Comments Spammers Idiots!

I know how frustrating it is to being a blogger who have to handle hundreds if not thousands of spams in the comments section which it can get way overwhelming sometimes, it is one of downside for being a blogger because you would always want to make sure that no spammers gets by you with sneaking in commenting your blogs with some of the comments that seems to be not a spam so that can fool our anti-spam machine that we have installed our blogs such as Akismet or other spams blocker plugins. Even the spammers don’t only be able to fool the anti-spam machines, they are able to somehow get through the recaptcha machine which is hosted by the number one search engines Google and it makes it even more frustrating for some of us as bloggers. If some of you think that these spammed comments are actually being posted by the visitors on your article/post then you are mistaken because someone have built a brilliant software that allows the people to send out spammed comments to multiply blogs at once including mine, yours and many of other bloggers.

If you are wondering what is the name of the software so that you can do a search engine up on it to get an idea of what is the software I am talking about, it is a automate software that do the job where they are able to send comments or pings to thousands of blogs websites at once but before I am going to tell you all the name of the software I ask that all of you not to consider paying for the software or download the software for out of respects for all of bloggers like me or even yourself. The software is called ScrapeBox which is a paid software, obviously the programmer or founder of ScrapeBox is making serious dough as it seems because that software is now a very well-known software for hardcore spammers or even some of the bloggers.

Comments Spammers Are Idiots!

These people who like to spam the heck out of some good bloggers are idiots, yes you are reading it right that I am personally calling them idiots. Why not, can’t I call them that? I am sure that there are hundreds if not thousands bloggers would agree with me for my saying so because they truly are, for giving us some hard time with controlling our comments so that our readers wouldn’t have to read any spams on our blogs or even worse it would send some of our readers to some links that spammers leaves in our comments section to some websites or such that would record their activities using their computers such as getting their information especially with their username and their password for some of the websites that they visits regularly. Some of the bloggers like me who truly care about our readers have done more than working hard to not harm our readers in any way, surely some beginners who have started blogging for a bit now probably be thinking funny because they would say that there’s a button to remove all spammed comments at once and the answer to that is yes there is a button to remove all spammed comments at once but what you don’t realize or may not notice is that sometimes some of the comments that are not spams somehow gets in the spams box so we would have to read every bit of comments in spams to make sure that all of comments in there are actually spams.

Thanks to the programmers of scrapebox software, because of that software it is making our job as blogger a bit difficult and not only that what some don’t realize is that the bloggers aren’t the only ones who has problems because in the end the spammers will have the ultimate payback for doing so. What, how? Those spammers obviously didn’t realize that spamming links of their beloved websites could be taking a big hit by search engines as I am typing this and no by “big hit” I didn’t mean that in a good way because I mean that search engines are adding their websites to their blacklist. Blacklist is what search engines especially Google refers to the list of websites that they seen their websites being heavily spammed which it would results of their websites removed from some if not all search engines and that would prevent their website’s growth. The search engines, Google in particular are very smart when it comes to finding out what are being spammed or what is not being spammed and not only that if you are spamming links for your websites Google would not only blacklist your websites – your revenues through Google too by using their advertising programs (Adsense).

I understand that some of you are looking for some way to advertise your websites at low-cost or no cost at all but spamming isn’t the best way to go because if you choose to do that then you would practically advertise your websites for nothing since in the end your websites would be blacklisted by search engines and possibly your accounts with some publishing for revenues company. Spamming links to your websites through social media every second is not the way to advertise just because they are almost at no cost as there are other ways to advertise at no cost or low-cost such as if you have blogs then publish your blog posts on your social networking profiles on regular basis, every new post/article you wrote and then publish it to all of your social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google Blogger, Google+ etc. I would recommend 2-3 times a day, only one link to each social networking websites because if you post more than one or two links at a time then they would consider them spams.

Believe me that some of well-known bloggers like myself would be more than happy to lend a hand to help out some of you new bloggers out with getting yourself known in blogosphere only if the spammers would at least have an ounce of respects for us bloggers because then who knows maybe the comments may get more accepting especially if a commenter ask us with a respect to showcase their websites by posting at least one link. I doubt that would happen because the spammers often thinks the spamming way is a quick way to get their websites some attention when it is also a quick way to kill their websites by having their websites blacklisted from all of search engines which believe me you don’t want that to happen because from what I’ve seen they aren’t very forgiving when it comes to begging for them to be removed from their blacklists.

As for myself I am obviously tired of every time checking up here which is almost hourly if not every two hours to only find out that I have thousands of spams waiting to be cleaned out which that gives me a bit of hard time trying to find the ones that aren’t spams so to give the commenters a chance to engage in the comments section with myself and other commenters. Now for some of you bloggers who are having hard time with spams wondering if there is a way to take care of the spams, my answer is sadly no that there aren’t but there are an option though and that is to disable the comments section then you would not have to deal with spammers daily. If you have recently became a blogger that have just started getting ten to twenty spams a day then I wish you a very best luck because the more growth your websites get the more spams you will be getting and that will get very annoying but only sometime you will get used to making sure that the spams aren’t posted in public which this is why I always have them approvals so that they won’t be posted in public automatically for my readers safety.

Even though that there is no way to completely stop the spams, there are a way to at least bring it a notch down by making sure that you have the right tools which is Akismet and Google’s ReCaptcha. They will not stop spammers at all but it will definitely slow them down a bit though which can be helpful sometimes. You want to stop spammers? Kill ScrapeBox as that software is doing all the job for thousands of people. For your luck of killing scrapebox is zero, there have been a few of people who tried but never succeed so good luck!

Nonetheless I am very tired of spams, you all spammers are bringing me nothing but headaches so thanks for that but at least please have an ounce of respect for some of us bloggers because you aren’t only one who are spamming the heck out of our blogs comments so imagine if you will. Thank you very much for reading this post, sure this may be somewhat a rant post but same time with my opinions. If you have issues with spammers then feel free to share your frustrations with me or some of other bloggers in the comment below. I hope that all of you have a great evening and that all of you are safe wherever you all are at or whatever it is that you all are planning on to do for the night, stay awesome my friends!

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– Joshie.

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