Ethics: Color Me White.

The other day I decided to tune in a news channel on my television to see the latest current events and to see if there is anything new going on in politics especially the United States or the world too. Almost all the news that I caught on the television the other day isn’t so new to me especially with the debates going on for the presidential candidates which is something that I am rarely interested of and then finally there was news that caught my attention after being annoyingly patient watching almost an hour of the news because sometimes I don’t want to miss anything out as I realizes that sometimes when I started watching some news in the beginning that there weren’t anything interesting enough for me to the point that I changed the channel unknowingly that there would be some interesting news on the way within’ few minutes after watching the beginning of the news on television. The news that caught my attention was that the University of Missouri got the students protesting against the University of Missouri because they have radical problems going on around at the University of Missouri campus with their administration especially the systems president Tim Wolfe I believe where the students are saying that there have been some racist incidents going on around in the University of Missouri campus and the racist incidents are being ignored by the administration at University of Missouri which ignited the angry in the students that attends the University of Missouri.

From the start of the protest, numbers of University of Missouri black players decided to protest against the University of Missouri by refusing to show up at their practice and refusing to play football games so if nothing solves by then we won’t be seeing University of Missouri upcoming game and possibly the next few games until the University of Missouri meets the protester demands.

The University of Missouri protesters are demanding:

  1. Tim Wolfe must acknowledge his white male privilege, recognize that systems of oppression exist, and provide a verbal commitment to fulfilling Concerned Student 1-9-5-­0 demands.
  2. A new amendment to the UM system policies must be established to have all future UM system president and Chancellor positions be selected by a collective of students, staff, and faculty of diverse backgrounds.
  3. We demand that the University of Missouri meets the Legion of Black Collegians’ demands that were presented in the 1969 for the betterment of the black community.
  4. We demand that the University of Missouri creates and enforces comprehensive racial awareness and inclusion curriculum throughout all campus departments and units, mandatory for all students, faculty, staff and administration. This curriculum must be vetted, maintained, and overseen by a board comprised of students, staff and faculty of color.
  5. We demand that by the academic year 2017-18, the University of Missouri increases the percentage of black faculty and staff members campus-wide by 10 percent.
  6. We demand that the University of Missouri composes a strategic 10-year plan on May, 1 2016 that will increase retention rates for marginalized students, sustain diversity curriculum and training, and promote a more safe and inclusive campus.
  7. We demand that the University of Missouri increases funding and resources for the University of Missouri Counseling Center for the purpose of hiring additional mental health professionals, particularly those of color, boosting mental health outreach and programming across campus, increasing campus-wide awareness and visibility of the counseling center, and reducing lengthy wait times for prospective clients.
  8. We demand that the University of Missouri increases funding, resources and personnel for the social justice centers on campus for the purpose of hiring additional professionals, particularly those of color, boosting outreach and programming across campus and increasing campus-wide awareness and visibility.

Some people is saying that the list of demands that the University of Missouri students are demanding is absurd so that gives me a bit of idea on the University of Missouri administration attitudes which is selfish. Although the protesters successfully forced the University of Missouri President Tim Wolfe to resign but the board members that manages few of universities/colleges in Missouri isn’t willing to listen to the students. The University of Missouri students who protests says that they are tired of how the administration in University of Missouri handles the racist incidents such as swastika was drawn with human feces at a university residence hall at University of Missouri and one incident was when members of the Legion of Black Collegians were called the “N” word while rehearsing for their homecoming at the University of Missouri but the University of Missouri administration did nothing about these incidents so that angered them along with many more racist incidents that were poorly handled by the administration.

The University of Missouri have 77% white students, 7% black students and full-time employees are about 7%-10% black while about 75%-90% white. The University of Missouri do have more white than black in ethics obviously due to the stats but the problem is that it’s how the administration at University of Missouri handles the racist incidents, while the black students protests against the university some of other ethics such as Asians, Mexicans and other colors including some white joins the protest to support which I applause them for that. So far at this moment they are still fighting to get what they demands for the University of Missouri while the administration isn’t taking them too serious as they should be because what they forget is the students have more powers than they ever will do at the University of Missouri. By power I mean if they are not getting anything that is fair to the students then they can destroy their reputation by leaving and bringing down many enrollment but I doubt that the administration is smart enough to realize that though.

You can read some news on the University of Missouri protests using Google News: Click here for the news.

Color Me White

Now I wasn’t wanting to write about the University of Missouri in the first place because I had the other thing in mind but I decided to write a bit about that because they are what made me think about something that I am wanting to blog about so here it is. For the past few years I have seen few movies or television shows where they would have some signs saying “colored only” or similar especially in the world war two (WWII) era or few years after that war era where the people are divided by their ethics between the black and white that the black became slaves to the white people. Made me think after seeing some places with that signs up where they have divided areas for the black people only then the white people only which that makes no sense whatsoever to me because why did the black people had to be the slaves and not the white people? Both of them are same, human beings and the only difference between both is the colors of their skins. Why did the black people were labeled “colored people” and the white isn’t labeled “colored” considering that the white is one of many different colors too? I am white myself, if you call black people colored then I am colored too, just that I am colored white and others are colored dark. I know that the slavery started in 1619 by British then United States declared independent country and they continued with that idea from the British which that baffle me sometimes.

Obviously whoever came up with the idea of slavery were so dumb to call them colored while the color white is one of colors too and that certainly explains the stupidity of the person who started slavery ideology. Glad I wasn’t born at that era although at the same time I do wish I was so I could try to do something about that but nonetheless I am absolutely embarrassed of my ethic for starting the slavery and in my heart I am so sorry for that. I am ashamed, I always have been and always will be the supporter in ending racists because in my opinion – Enough is enough and I mean seriously.

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