keep no longer JoshiesWorld up and running for about a year then where I haven’t blogged for about a year my passion was starting to spark once again in blogging so I decided to start running JoshiesWorld again in 2012 or 2013.

When I decided to bring it back up and running again I made the commitment once again that I would write at least two to three articles a day. But over the time I realize there were conflicts with my daily schedules so I decided that I would or at least try to write three to four articles a week and that worked for a while. As the years goes by, last year in 2016 I realized that I started getting too much stress especially trying to triple check everything that I wrote, triple check my research and so forth so I decided that I change to two or three articles a week. Difference is one or two less articles per a week, it worked well for me and my poor stress. Unfortunately, only for short period of time and I started getting more overwhelmed so I decided that I would just only do two articles at most per a week after the summer last year in 2016. I at once notice that the energy I once had, I could run four or five huge websites along with this website and had the energy to write about five articles per a week when I relaunched JoshiesWorld back in 2011 or 2012 were gone. I barely could even have the energy to at least write two articles a week starting last summer in 2016, to be honest I was forcing myself to write that second article each week to make up for two articles per a week and by late in January or early February this year 2017 I crashed. If you visit the month, February 2017 on this blog (you can find month/year on right side of the website) you can notice a huge difference where I started struggling and practically drags myself as I go from there to this day. Not good, especially on my readers who have read my blog for who knows how long and I prefer to not degrade my quality in blogging for them because I just cannot bring myself to give the readers at least one good article a week. So, in April last month I gave in and started thinking about the future of JoshiesWorld.

What you don’t know is that I have blogged for free for all these years and even though you may see the advertisements on this blog but that doesn’t mean that I earn much of anything monthly. In fact, each a year if that. I really don’t mind, I like sharing my opinions, my thoughts, my videos even if they barely are any good and any kinds of materials or contents I provide for all of you. I started blogging is because I want to get my message out there in the world for everybody to see, not to make money off it as many of other bloggers do and that at least gives me some pride knowing that I do for my passion instead of doing so to make money.

In the Future

Where am I heading in the future? That is the greatest question of all I ever have for myself. Am I going to call it quit again? Or am I going to call it a retirement for good and not blog again in lifetime except making a rare guest written article from time to time? I don’t know. One thing I do know is that I would like to renovate JoshiesWorld website in future, also that my plan as originally, I am to keep JoshiesWorld up and running for many years to come. I also would like to have support, by that I mean in possible future I could build another blog and bring on a team of bloggers so this would take some weights off my shoulders while some other bloggers giving contents as I would so that I would not be the only one to be relied on. In my heart, for the future of JoshiesWorld and myself as a blogger I truly want to continue but I barely have the energy to do so. So, if I am to continue, would you be ok with if I am to write an article at least every two weeks? One articles a week if I have the energy to do so? There are hundreds of questions going on around for the future of JoshiesWorld and myself as a blogger. However, on social media such as Twitter and the JoshiesWorld’s Facebook page will of course continue because I only use them to write at least one or two paragraphs instead of several in a blog post.

Don’t be mistaken that I am calling it a quit because I never could and never would be able to. However, it is a question of what my health and in my condition, would allow me. I even barely have any energy to write this blog post but I felt that I need to because I realized I haven’t written a blog post over a month and I couldn’t let myself to let all of you wondering if something had happened or whatsoever. I truly appreciate all your time that you have given these years, reading every or some of the articles I have written and helped to get this blog to where it is today. I am truly grateful for that.

Until the next time, I hope that it won’t be another month because I don’t like that feelings of knowing that I haven’t written anything for more than at least a week for you all. Please feel free to leave a comment below, any suggestion you would have would be appreciated and I hope to see all of you again in soon time.

Thank you,
Joshua “Joshie” Sullivan.

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