Love The Sinner But Hate The Sin.

When people wakes up in the morning to tune in their favorite news channel such as CNN or maybe their local news, getting on their computer or grabbing their mobile device such as smartphone or tablet from their bedside table to surf on the internet for some news and then they see the one of the biggest news or highlight news of the day were that here in the United States of America decided to have a supreme court to make a vote whether on if we should have same-sex marriage for all of fifty (50) states instead of only allowing any states here in the United States of America to legalize the same-sex marriage for their own state by their state governments so they decided to have a supreme court so that whatever they have the most votes on will force every states here in the United States to legalize or to not to legalize of something that some of the states here in the United States would not be allowed to have any power to accept or refuse anything that is said in the United States Supreme Court.

Nonetheless the United States of America Supreme Court have voted to force every states in the nation to legalize same-sex marriage where it gives both same genders such as two women or two men the right to marry the same-sex/gender spouse, this makes it that homosexual people have the same marriage rights as the heterosexual people marriage rights and allows every human beings regardless their genders in United States to be married.

Religious are very sensitive subjects.

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