Cigars and tidbits 3!


Before I will start typing this article out I would like to say that I apologize that I have not wrote an article a couple of days ago as I planned to but then there was a problem occurred and that would be my keyboard stopped working properly. I was going to have to wait for a week or so until I get a new keyboard because I will have to order the keyboard that I like that isn’t in the store and beside only closest store here would be Wal-Mart so they don’t sell good keyboards. When it comes to keyboards I am very picky because I only want a keyboard that has great looking design along with multimedia and gaming functions/buttons which almost never sells in Wal-Mart so I have to buy them online. Already got a couple of keyboards that I am debating on which I should buy, Razer Deathstalker Ultimate for $249.99 or Logitech G19S for $199.99 (I will show pictures of both keyboards below) although I am leaning to Razer Deathstalker more because of its design and mechanical are wild but offers a little more than Logitech G19S has but a bit more expensive. I realized that it would take about a week or so for a keyboard to be shipped here so I decided to get a temporary keyboard that costs me almost nothing which thanks to my mother, she decided to get me a temporary keyboard without me knowing from Big Lots so I can continue using my computer until I get the keyboard that I need because I cannot go without using the computer for a week as I have work and things to do that and beside they don’t work themselves but I wish they do so to give me a break now and then!


Alright! For today I am writing somewhat another tidbits here and if some of you don’t know what tidbits means then tidbits means that a bit of everything, more topics into one instead just one topic. I have written two tidbits which you can find them here by doing a search on the top of this website to find both tidbits articles and this is the third tidbits article so I hope that you enjoy this tidbits as I know some of you do the first and second tidbits I have done. Please keep in that mind the tidbits can get a bit long due to many topics at once instead of writing an article per topic so I will try my best as possible to keep this little but every time I start typing while thinking at same time I tend to not being able to stop writing which that may happen again here for the third tidbits and if that happens then please forgive me.

Cigars and tidbits 3!

There are some of the people who likes to smoke a cigar, I am one of them and no I am not talking about these machine-made cigars from gas stations or local stores like Swiss and other brands because I am talking about the high-end cigars that’s hand-made in Dominican or Cuban premium cigars like Arturo Fuente or Cohiba. I am sure that some of the people are going to think that they are illegal to buy in United States and my answer is absolutely not, especially not Dominican Republic and beside often Cuba would label Dominican Republic so they can get through United States. In case if you don’t know why they are illegal because the United States trade embargo with Cuba by John F. Kennedy but I think they should repeal to allow trades between United States and Cuba so that everybody in United States wouldn’t have hard time trying to get their cigars and Cuba wouldn’t have hard time selling their cigars to the citizens in United States because everybody loves Cuban cigars especially me.

These hand-made cigars are a lot different from the cigars that can be bought from gas stations or local stores like Swisses and other brands because they are made through machines using some kinds of chemicals while Cuban cigars are made straight out of leafs that they grew over in Cuba or Dominican Republic where they will grow cigars tobaccos then they will roll them with their grown leafs. They are very expensive cigars because high rated cigars costs in range of $10 to $30 dollars and they definitely worth the price, they taste delicious and smoother than machine-made cigars and did I say they are delicious?! Dominican cigars are somewhat hard to find because there aren’t many stores that sells them but anybody can buy cigars online which I do all the time. The closest cigars shop would be about five to six hours drive from here which that would be in Tennessee in Gatlinburg so obviously I can’t go there every time I run out of cigars or in need cigars so I always buy boxes of cigars from a cigars shop that has online store to sell cigars from their store and if you would like to know where to buy the premium cigars there is a few cigars online store to choose but only one I trust which I am a loyal customer of theirs since I order many times and never had a problem with them so I recommend ThompsonCigar store.

They sell many different brands and cigars for you to choose, and cigars aficionado like myself appreciates a cigars shop that take a care of the cigars regularly by using their own humidor room that keeps them from being dried because drying cigars are very nasty. If you would like to join the cigars world and try out some hand-made high-end premium cigars I would recommend some Arturo Fuente which they are my favorite brand and Cohiba is excellent too, or Ashton and Padron. They comes in different sizes so it depends on which one that you are comfortable with and like the best so I suggests that you buy a single cigar of different sizes to try them to get an idea of which size you like the best. I love smoking cigars because they are delicious, in fact a regulation that calls cigars the foods instead of tobaccos which makes more sense because you don’t smoke them you would cigarettes as you would have to take a care of them when storing cigars in your humidor boxes with right temperatures and when you are in mood for some cigars then you would grab one out and puff them but don’t inhale because cigars aren’t meant to inhale as they are meant to taste like you would a lollypop. I usually like smoking a cigar when I am outdoor or in a relaxing mood or being surrounded with family and friends and if you have extra cigars with you then share one with your family or friends because then that would light up your mood, even they are expensive but there is reason for that because they are so darned good! If you would like to become cigars aficionado and learn more about cigars then I would recommend you to check this website out¬† which is full with information along with a forum to join to engage with other cigars aficionado including myself.

