FaceBook requires separated apps.

FaceBook app for IOS and Android and as well other software for smartphone and tablets are requiring every users to download and install a separate app if you want to chat with your friends that you have on your friends list on FaceBook. Recently FaceBook released an announcement saying that they will start forcing every FaceBook users to download the FaceBook Messenger to chat with your friends because FaceBook says that the chat on FaceBook alone app is being removed from FaceBook app itself only the way you can be able to chat with your friends is you must have FaceBook messenger app for IOS, Android and other softwares to chat with your family and friends now. According to this news source that I was reading few minutes ago says that the reason FaceBook has decide to do this way is to monetize more revenue if using separated apps between FaceBook alone app and FaceBook Messenger.

Here’s the article letting every one who is on FaceBook to know about FaceBook forcing all of its users to download and install FaceBook messenger if they wish to chat with their family or friends: FaceBook Is Forcing All Users To Download Messenger By Ripping Out Of Its Main Apps by TechCrunch.com.

Most of you who use FaceBook usually chat with your family and your friends through the main app FaceBook will be no longer able to chat with your family and your friends unless you download their other app which would be FaceBook Messenger. I know it’s kind of let-down but it’s only choice we have if we want to still chat with our family and our friends and they are doing this way to earn more money by monetizing the revenues through their apps, using more apps by FaceBook means more money goes to their bank. I decided to go ahead and downloaded FaceBook Messenger and installed it on my IOS products such as Iphone and Ipad and so should you for your devices if you still want to chat. In case if you would like to know where to find the app for your IOS or Android you can do so by searching “FaceBook Messenger” in App store through either your Apple devices or for Android you can do so by searching for it through Google Play, or to make it easy for you to find them here are the links for you to download and install them:

IOS (Iphone, Ipad and Ipod): FaceBook Messenger App on IOS (Itunes).
Android: FaceBook Messenger App on Google Play.

Even that FaceBook may be removing the chat from main Facebook app, at least we’re given a choice to still chat with our family and friends but using a separate app FaceBook Messenger! From my view, I do somewhat understand the reason they are separating it and removing chat from the main FaceBook app is to monetize and to help to get accurate stats for users on FaceBook Vs FaceBook Chat and beside it gives advertisers a choice to target their customers more by advertising their company or products through one or two of the apps. For instance, if they are wanting to sell some sort of apps or subscription for something through internet such as news they will advertise them on FaceBook Messenger and if they have products that they want to sell like smartphones, tablets, cars, clothing and among others then they will advertise them on FaceBook alone so this way it give the advertisers a choice of where they want to advertise their products and have a better chance of getting customers but nonetheless it’s more complication this way for some of FaceBook users because they would have to switch constantly to read updates or look at photos and such and then switch back to FaceBook Messenger to chat and they also will make the battery drain faster sadly but again like I said it’s only choice we will have if we want to chat with our family and friends.

I am almost certain that FaceBook also will be adding FaceBook messenger service to WhatsApp messenger if they already haven’t considering that FaceBook has bought WhatsApp for several billions of dollars and I do believe that it would be better if they have it over at WhatsApp messenger app instead of having their own FaceBook Messenger App considering that they own WhatsApp messenger app as well.

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