Contact me with two choices, E-mail or Mail!

If you rather to send a mail instead of electronically send a mail then you may do so if you wish to, here is the address for you to send some of the mail to and please double-check that you write right mailing address as sometime some of the people mistaken for sending the mail to wrong addresses as there are many of similar mailing addresses as the one being provided below.

P.O. Box 649
Belfry, KY 41514.

Thank you very much for either sending me an e-mail or a mail whichever you preferred and I will read every one’s e-mail or mail and if any of them needs a response then they will be responded but please be patient to get some response which should be at least a day or two business days after the day of e-mail or mail was sent. As goes for sending a mail from you will be sent by USPS (Postal Office) and they accept most of any type or sizes in mail so be sure to take your mail to your local USPS for approval to be sent and please note that the mailing address is not a location or emergency address because the mailing address is at postal office at USPS and if some of the mail is bigger than usual then my local USPS ships them to my door here mostly at no cost although you will have to pay some stamps or a fee at USPS or any shipping company for your mail to be shipped of course.

If you are sending physical mail please send me an e-mail using the contact form above to let me know that you are sending physical mail because often I will not open junk mails so if you are sending mail then let me know with your name so I can look for to not consider them some junk mails.

Or you can contact me through social media instead:

Click here for the complete list of my social media accounts that you can reach out.