Education is it that important?

EducationHey guys, how are every one of you doing? Doing anything that’s fun lately have you? I am doing just fine, just very busy lately and sometimes it’s no fun when it comes being busy although there are some fun in being busy depending on what you are doing that makes you busy but busy isn’t always fun. I have done a lot of searching lately while at same time trying to reach out for some help through social media because I need some of the ideas to write about something or on something but I have nothing and I am assuming that everybody else couldn’t come up with some of the ideas for me to write about something or on something for today’s article or they didn’t see my help message through social media asking for some help. It’s getting harder to come up with something to write an article about something or on something that it’s not even funny anymore because it’s very stressful for me and I have thought lately that it is possible that I will be taking a bit break of blogging for at least a week at the most so to see if that helps me to come up with some of the ideas to write about in the next article unless any one of you would help me by giving me some ideas on what to write about or on in the next article. So if you don’t see me writing an article all week then it is because I am taking a break from blogging so that to see if that would help me with coming up with some ideas for me to blog about here unless I have somebody suggesting some ideas for me and I hope that you understand that I might be taking a week break so to see if that will help me to come up with some new ideas or maybe to improve my creativity in writing.

This article might not going to be much interesting to read because I am struggling more than ever so I may start mumbles here and there but if I do then forgive me. Nonetheless for today’s article I am going to share my opinion so keep this in mind that everyone might have different opinion than mine including yours.

Education Is It That Important?

Obviously it is extremely important to have the education, that is the reasons that there are many schools and colleges for everyone to get some education so that everyone would be ready for themselves in this world especially when it comes to jobs or other. That’s why everybody has the brains so to learn in classes about many of things such as science, history, languages, math and among others so to know about something otherwise they would have difficult time if they are being independent. While I encourage every child on this earth to get some education through schooling but sometimes I think the schools are pointless to get some education and I believe that the skills are more important than education although everyone would have to be educated to learn on how to build some skills for something. It’s almost pointless that the people has to go to college because the career they want requires a degree so they must go to college so to get a degree for them to be accepted at some jobs that they dreamed of doing but I honestly don’t see the importance in having to attend to college to get some education so to get a degree saying that they have passed certain education the jobs requires because what about their skills? Or experiences? If they have the skills or experiences in doing something that they like doing then that’s necessarily enough to be accepted into somewhere to work that they have the skills for, it would be cheaper if the jobs hires the people who has the skills or experiences for a week or so to prove that they have the skills or experiences that the companies requires.

High school diploma, GED, universities or colleges degree is just a piece of paper stating that they have graduated from the school they attended and that they are properly educated to know what they are required to do that the businesses needs them. I can understand the importance of attending to elementary, middle and high schools because it educates the students so that they have the knowledge in something that prepares them for the real world but I don’t see the importance further than that. Education is about learning in different things so they can be aware of something that has happened or is happening but building some skills or gaining the experiences is more important than getting an education because after all it is the skills or experiences that often makes them successful doing something for their career. I attended elementary school, middle school, high school and I went to a college but then I decided to drop out because I don’t see why it’s important of attending college just for education when I already know what they educate so it was pointless. Again it’s just a piece of paper where it says they have graduated in something so I already have the skills or experiences that I needed to be doing something for my career so it wasn’t necessary for me to get education from college because skills or experiences are greater than the education in my opinion.

Nonetheless the technology here in the United States is so advanced that it would be cheaper, in fact free to get some education by learning something of the internet because whatever the education teachers are going to teach you is on the internet so if these education are already on the internet then you may as well take it while it is lying around on the internet and beside it saves your gas or expensive books that you can easily get for completely free from the internet. So in a way the education is just all for money, money for your education while these education are on the internet at no cost at all that the teachers are copying and pasting to you all in classes by memorizing them then tell you what the teachers read off the internet. The difference for me in between the schools and the internet is that I was extremely surprised that I could learn a lot more from the internet than any kinds of educations that I get from all throughout the years of schools I was in. And besides sometimes at some schools their education are outdated because some schools uses old books when the internet has a lot more new information added to them. Sure if I haven’t dropped out of college then I would have a degree for web designs & multimedia that would help me to get hired quicker but then I realized that I would make a lot more money if I own a business that I have the skills for than to work for somebody so I now own a few businesses that I enjoy managing myself.

You can learn a lot more by using a search engines websites like than you would from schools that gives education, I learned a lot more than I have ever in all of schools I went to I admits and I think getting education using internet is more valuable than the education from schools because the internet has full databases of information that no schools has unless you use the internet on their computers at schools. I will say that it’s still important to get an education through elementary, middle and high schools but I see no reasons in universities or colleges though. That is my opinion as I am sure that there would be a lot of agreeing and disagreeing too but that’s my opinion though and if you want to share your opinion then feel free to leave a comment below!

Thank you very much for reading this article and be sure to keep checking back to see if I am writing another article which I will try to write an article in a couple of days only if I can find or heard something that is interesting enough for me to write about or on but if you have any ideas for me to write in the next article then please click here to submit your ideas so I can finally have something to write about or on, I would greatly appreciate them! I hope that all of you have a great night and be safe wherever you all are at or whatever it is that you are planning on to do for the night, stay awesome my friends!

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