Fight at Belfry High School.

I have come across to a video that were uploaded to me by anonymous that recorded the fight at Belfry High School in state of Kentucky in the county of Pike that were quite sickening. Someone has sent me the video of that event and I have decided to add in this post that shows a girl (rather not to include the name) bullied another student in the lunch room, which caught my attention of how poor judgement of the student at Belfry High school that did to the other victim which is another student of Belfry High School.

I often wonder how many times that it had happened with other students who likes to bully others. Because Belfry High School is the school that I graduated from several years ago, if my memory served me right that most of the students that attends or attended to Belfry High School were always peace, grown up and have the hearts unlike this young lady. This video has been posted all over on a social networking website, FaceBook and it was shared by several of people overnight that were complaining about the fact of how this little girl who bullied the victim. It is quite sickening, sadly.

Now I want every one out there, all of you to know that bullying isn’t the nice thing to do because when it come to bullying someone who will show the much of (I couldn’t think of nicer word) immature you are. Also this video on FaceBook had several comments as I was reading, this bully has stated many of times that this will not be the first time that she will bully the same victim as she stated that, in her own words “I will get her again” and that she and many of her own little friends think that it’s very funny and quite frankly, I do not. To any bullies that like to bully other students or anyone else for that matters, must stop now because it isn’t the nice thing to do and that will show how little you are. I am sicken, very sickened of it. Especially this young lady that bullied the victim, how dare you? Really, how dare you? You bullied, all it does is to show how little you are and nothing else. It must stop, enough as it is, there’s too many bullies and we don’t need another one in this world.

Any of you who has been bullied, being the victims. Please don’t feel alone, because sadly there’s several victims out there that has been bullied every day, thousands of people who has been bullied. Don’t be embarrassed by it either, you may got bullied but remember that whoever bullied you is nobody, most of all.. Immature, simply immature. If you ever gets bullied, or going to be bullied by a bully then I beg of you to do not revenge because only the one here will be mature is you, also I beg of you to stand up for yourself by going to the office at your school and immediately inform the office of that person that you think is bullying you or will be bullying you and that will be taken care of, if they did not get punishment for their action then please do know that it’s not all you can do because there’s few of other things you can do and that is justice would be inform the law enforcement about that person that has bullied you and as well be sure to inform the law enforcement that the principle of your school or any staffs in your school did not do anything in justice, so that way both of bully and the staff of your school such as principle or staffs, whichever you informed will get the justice for what they have done to you. My heart goes out for you victims, very much so. Remember, stand up for yourself but not in revenge way but in justice way.

And also, please know that if you need any assistance or help that I advise you to go to counseling or your family and talk about how you feel on to being bullied because it’s always great feelings when you get it out of your mind or chest and please never keep it to yourself because it’s stressful if you do and for you to know that I, myself Joshie that writes this post and president of JoshiesWorld ALWAYS will loan you an ear, I am your friend, I am here and please always remember that. You can always feel free to contact me by going to contact tab on top right of this page which that will send me an e-mail and if you want to chat sometime, feel free to include your user name in that e-mail and I will be gladly to contact you from a messenger, also please be sure to include which messenger you would like me to add you as a friend so that I can be a friend for you. And you can always leave a comment below the post, but remember though that your post in the comment section are public, you may leave a comment regarding to this post and related but if you need me to loan an ear, be a friend and a friend for you to talk then we can do so privately over on one of these messengers. I use all, Yahoo, AIM and MSN. However, I do not and cannot use Skype for rather my private reason.

May God bless you all! Don’t be scared! Stand up for yourself my friend!

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