Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

This is Joshie, JoshiesWorld founder and blogger speaking out to all of you readers, fans or friends whichever you prefer but in my mind all of you are friends even may of you may be strangers because I don’t know you although you may know me a bit through here. I wanted to make a blog post to tell every one of you a Happy Thanksgiving and that I hope all of you have a great day! I am certain that most of you will because it involves a full table of delicious foods right?! One of few things to be thankful for, to have foods to fed and to be able to share the foods with your family while sharing some memories with each others which is a very precious thing to have. Me? I used to look forward to thanksgiving every year because that means I get to visit my grandparent’s house, eat large amounts of foods and spend the time with the grandparents along with the rest of the family as my grandparents house were the place that everyone in the family to be at on the thanksgiving day. But unfortunately, I no longer looking forward to thanksgiving which that means I have lost interests for the thanksgiving for a few years now although the traditional of having thanksgiving foods carries on as a I refuses that traditional to be broken even if it’s a day earlier or on the day of Thanksgiving or the day after the Thanksgiving but no longer or earlier than that.

The only thanksgiving event I get to share my time with is my mother, which nothing can get any better than that but because the family that I used to share my time with for thanksgiving have been gone to be with the lord and my grandmother were the last to go which she was the heart of the thanksgiving that the family gathers around every year.

To think that just a few years ago I was spending the time with everyone in the family at my grandparents house such as my mother, my mamaw, my aunt Debbie and my uncle Brian but in just a very few of years span everybody in that family passed away which now leaves me and my mom. By years span I mean 8 years most, in that span three (3) closest members of the family who raised me with my mother passed away and I am just twenty-eight (28) years old. I was twenty-five (25) when I lost the last member in the family, my grandmother in 2012 so only one now I have is my mother which is one of few that I have something to thank for and the most of all the most thanks I have is for is the lord to make sure that my mother is safe everyday so that I can have her here with me for a very long time. So guys I am telling you from my heart, be sure to spend as much as times you can have with all members of your family especially on Thanksgiving and other important holidays such as Christmas because you never know that one day you could lose almost entire of your family in so little of time. So please cherish all that time with your family, I am telling you all to do so and enjoy the foods as well with your family for thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Dinner

Me and my mother had a delicious thanksgiving dinner yesterday. Turkey, stuffed dressing, mashed potatoes, buttered rolls, ham and some delicious pies. I ate Turkey, stuffed dressing, mashed potatoes and buttered rolls with turkey syrup/sauce topping mashed potatoes along with a bit on the stuffed dressing. I am never a fan of ham ever since I was born, I truly don’t know how anybody can eat ham and to get an idea of my tolerance for ham – My ham to your liver food. Nonetheless I wanted to wish every one of you a happy thanksgiving and hope that every one of you have a great day! Or half a day because I know some of you will be taking a power nap after eating some delicious thanksgiving dinner as for some reason thanksgiving dinner always make some people to pass out with full of stomach!

Happy Thanksgiving Mom

I would like to personally write a happy thanksgiving to my mother, who I am thankful most for as she took care of me since my birth and continue to taking care of me even though that I am very much past an adult. Mom – There is nothing more important than you are to me, I would be nothing if it weren’t for you or without you which is one of many that I am thankful for because you are with me and you are truly meant the world to me. From the day one to this day and counting you are my rock. You are my best friend, even though you are my mother you still are my best friend and always the one that I can count on for anything. You are my true hero, always have been and always will be the hero in my own eyes. You are the best example for mothers, only that I am luckiest one to be the one who have you as my mother instead of all others and always be there for me throughout the day and night. For that I thank you with all my heart and I love you with all my heart and my soul. I love you to the moon and back forever.

~ Joshie.

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