Google and Apple made truce.

Google and AppleAs most of you know that Apple is always in the battle with patient infringements especially from Samsung and recently Motorola which both uses Android which is developed from Google so Apple filed lawsuit against all top cell phone makers such as Samsung and Motorola because both infringed the patients that was filed by Apple. If some of you don’t know what patients means or how they works, they are like copyright or trademark but in different way such as when you invent something that no one else has and you want to protect your inventions then you file patients with United States patients so that nobody can copy your inventions and if they do in any way copy or clone your own invention then you have the full right to file lawsuit against anyone that copy your invention for compensation because your patients is being infringed by someone else then you have the case for patients infringement against the ones who is copying your invention and making the money from them which is against the law especially in patients part of law, hope that I clear that up for you but it is exactly what Apple is doing with Samsung and other top cell phone maker because they are copying Apple’s inventions and use their patients which is a big no-no at least in the eye of law.

Apple has filed lawsuit against Samsung and have been gone and back in courts several times for several months because Samsung infringed Apple’s patients by copying their work on Samsung products especially their Galaxy S models from Apple’s Iphone model and what started Apple to file a lawsuit against Samsung was because of their interface copied Apple’s interface in their smartphones, while Apple have the patients which that means that Apple has the rights to their own invention and protects their own inventions as well which Samsung was infringing and then recently Motorola started doing the same. Seems like everyone is beginning to copy Apple’s smartphones and their invention which is understandable because their invention such as their smartphones is very brilliant and is the leading maker in mobile technology whether anyone likes them or dislike them but myself I love them and proudly own most of Apple’s products but anyway, that’s not the subject of this article but what is that every cell phone makers compete each others and the cell phone makers is each competitors especially Apple Vs Samsung vs Motorola and among others.

Believe me when I say this – Apple don’t easily give up the battle especially in patients war against the other cell phone makers for copying Apple’s invention and Apple is winning the war in patients court against the top cell phone makers and each of them are enemy to each others obviously as that is why they competes each others but until the very recent which is rare thing especially from Apple is to tip their hat to one of the operating system maker for the mobiles, in this case Google.

Google and Apple called it truce.

In the patients battle for Apple Vs Motorola, most of Motorola’s smartphones uses the operating system that Google developed which is Android that is on most of the cell phones in market except Apple themselves. With that in mind that I said Apple never gave up the battle when it comes to someone infringing some of Apple’s patients, but this time Apple decided to do so when Google asked Apple for truces and both agreed with each others that both will drop all the lawsuit in patients cases against each others.

Now that both of Google and Apple made truces with each others and agreed with each others, Google and Apple decided to work with each others in some areas of patient reform meaning that both Google and Apple will work together as a team when it comes to patients against the rest of cell phone makers and any patients that has been infringed although the agreement does not include the cross license meaning that both Google and Apple probably will not be sharing any patients with each others but both Google and Apple will work with each others to make sure that their operating systems IOS and Android patients is very well protected and secured and if they are to be infringed that each others will work with each others in future cases against any of other cell phone makers if they are to infringe either patients filed by Google and Apple individually.

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Am I surprised? Yes I am very surprised because Apple is known to protect their patients at all cost and their patients is their baby, if their baby is harmed (infringed) by someone they are going to do anything to harm back someone worse which in this case Samsung. Apple and Samsung patients suit is still in the battle because of Samsung infringed Apple’s patients, not Google as most of the people thinks. I think it is a good thing that Google and Apple called truce with each others because sometime in some situations the things can be forgiven or be given a second chance which most of the people hardly do.

While I think it’s great that Google and Apple called it truce with each others and work with each others in some areas of patient reforms to protect both of their properties/inventions, now only if all the top cell phone makers call truces with each others and work together too and maybe one of these day with each of the top cell phone maker can invent one cell phone that would take to another whole level in technology that nobody can ever think of but I am positive that is never going to happen though. Apple with Android combined smartphone? That would be a holy grail smartphone and probably most of tech savvy’s dream although there is many of people prefer Apple as so do I but we do have a huge respects for Google’s Android which is a brilliant operating system by the way. If I am not mistaken, there is a smartphone that combine both of operating systems using Microsoft and Android plus Blackberry altogether for one of the smartphone from Blackberry RIM to attempt a big comeback for Blackberry RIM devices when they were struggling to stay afloat because they almost became no longer a maker but their comeback smartphone saved Blackberry RIM company and they are at steady although not at the top as they used to be before Apple invented Iphone.

Before I wrap this up, I would like to hear your opinion about this news that Google and Apple made truce with each others and agreed to work with each others in some areas of patients reform? And if both of them were to make one smartphone together and combine it with IOS and Android would you consider to buy it? Leave a comment below!

Thank you for reading this article and please keep checking back here to see if I am writing another new article which I will be either by tonight or tomorrow if I have a chance to do so. I hope that every one of you be safe wherever all of you are or whatever it is that you are planning on to do tonight! Stay awesome, my friends.

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