Facebook Emotions To Replace Like Button.

Past a few months there have been a discussion that were going on around at Facebook headquarter about what to do with the famous Facebook like system that we all know and used that feature on regular basis all around the giant social networking website Facebook. For past few months there were several people who have sent in suggestion to Facebook asking the Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to add dislike button to that system and then filed complaints to Facebook about Mark Zuckerberg for not listening to Facebook users when it comes to Facebook users sending in suggestions for the like system in particular but later on its Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg decided to make an announcement a several months ago stating that he Mark Zuckerberg does not want to add the dislike button to that system because he said that he felt that the dislike button feels like negative as he says that he wants for Facebook to still be positive. A few months later since that announcement Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg made about adding the dislike button is negative but he still want Facebook users to know that he does listen so he made an announcement in the past weeks that they were working on new features that may replace the Facebook famous like buttons to something else to satisfy Facebook users or at least try to so he built new features and released them to only limited numbers of Facebook users for a test to see what outcome the Facebook Mark Zuckerberg himself could get from new replacement for the Facebook like button.

The replacement for the Facebook like has been around for about a month but only to limited numbers of Facebook users, for Facebook employees and some public figures (such as celebrities, journalists and others) to see what is the outcome out of the replacement such as do they like them or dislike them?

Facebook Like Replaced By Emotions

Usually that is how many website founders does, only releasing any new features to a limited numbers of users or to a group that the website owner would like to test them out and have the users to submit feedback to the website owners to let them know whatever the features that the website owner have developed if they are getting positive feedback or negative feedback before making a decision to release any new features to all users because most of the times if the website owners have received the majority of negative feedback then they would either improve them or ditch them but if they decided to improve them then that would means delaying the release to everybody as the website owners want to make sure that the feature they were developing is well liked enough first before releasing them to everybody otherwise they would get out-of-control complaints for a failed product (features). As for Facebook Mark Zuckerberg saying that he will not add dislike button to the system of Facebook because he felt that it’s too negative so he decided to develop a new feature to replace the like buttons with something else, that new feature obviously have received plenty of positive feedback as today or yesterday because Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg have released the replacement for the like button and the replacement of the Facebook famous like button is emotion buttons.

On Facebook under the wall post you could see the number of likes, they are no longer there as it’s replaced with the numbers of each emotions that your family or friends have clicked when reading your Facebook wall post. These emotions are such as Like, Love, Haha, Wow, Sad and Angry. I am sure that you are beginning to notice them by now as they are now available to use for everybody that is registered with Facebook as Mark Zuckerberg released from a group with limited numbers of users to everybody and surprisingly they have received positive feedback from the public on the replacement for the Facebook famous like button. Here is example of the new feature that have replaced the Facebook famous like button.

The Emotions

Click the first image to enlarge and then press right arrow on your keyboard, click the right arrow on the screen with your mouse or slide right on your phone to view them in particular order from the full emotions, like emotion to Angry Emotion and last the Facebook Emotions counts so you can get a better idea of what they all are or what they look like.

To use them you hover your mouse on where it says “Like”, they will appear with six different emotions for you to select to show your feelings toward the wall post made by a member of your family or one of your friends and once they are selected it will show the numbers of what emotion that was used for their wall post. The like button with a thumb-up is still being shown for anyone to know where to press and select one of these emotion of however you feel towards that person’s wall post. Here is a video example of the new Facebook emotions button below that replaced the famous Facebook like button.


I admit that I actually like the new feature that’s being replaced the like button because it gives me more options to show how I feel or what I think of the person’s wall post that I have read. Because if someone made a wall post saying that one of their cat have passed away and pressing like doesn’t make any sense because it can be misinterpreted as even my reason of pressing the like button on that person’s wall post about one of their cat passing is to let that person know that I like that post out of sympathy but that still doesn’t make sense doesn’t it? So these replacement is perfect way of letting that person’s wall post to know your reaction after you have read that person’s wall post, such as I read that wall post where someone said that one of their cat have passed away so of course the emotion I would use is sad so that make more sense instead of giving a thumb-up like button right? But I still that these six emotions are just the beginning of the new feature for the wall post to show my reaction for that person’s wall post because there are one or two things that I have noticed and that there is no “Dislike” or even “Hate” emotion but when Facebook was in progress of developing that feature Mark Zuckerberg have repeatedly said that he doesn’t want to have anything negative there which that includes the emotion of Hate, Dislike or any other negative emotions so in other words we are even lucky to have the “Angry” button.

Even with Mark Zuckerberg have said that he does not want to add anything negative to Facebook, I still hope that someday that Mark Zuckerberg would change his mind and give Facebook users what they have asked for many years — Dislike. I recall that Mark Zuckerberg have said that both sad and angry emotions is the dislike one but with nicer wording I guess. Nonetheless I am digging the new features that replaced the Facebook like button and in my humble opinion is that it is about the time because nothing can stay old forever.

Over To You

I would love to hear some of your thoughts on the new feature, the replacement for the Facebook famous like button in the comment below here and what would you like to see to be added to the new emotions feature. I am looking forward to hear some of your thoughts on the new feature that Facebook has for all of us in the comments!

Joshua “Joshie” Sullivan.

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