Club for ATV, SXS and Dirt Bike.

On memorial day I have decided to found a club for all the people love to go trails riding with their toys such as ATV, SXS (Side By Side) and dirt bikes. For some weeks I have been in discussion with only very a few of the people about a name for the club until I came to the name that I thought it would be a good name for the club especially trying to come up with the name of the club that would be meaningful and suits all of riders because in the beginning of going over the name for the club all of riders were in mind. Finally I have come up with the name of the club which I have announced when I made an announcement over on social media that I have founded a club for all the riders because in this area and several miles radius has no club for the trails riders. By areas I mean both Pike County in Kentucky and Mingo County in West Virginia specifically but there are more than both of these counties though. When I came up with the name for the club, since I am web developer I decided to secretly started building a club website for whoever would like to join the club and on the day when I announced that I have founded the club I also launched the club website as well so to have everything ready.

I am excited about it but even that I am founder of the club, I would like for everybody that decide to join the club or planning on to join the club after reading this article that I’d like for all of members including myself in the club are equally and that when I found the club it means all the members of the club also are the one who started the club. Surely I will be known as the founder but I’d like to be known as a member of the club just like every else who is members of the club so I’d appreciate it as I am always a fan of equality.

Club For ATV, SXS and Dirt Bikes

Nonetheless that being said, the name of the club is Appalachian Crawlers Club and the website is or AppalachianCrawlers.Club but will be redirected to though. Now this is where I will be talking about the meaning of the club’s name or why did I choose to go with that name for the club and before I start talking about the name of the club I came up with the name of the club with all of you who loves to ride the trails (hence trails riding) in mind. In some states such as Kentucky, West Virginia, Ohio, North Carolina, South Carolina and others, these mountains we have are called Appalachian. In some other states they are just mountains but in these states that I mentioned are seen as Appalachian and what are the common thing in Appalachian (mountain)? Night crawlers which is a worm that crawls all over in Appalachian so we as the riders are crawlers because we crawl through the Appalachian (mountain) with our toys. Absolutely make sense doesn’t it? I thought so too, then to make it official and put the club in the name so in final it is Appalachian Crawlers Club.

When I came up with the name in secretly with some of other names for the club, everyone picked that name out of all and Appalachian Crawlers Club was chosen. Ever since I have announced in public on the memorial day that I have founded a club called Appalachian Crawlers Club, so far it seems that everybody likes the name and I am actually relieved with that because I was worried that there may be some of the people who wouldn’t like it but I was turned out wrong.

Now every one of you who resides in such areas as Belfry Ky, Pikeville Ky, Sidney Ky, Stone Ky, Forest Hill Ky, Turkey Creek Ky, Varney Ky, Blackberry Ky, Goody Ky, Aflex Ky, Charleston Wv, Huntington Wv, Williamson Wv, Delbarton Wv, Matewan Wv, Gilbert Wv, Red Jacket Wv, Varney Wv and few more then I am more than happy to invite you all to join Appalachian Crawlers Club. It would be very awesome if you would be interested in joining the club because we need all help we can get by increasing numbers of members in the club (the more the merrier) and would be greatly appreciate if you also let your friends or family to know about the club so that they can join the club as well so every one of us can ride together as a club all over in Appalachian mountain proudly. To join the club please register an account at and also feel free to look around on the club website as well as it has a lot of things to offer to all of members. On the club website we will be adding more of features and change the club website as we go so in time the club website should have everything that suits the club members.

At the moment I am in contact with a designer who I will be hiring to do the branding work where the designer will create the club’s logo that will present the club and to be used on many of things such as appeals, stickers, hats and others. Right now the club is squeaky new so let’s get it dirty by recruiting our friends or family to join the club. In short time once we have start bringing in members to the club, we will be planning the first club trail trip to christen the club and have fun at same time. If you have any ideas for the club then please do share as I’d love to hear your ideas and to share them you may do so by creating a topic at the club website but if you aren’t interested to be a member of the club but has some ideas then you feel free to leave a comment below this article.

Thank you for your time reading this post, I apologize that this post isn’t what I usually write such as technology, politics, reviews or others as this is only an announcement but again JoshiesWorld was for all of my thoughts or what I feel like saying. I hope that all of you have a great night and be safe wherever all of you are at or be safe while doing whatever it is that all of you are planning on to do for tonight. Stay awesome my friends and looking forward to have some friends in the club. Oh I forgot to mention I am also looking for voluntarily staffs who is willing to be a part of the club and aid me with the club (not on-website but planning, ideas, public relations etc). Feel free to share this article with all of your friends or family to help to get the club known to more people and share this article to your social media accounts would be very helpful (social media buttons at the top underneath the title of the post).

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– Joshie.

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