Happy 9th Birthday To JoshiesWorld!

Today marks the 9th anniversary since JoshiesWorld brand was born, back at that time I had intended that JoshiesWorld would be only just a small information website about me but I felt that it wasn’t fitting for the name of JoshiesWorld because hence it’s my world so I came up with an idea that I’d start a blog then from there I became a blogger/journalist. Joshie is a nickname of mine, adding the world is my world and the outcome of that is I share everything that’s going on in my eyes or my thoughts with you guys while writing some breaking news before they became the breaking news as I have written a couple or three breaking news from the year of 2007 to this day. JoshiesWorld was born on August 8th, 2007 and since then it have become my baby. Even though my name is involved but it is you all who helps it grows larger and larger daily so I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that as you guys have read each articles I have written on here. For some of these who don’t know, JoshiesWorld went crashing down back in 2010 after three years blogging and I decided that it was too much so I gave it a rest for a few months but then I decided for JoshiesWorld to come back stronger than ever so here it is since the year of late 2010 to 2016 running 24/7/365. I am proud of what I have accomplished, even though the accomplishments may be a little but better than none and these accomplishments cannot be done without you guys so again I thank you.

Not only that today is the 9th anniversary for JoshiesWorld but also this marking 400th articles I have written and that is a lot considering that it’s a small blog. All of these I have went through with JoshiesWorld, I have considered launching the media company and help anyone who dreams to become a blogger or journalist. The word blogger is a title that something you can be proud of, even though the journalists from the news says blogging isn’t journalism but it is indeed journalism and they have fought hard to stop that.

Journalists can be called bloggers or bloggers can be called journalists. Finally as this is the year 2016, the journalism is starting to be more accepting that bloggers is journalists too and try to unify with each others because they have the common goal is to bring good contents to the readers. The reason that journalists were so against the idea of the bloggers to be called journalists is because, unfortunately but true, destroys the newspaper and the news service where the journalists works as these are the longest running since the word “bloggers” or “blog” exists as at the first it was called “logs” when the internet was invented but then renamed it to blogs and vloggers for the people who does the videos to deliver contents such as news, thoughts or opinions. This was back in the 1990s but now it has been two decades over and both sides are finally starting to unify with each others as we have apologized for taking their jobs away although some of us wasn’t at the faults since we have started blogging a several years later including myself as this happens in 1990s when I started in 2007 hence JoshiesWorld’s 9th anniversary.

Here is two logos for JoshiesWorld, the first logo is from the early days when JoshiesWorld first launched and that first logo I have created it myself using Photoshop to cut half off my picture then added JoshiesWorld in text in the center using special effects. Looking back makes me think how horrible that logo is for the JoshiesWorld (haha!) but I wasn’t any good at drawing or graphic design.

Old JoshiesWorld Logo

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A decade later, I have decided that since JoshiesWorld have grown more every day and that the logo I have designed doesn’t match JoshiesWorld at all so I decided to look for professional graphic designer instead of designing another one myself (I know! Good thing I didn’t design the new one because it’d look horrible again) so the new JoshiesWorld logo now symbolize the brand of JoshiesWorld proudly.

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I love journalism, but the problem is that back then I wasn’t great at grammar and spelling as back then I was terrible at it due to English not being my native language as American Sign Language is my native language which is different from English itself as the American Sign Language isn’t a written language as the English is although there is now research into turning American Sign Language into a written language which they have proven that it can be by mocking the American Sign Languages on the piece of paper or using certain fonts like they would with Chinese or Japanese. Nonetheless if you would go back to the first article I have written since relaunching JoshiesWorld back in the year of 2010-2011 then you will see the improvement in my grammar and spelling from the day I relaunched JoshiesWorld to this day. I have worked on improving my grammar and spelling for several years, thus makes me bilingualism as I now know two languages such as English and my native language American Sign Language. There aren’t one day that I have tried to improve my grammar as I have read several articles to study how some of the people write including the news and spelling has almost been never a problem for me as I know spelling but grammar is biggest problem with me. So even though since the day one you guys have stuck with me and I thank you all very much for doing so. Truly!

As for now, I have a lot of things to do and so before I head out I would like to say this.

Happy 9th Birthday JoshiesWorld and Thank you!

Joshua “Joshie” Sullivan.

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