Dear President-Elect Donald Trump

Dear President-Elect Donald Trump.

I have thought for several hours on whether I should bother to write this or not but I have decided that a few important matters cannot be as easily dismissed so I have decided to write this public letter to you, President-Elect Donald Trump. Before I can begin, I would like to say that you may or may not acknowledge that I am not a fan of you being one of candidates for presidency here the United States and on my conscience I could not simply vote you to become the next President of the United States. I am one of millions who have voted Hillary Clinton to become the 45th President of the United States, while you understand that I have the right to vote whomever I feel that the person would be better at presidency than any other candidates including yourself but unfortunately Hillary Clinton could not get enough electoral votes. Though the candidate I voted for may have lost the presidency does not means that I would not accept that you have won the presidency, I humbly accept you to be the next President of the United States and I am looking forward to what you can do for the Americans. The reason I rooted and voted for Hillary Clinton is because I am a Democrat but if I was a Republican then you would have been my choice but I share the interests and ideology more with the Democratic party than I am with Republican party though. Nonetheless I would like to congratulate you on your win for presidency here in the United States, I hope that what you said throughout your campaign that you want the government to be for, of and by the people instead of for the, of and by the business or corporations which is what Republicans are known for in my opinion but I hope that you prove me wrong with that as I am giving you a chance.

We the people are more important than corporations, business and the elitism that you are known for in the pubic eyes. I congratulate that you have a such success in your business but let’s not forget that if it weren’t for the people you would not of have that success.

You may be known for brilliantly operating a business for a several decades in the name of yours, Trump especially in the real estate and hotels but once you have built that business of yours who do you rely on for your business growth over decades? People by renting apartments, rooms and others with their money so your business success are from the people so be sure to thank the people for your business growth from time to time. You could have built a several buildings and if nobody would’ve buys or rents them then you would have easily wasted millions of dollars but that never happened due to the people buying your business. My point here is that in a way you wouldn’t be where you are at if it weren’t for the people whether it be Americans or the foreign along with immigrants that you strongly want to send some of the people back to their countries that buys your business so how irony is that for you? So as your presidency, what you should focus on the most is to make America great again for the people and not for the corporations or business. Surely you can do some for the corporations or business by bringing in some jobs for the people here in the United States but human beings are more important and I am sure that you can agree with that.

Don’t be a Democrat nor be a Republican and you can make the American great again the way that every one of us dream for. Fairness and equality is something that you need to think about. What I am referring to is that by lowering the tax plan for the corporations or business from 35% to 15% isn’t fair comparing to millions of people here in the United States pays the taxes for. It’s the people in that 99% who needs the most help with more than the 1% including yourself unfortunately but that is what I am looking forward to see that you change that mentality that you are with us more than that %1 you are in for several decades.

Let me to summarize who I am a bit to you, I am twenty-nine years old from east part of Kentucky here in Pike County which is considered one of the largest county of all counties in the state of Kentucky (I was born in Williamson, Wv but never lived there, I lived in Pike County, Ky all my life) and I graduated in the year of 2005 with GPA 3.7 along with no tardiness. I am Deaf and a wheelchair-bound, if you prefer me to be more technical than I am hard of hearing, in wheelchair, dwarfism so I am multi-disabled but I don’t look at myself like that as I am culturally Deaf who happens to be a little person and is wheelchair-bound. Yes, that means my native language is American Sign Language which is a language that the United State recognizes and I take pride in that fact that United States recognize so. We have over a million Deaf people here in the United State so imagine how many of us were insulted and offended by you calling Marlee Matlin retard or making fun of the New York Time reporter who happens to have Arthrogryposis which that made you sound as if we are not the people too which we are. Nonetheless I suggest that the next time that you talk about the people with disability, when it comes to the Deaf people I ask that you show some respect and we will show the same as the respect is two ways.

If you’d like, you can learn a bit more about me by visiting about me page on here:

Now once you take an oath in January 20 to become the 45th President of the United States, there are a few of things that I would like for you to do for all of us Deaf people as the President of the United States.

National Association of the Deaf:
Communication Service for the Deaf:

As for yourself:

These are a few of things that I can think at the top of my head, there are several more that I can share about what it is need to be done for the Deaf community. You have over a million Deaf and Hard of Hearing people who is Americans that you are president of, if you do some or all of these I have shared with you and more then you would possibly be the president who truly make the American great again for all the people regardless their backgrounds whether it be people who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing or people with disabilities and the people with no disabilities since the president Richard Nixon with Rehabilitation Act of 1973 or strengthened yet outdated Americans with Disabilities Act in 1990 by George W. H. Bush and you can be the one to modernize it by either updating it and strengthen it as the outdated one is now weakened. I sincerely hope that you take this in consideration and help us as we are now your people since you are to be our president. We ask you to help us and we hope that you will.

Congratulation on being President-Elect, Donald Trump and I wish you nothing but the best for you in your first four years term. Show us that you care about us as I am giving you a chance, not just us Deaf people but every one here in the United States regardless what is their backgrounds. Please also tell your running mate, Vice President-Elect Mike Pence I congratulates him becoming the vice president of the United States as well. Again I wish you and your family the best. Feel free to contact me through my social media which I will provide the link below or use the e-mail form by going to the contact page at the top of the website to contact me privately.

Joshua “Joshie” Sullivan.

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