If you buy some cigars then you are going to have to buy a cigar cutter which I recommends Xikar Xi3 cutters which can be found at their company website and while you are at it, be sure to get the lighters too because it gives you the difference in taste when it comes to lighting up a cigar with different sources of fire such as regular lighter, torch or matches and most of the cigars aficionado prefer specific matches or torch lighters. Xikar website is

Snake on YouTube!

I was puzzled when I found out that YouTube has snake game especially in-video because I was watching some videos and then out of boredom I kept pressing the arrows on my keyboard (left, right, up and down) then out of blue I noticed a line moving but I kept thinking that it was just a new progressing bar to let you know that the videos on YouTube are buffering and after a few seconds I noticed the line again but this time I pressed the arrows buttons (left, right, down and up) and immediately recognized that they have the snake game built-in so then I played the game where I go after the dots which makes the snake or a line longer and longer. I am going to record a video myself to show you what the snake game looks like on YouTube videos and I researched that it says they would only works with certain browsers that installed the latest version of players such as adobe and few of other necessary plugins that comes with your internet browser.

After watching the video I have recorded playing the snake game on YouTube, now I bet that some of you are wanting to play it too don’t you?! Fine, I will tell you how to get the snake game on the YouTube. Please note that some of the browsers may not support this but if you have updated video players plugins such as adobe and others then it is possible that you can play the game, pick any videos on YouTube and then click on the video with your mouse to stop the video and then click it again which it will resume the video and then press right, down, up and left arrows on your keyboard repeatedly until you see a line starts moving and then use the left, right, up and down arrows buttons to play the snake game and go after the dots.

Mountain Dew new bottles.

A couple of days ago when I went to Wal-Mart to get a couple of things then I came across a shelf that has a new Mountain Dew bottles that caught my attention that has same looks as some of the beers bottles like Miller and others but the Mountain Dew bottles has an awesome feature that are temperature that lets you know how cold they are! They are on sales so if you want some of them then go to Wal-Mart and buy two for two dollars, they have Mountain Dew and diet Mountain Dew and I think I like them better than the cans as I don’t usually like any bottled drinks because of the difference in taste and I like my drinks in the cans!

 Microsoft fires employes, shut down Xbox Studio.

Microsoft has made some announcements recently that Bill Gates are no longer the big guy of Microsoft and the big guy of Microsoft is now Satya Nadella which is probably a bad move because the results in replacing Bill Gates are already awful. Microsoft CEO has said that they will be shutting down Xbox Studio, firing half of Nokia employes and possibility of putting Nokia out of the business and not only that Microsoft will start laying off up to 18,000 employees – Ouch! They have said that Microsoft laying many thousands of employes will be considered the largest employes layoff in the history, literally and said that because he wants to re-engineer the company along with some of other reasons but I believe that is obviously a bad move especially Microsoft new CEO knows that they are marking the history of the most employees layoff yet he likes it.

So any of you who works for Microsoft, Nokia and the other companies that are under Microsoft must prepare for that to happen and be sure to go ahead and look for some jobs if you are one of many employees to be laid off so to have another job as a backup and if you becomes one of a few employees that aren’t laid off then you can decide to stick with your backup job or leave your backup job so be sure to hunt a job as a backup before Microsoft begins laying off.

Deaf Zombie Tramp!

