Feds wants eliminate deaf/hard of hearing housing.

I stumbled upon a article that wrote by Fox News that upsets me more than anything. The title of the article says “Feds try to eliminate housing for the deaf”. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) who granted to pay 2.6 million in funds to build a complex named Apache ASL Trails that has 75 units for deaf and hard of hearing to live in back in 2005 but now they changed their mind and are wanting to force the deaf and hard of hearing residents to move out and be homeless.

Apache ASL Trails is located in Arizona, the senate of R-Ariz are fighting to put a stop in HUD to force the deaf and hard of hearing residents to move out and make them homeless, but HUD are quite powerful especially their lawyers and are willing to be inhumanity because all they care about is for themselves and not anyone who residents in Arizona especially the deaf and hard of hearing. Over five hundred thousands of dollars from state taxpayers and the apartment’s developer has put in to fight HUD, and National Association for the deaf (NAD) has jumped in the action to fight HUD and bought in more lawyers, several people are fighting against HUD to try to put a stop for them from forcing about 69 residents that are deaf and hard of hearing to move out and become homeless. But NAD has told Fox News that HUD attorneys is being ignorant and arrogant for what they are trying to do to deaf and hard of hearing.

My opinion? These people who are trying to force deaf and hard of hearing out and make them homeless is cold-heart, they are being inhumanity. They have no heart, apparently only they care about is their money or to chalk up a “win” for themselves but the reality is that they are making themselves to look more fool and heartless for what they are trying to do. It is quite upsetting, I have no respects for HUD at all and I am supporter of deaf and hard of hearing community because I am one of them, I am hard of hearing but I don’t live in the complex nor Arizona but it put an impact on my heart to see what the world is coming to.

Please read more about it here, because what I have put in here is a sentence but in my own words and I highly suggest you to click this link to article and read fully to understand better because it is not the situation but only a part.

Fox News article: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2013/10/21/feds-try-to-eliminate-housing-for-deaf-at-complex-built-for-hearing-impaired/

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