Vacation in Tennessee and Rod Run

As some of you know that we decided to take a vacation in Tennessee as I wrote a post a few days ago under the title “Just Got Back and Blogging” where I said that I have just got back home from Tennessee after spending three nights there and that I would be put blogging aside because while I was in Tennessee on vacation, I decided to record a video of the most times that I have been there so that all of you guys could feel as if you were there with me as well. Where I records a lot of videos down there in Tennessee, ranging from Pigeon Forge to Gatlinburg and I recorded a lot of videos. Several hours of many videos, of course that means that they need to be edited because you would need to edit several videos to make one video and at the same time trying to trim off some unnecessary parts in these videos because it would be pointless to show some parts where it was just laying on a table facing a wall. When you record several videos, several hours of videos then you would need to try to figure which parts is necessary and which parts is not necessary so to trim off the hours for a video because no one is going to watch a 10 hours of video. I have recorded over a hundred video clips, over seven hours so it took me a week to edit out some unnecessary parts and then connect these over hundred videos into one video but that didn’t stop there because once I did it was more than five hours so I had changed duration of some video clips by fast-forwarding them then trying to double-check what I think isn’t REALLY necessary. Obviously you sees me blogging now, you know what that means? The video is finished, it is ready to be watched and I am ready to blog again!

The Dingess Tunnel in Wv.

Yesterday my mother and I decided to drive out to one of my mother’s childhood favorite place so I could experience it myself as well. I love seeing historic places or any places that has history on them and Dingess Tunnel is one of them but many people have said that the Dingess Tunnel is haunted for several years although I haven’t seen any ghosts luckily because I am terrified of them. Dingess Tunnel is in southwest of West Virginia in Mingo county and the tunnel is somewhat long so if you ever decide to touch the Dingess tunnel be sure to take your time looking around inside the tunnel especially at both ends of the tunnel because the walls is somewhat amazing to me. When we went to the Dingess tunnel I decided to record a video so that all of you can experience what I was experiencing while going inside the tunnel in a vehicle so enjoy the video and I will be including a directions or map in case if you ever want to know how to get there.

Click -> Map of Dingess Tunnel

Thank you for watching the video and I hope that all of you have a great night. Be safe wherever all of you are at or be safe doing whatever it is that all of you are planning on to do for the night or for the morning whichever it is over there where you lives at. Be sure to follow me on Twitter, on Instagram and on Facebook!

My Reviews Websites Profiles.

Apparently it’s a bit of complicate for me to choose which reviews websites that I would like to stick with and be the only loyalty to. As some of you know that for a great long while that I have been heavily user on FourSquare for the check-ins and leaving all of reviews that I have personally visited.

But that now have changed since I have decided to start looking up at other reviews websites such as Google Places, TripAdvisor, Yahoo Local, Yelp, Facebook Places and others. While I will always be loyal to Foursquare considering that I have been a long-time superuser for Foursquare (think moderator) and that never will change but I have realized that I am beginning to like a couple of other reviews websites.

Out of all reviews websites while narrowing it down which I prefer or will use the most out of them is of course Foursquare but others are TripAdvisor which I have come to find out that it’s amazingly impressive that I am beginning to get hooked with especially trying to become a senior reviewer as I have written reviews for all of places I’ve known and experienced. Also I have become a fan of Google Places which is decent at most, a very useful too but not used heavily like Foursquare or Tripadvisor and I am becoming a fan of Yelp now since I have browsed around on Yelp to leave reviews as many as I possibly can on the places that I have experienced. Which one should I recommend you to follow or become friends with me? I would say Foursquare, Tripadvisor and Yelp is the three I’ll be using equally out of all.

On The Road, apps to use.

On The RoadI have realized that I have written several articles about the computers and such but not many articles about the apps so I decided to write something about the apps this time especially for on the road. I know that there are some of the law in some of the states says that you are not allowed to use the smartphone or tablet while driving the vehicles on the road such as the law in some of the states in United States and it is soon to be a law in every states where anyone are not allowed to text while driving or making a call while driving on the road although the governments are encouraging the cell phone users to buy some bluetooth devices such as speakers with microphone or some of new cars are coming out with their own bluetooth where it enables the drivers to make a call to anybody using the bluetooth through their dashboard that will use the car speakers itself to hear the caller which is a good thing so not to distract the drivers on the road but what about everyone not being allowed to text while driving on the road? What they don’t realize is that it’s a bit unfair because the people who are deaf or hard of hearing can only contact with anybody is through text messaging but it’s against the law to text and drive on the road while the people who is able to hear can make a call through the bluetooth or on speaker while mounting the cell phone to the dashboard is allowed? That is somewhat discrimination by our own governments if you think about it.

Pigeon Forge in Tennessee.

Pigeon Forge in Tennessee

Few of days ago I decided to add a new feature on here where the readers of JoshiesWorld could submit some of the ideas for me to write about something or on something which can be found here. Ever since the day I created what calls “Submit Your Ideas” has been succeed, more than I would have expected as I have receive several e-mails with some interesting ideas on what I should write or on so one person asked me to write about what getaways and vacation spots I would recommend and I decided to take on that. Some time ago I took a vacation with my mother and few friends to Tennessee for a week stay in a huge area called Pigeon Forge where it has several places and things for anyone to go or to do, I loved going there to a point where I went there twice in a year which I rarely would go to some place twice in a year as I usually prefer to not going same place I have been before for vacation unless I truly like the place and Pigeon Forge is one of them.