Sphinx Zombie Tramp Sign Language

I am so excited about the exclusive deal that the action lab entertainment comics made with a comic store called Sphinx which are owned by two guys who happens to be deaf, and the exclusive deal from Action Lab Comics is to sell 1,000 limited zombie tramp comic to Sphinx exclusively as there are no other comics stores to sell this Zombie Tramp that has cover where a zombie lady ripping the little boy’s ear dangling with hearing device while the little boy saying I Love You in sign language with a yield sign in background saying Deaf Child Area. This is ONLY one thousand limit numbers of Zombie Tramp with that cover while all of other comics stores has 30 thousands to 50 thousands numbers of another cover for Zombie Tramp so this one thousand limit Zombie Tramp deaf cover will worth a lot of money in the future because this is the first cover that has shown deaf related and sign language as there are NO other comics that has anything with sign language or any covers that are deaf. I pre-ordered two autographed copies and I would recommend that you go and buy them while they lasts because they are going out way fast as it is only a thousand comic limited, you can buy it now by going to one comic store that has the exclusive deal to only sell that Zombie Tramp cover or you can pre-order it at their website and here is the link to pre-order the comic: Pre-order Zombie Tramp Exclusive Sign Language Variant Comic. So be sure to pre-order while they still have a few left, I figured to let some of you know so that you can have a piece of something that’s going to worth a lot of money in the future guaranteed and get the autographed copies which will worth triple more than the comic itself.

Stop Commercials!

Have you ever seen some of the commercials on your televisions that aren’t even nearby your area? That happens so many times here especially like Popeye’s chickens or some of other franchise restaurants. I don’t think that some of the companies realize that they can release the commercials in specific areas instead of publishing the commercial to some places that doesn’t have them, when it comes to buying some spaces for commercials or advertisements you have some of the options for how you want your commercials to do or your advertisements to do such as where do you want your commercial to be shown? What age ranges? Ratios of men and women? And other similar which would save them a lot more of money if they use their commercials in the areas that has their business around instead of showing it to many places that aren’t even near to their business. When it comes to paying for some spaces to advertise something, I would always target my advertisements to certain people or some places that I want to bring in which saves me thousand of dollars but again of course it is their money and they do what they want to do with them along however they would like to do with their commercials but it’s silly for them to air their commercials and target in some places that doesn’t even have them or worse yet in their own state.

Mean Dogs.

Lately there has been a trend about the bad behavior of some of the dogs that has certain breeds like Pitbull and few of others. I see that some of the people says that they blame some of the dogs who has a problem attitude or who is plain mean that like to attack the people by biting them or some of the dogs would bite the other people out of the defense for its owner. There was a question that I came across that asked for the public opinion so I am going to give my opinion on that one question which is “If your dog bite your girlfriend, and your girlfriend blame the dog and make you choose her or the dog.. Which one would you choose?”. It bothers me that the fact some of the people doesn’t realize that it’s not the dogs fault that harms anybody especially their partner or spouse whichever you prefer to call it, because the behavior or the way that dog acts towards the other people are almost the reflection of its owner’s behavior in my opinion. Not just pit bull but any breeds of dogs can harm anybody if they are trained to do so by the owner, so if a dog are going to bite you then you blame the dog then you are silly to even think of that in beginning because it’s not the dog’s fault and if you want somebody to blame for the dog’s bite then blame the owner that owns the dog that bit you because it is trained to do so by the owner. Which this is why the most important when it comes to getting a dog that you train the dog properly so that the dog know what to do and what not to do regardless what their breeds are because even the poodle can be trained to harm you if you train the poodle to do so and that apply to any other breeds so don’t blame the dogs, blame the owners for not training their dogs on how to behave.

This is one of the reason that I always prefer to get dogs that’s very young so I can train the dogs while they are growing so they can get an idea how to behave towards not just only myself but towards everybody else that I am surrounded with and any time that when a dog are in process of biting somebody that is when you tell the dog to stop so many times which that would train the dog not to bite the people who I am surrounded with. There are many of different tools to train the dogs with depending on their breeds, although most of the dogs would grow up with a good behavior by watching how you behave so if you are going to be friendly around the dog then the dog will be same friendly that you are.

Time is up!

I have just realized that it took me a couple of hours typing while a couple of breaks in between because I had to stop in the middle of writing this article when it was dinner time for me but I believe that is long enough for me. Besides not only that, it is getting a bit late already and I have a couple of more things to do before the bed time and I am almost sure that I probably won’t be able to get done with what I have planned to do. Thank you very much for reading this article and I hope that all of you like this third tidbits! Please be sure to keep checking back to see if I am writing another article which I am planning on to write another article either by tomorrow or in a couple of days depending on if I can find something or heard something that is interesting enough for me to write about or on but if you have some of the ideas for me to write about or on then I would greatly appreciate if you submit some of your ideas here! I hope that all of you have a great night and that all of you are safe wherever all of you are at or whatever it is that you are planning on to do for the night, stay awesome my friends!

– Joshie.

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