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As for me I have been blogger for almost eight (8) years now, in August on the 7th of 2007 was when I became a blogger so in two months I will officially have eight (8) years of blogging experience under my belt which is a bit unbelievable because it seems that the time has gone to way fast for me but that is that and when I became blogger for the first time was on same day that I bought founded JoshiesWorld to make it my branding. So the age of the JoshiesWorld shows how many years I have blogged as I never have blogged anywhere else, not even on any blogging platforms/services or such and the first time I actually made a blog post was right here on the JoshiesWorld but sadly the blog post that I written for the first time does not exists anymore because back then with a few of my articles was automatically erased when JoshiesWorld website became a huge mess of errors which I couldn’t bring them back because at that time I just started learning how to building websites so at that time I didn’t know how to work out the errors but luckily I am now experienced web developer as I attended to classes at Westwood college so any errors prompts I am able to solve so ever since the day I restart this website all over again the articles I written after do over the JoshiesWorld are still here.

Nonetheless I love blogging as it is one of my passions ever since I learned the curves of becoming a blogger through many hours of researches, advice, tips and many of other helpful information I found on the internet several years ago to learn how to become successful blogger or at least that is my hope to be although I claims that I am not successful blogger because I still have a long way to go.

Many years ago especially in between 2007 – 2010 the blogs were blooming everywhere on the internet, it was insane at that time because at that time a lot of people were becoming blogger that practically destroyed the newspapers which causes many of staffs at several magazines or newspapers to be either fired or laid off because everyone was becoming bloggers and this caused the viewers or readers to switch from physical to digital so in a way at that time was when everybody decided to go digital over physical materials because bloggers offers all of viewers or readers free services instead of making readers to pay to subscribe for newspapers. So newspaper companies decided to go digital too because they had no choice but to do so since they were losing thousands of thousands readers to bloggers so in a way that it was our fault as bloggers that caused the newspaper companies to lose their readers but again at same time we also force them to go digital so it is somewhat a win-win but it raised a little problem because this means harder competitions for us bloggers to compete against a such big newspaper companies like New York Times or others. Us as bloggers loves competitions but now this is 2015, there are thousands of thousands if not millions more bloggers now on the internet which this means it makes a heck difficult for us bloggers to be able to pull in traffic (readers) to read our articles we wrote but I and several other bloggers refuse to give up because it is a passion for some of us.

Now moving on to the subject here, I realize that a few of people who would like to become bloggers but has nowhere to go because no news company would hire or allow anyone with no experience as blogger to write for them so I came up with an idea that I might be launching a network (website) for bloggers, writers or reporters to blog on to showcase their works or to build up a skill to become one and be prepared as a blogger for anything like in case if you want to work at a large news network company such as CNN, New York Time, ABCNews or local. You would have to build your reputation as a blogger somewhere first by writing some articles somewhere so that when you have at least over a year experiences and several articles to showcase to back up your reputation before you can bother to try to become a blogger at a large news network company. With my connections I can help you to build your reputation as blogger so that you are prepared, to have something to back up your skill along with references by being a blogger on a network that I might be launching and I would be more than happy to help as if I become your mentor because the network I plan on to launch will be limited as only few people can become bloggers under the network but once some of the bloggers built their skill as blogger or their repuation then I as under the network offer few more positions to give some of the people who want to become bloggers a chance. I have plans, some ideas and some of other things in place already to launch a network but before that happens I am looking for the people who are interested in to become bloggers under the network first so if the people who are interested likes the plans or ideas for the network that I am working on to launch then I will launch.

If you are interested in hearing out the plans, if you like the plans I have in place and you would like to become blogger under the network after hearing the plans I have in place then please contact me. To contact me you can do so by going to the contact tab at the top of this website where there will be contact forms for you to fill to contact me which it is via e-mail, if you are interested contact me asking for the plans I have in place and I will give you the details but first before I do you will have to agree to non-disclosure terms which that means the plans I have in place cannot be revealed to anyone until it becomes public after launching the network to public. Think of this that I am in search of investors but not for to invest any money except the time of their own if they liked the plans I have in place and want to become blogger. Only one thing I can reveal from the plans is that the bloggers under the network, there is possibility that the bloggers under the network could be paid (fixed wages) so hope that encourage some of you to be interested in this but keep this in mind that by launching they would have to be volunteered at the first time until the network brings in revenues then all of bloggers (limited bloggers) under the network would be paid equally. Just like how it goes with several start-up companies as they would have staffs volunteered to get it going in the first of month or a couple of months before they could get any kinds of revenues to be able to turns the volunteered employees into paid employees and the network I am speaking of will be used worldwide.

Thank you all for reading and I hope that all of you have a great morning or night whichever it is over there. I hope that every one of you be safe wherever all of you are at or be safe while doing whatever it is that all of you are planning on to do tonight or in the morning. Be sure to follow me on Twitter, on Instagram, on Tumblr or like me on Facebook!

– Joshie.

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