Gov’t Shutdown/Dem & Rep.

The reason of Government shutdown was due to disagreement between democrat and republican on Affordable Care Act (ACA) code name as every one of us know, ObamaCare. What had sparked the ignition to shut down was mostly coming from republican for disagreeing with democrat on the new law for affordable care act especially when it comes to offering health insurance to very small percentage of people who couldn’t afford the health insurance for themselves or the family with the funding from the government and republican was against that Barrack Obama who happens to be democrat and the democrat party for wanting to use some of the government funding such as federal treasury to give these small percentage of people who does not have health insurance to help them to become better for themselves.

My opinion is a bit harsh for the thoughts of republican that was willing not to help us American to improve the health by having the insurance that pays for the hospital visits and medicine if necessary so that they could be better for themselves by spending the government money in the health insurance for the people. It was very gratitude of democrat for the thoughts of helping these small percentage of people who is in needs of insurance to help to better themselves in their health or some poor conditions that they may have such as disease or even worse, cancer.

Republican and some of other governments only care about is to try to get money for themselves and avoid any decrease in their income which is one of main reason that they was against that was because when the affordable care act law passed that it may use small percent of money being taken away from the governments to help the funding to these affordable care act to help the small percentage of people to make sure them that they have health insurance to help themselves so that they can get better from any type of illness or condition in the health and don’t forget that it is getting even harder to find jobs in America now so it is somewhat necessary for the affordable care act for small percentage of people so to help them to be able to have health insurance to visit the hospital and the doctor’s office and get whatever is needed to improve their health or treatment for their illness because the chance is that the small percent of that people may not even have a job or be able to find a job to able to afford the health insurance therefore it is what affordable care act and obamacare is all about and republican is against that, I think that is a bit sad especially in republican party for not agreeing with other side of the party includes the senates to be willing to help the small percentage of people to be able to get insurance especially the ones that cannot find a job to be able to afford paying for the health insurance.

I applause democrat for their thoughts and gratitude that they gives the American which is the way it should be because in United States it is all about American and not governments but republican beg differ and that is a bit of the issue. Republican should think about the people who lives in American or who come to American to follow their dream before themselves and the governments but apparently not and democrat party obviously shows that it is all about American and the human beings in United States are still important today. Although I am actually against many of things that white house and democrats has done but this one of few things that reminds me why I am still proud to be American and born being one.

Now I am barely into politics and I try to stay away from it as possible as I can unless I see or hear that is extremely important for the American then that is when I become interested in politics because, one for being American and one for wanting to be sure we all are safe as possible. I am all about anything that benefits us to keep ourselves from any danger.

Yes I am registered democrat but it doesn’t mean that I agree everything coming from democrat party as most of you people who is in republican party or tea party would always try to find a way to blame the democrat for something and thinks that democrat is the worst party of all but what you do not realize is that even if I and some of other who is in democrat party does NOT agree with everything that comes or done from democrat party. There are many of things I disagree with the ideas or what has done in democrat party but I am democrat nonetheless and same thing with republican party as I have some agrees and disagrees with what republican party for their ideas and what they have done but this is one of example that is going on with affordable care act is one of example for my disagreement with republican party.

I know that each party is on their own sides and always going against each others especially the most heat from democrat and republican going at it each others but my opinion is that every democrat and republican should erase that line from the sides and step into one group and work together because if that do happen then the American would be better today but unfortunately the line is still there between democrat party and republican party. I don’t know about you but for me I wish that both sides and as well tea party to work together to make America a better country. Democrat party and republican party has their own upside and downside, all sides have different ideas whether it is good or bad ideas which is where the issue comes in because of one side not agreeing with other side’s idea so we should encourage that the democrat party, tea party and republican party to work together and march together to make the American a better country then we can finally have some relief for ourselves.

Several decades ago they did work together all the time and help each others out as I remember that Washington Post who owned by Katharine Weymouth at the time had a party for democrat and republican and the tea party as they all were invited to Washington Post party along with the senates for one reason is to getting know each others and enjoy with each others and that was when all the parties was on each others good side and working together then few decades later the Washington  Post decided to not throw a party anymore and was not willing to invite each party and the reason is that because they was willing not to have fun with each others so ever since that the Washington Post ended up stopped the traditional party for democrat, republican and tea parties due to that. From that party became a history for each one of them parties, a traditional party continued but they stopped a decade or two ago because they was not willing to get to know each others and the hearts from each democrat, republican and tea party became dark for America. And that is true story but a reminder of how each party was and that was when the America was the greatest country and now I am almost unsure what kind of country we are now in, I call it a broken American and if democrat, republican and tea party will continue at each others then the future in America is going to get even darker and that is one thing we don’t want to look forward to.

As the politics is somewhat sensitive to debate on, may I remind you that this is solely based on my opinions and my views only as what JoshiesWorld is all about.

Thank you,
– Joshie.

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