Blogger and Blogger Privileges

I rarely would talk about this sort of subjects on blogging and as a blogger because it seems that a lot of bloggers wrote articles with answers that anyone who is curious about what a blogger is and the privileges that the blogger has but I saw some trending news about what had happened between a blogger and a hotel calls White Moose Café. A blogger named Elle Darby, for some reason White Moose Café called her a blogger when it is a vlogger but I will be the one to call her a vlogger here because it is a proper title, Elle Darby e-mailed a hotel named White Moose Café with a business proposal that she would advertise the hotel business in her videos and told White Moose Café that she is a social media influencer with a certain numbers of followers which I cannot exactly remember what she has because she is unheard of (sorry – you aren’t that much of a influencer apparently) so that she could bring a lot of traffic to the hotel’s business in return that she could be commissioned with free nights. She said that her and her partner (I believe?) had planned on to visit Ireland for Valentine’s Day, that she was in searching for a place to book for a stay for a few nights and that she had stumbled upon this “stunning” hotel – White Moose Café. The hotel manager named Paul Stenson was offended by Elle Darby’s business proposal via e-mail, so the hotel manager Paul Stenson decided to respond to her e-mail by taking a screenshot of Elle Darby’s business proposal e-mail and shared it to the internet publicly with her personal information redacted. Elle Darby then made a vlog in response to that, saying that the manager of White Moose Café had humiliated her in public and from there the hotel manager Paul Stenson decided to throw the gasoline to the flame by announcing that the hotel would ban bloggers from booking a stay over at the hotel which this was also announced in public on social media. For some reason, I cringed but the hotel manager Paul Stenson called it Bloggergate when it had nothing to do with blogging in the first place because this is vlogging and should have called it vloggergate instead.

After Paul Stenson posting on social media with a screenshot of Elle Darby’s business proposal e-mail, the hotel manager poured the gasoline to the flame on purpose in hope to ignite more outrage what he calls it, bloggers but the right word is vloggers and the hotel manager got what he wanted – insane outrage from both vloggers and bloggers community which includes a few of famous people such as Philip DeFranco who is one of YouTube’s top 10 users.

Now, the only reason that White Moose Café hotel manager Paul Stenson caused an outcry on purpose by doing more than stepping on their toes such as his announcement for the White Moose Café to ban bloggers from booking is for a free publicity for the White Moose Café which is a bit clever on Paul Stenson’s part after throwing the gasoline to the flame after sharing a screenshot of Elle Darby’s business proposal e-mail. Because of what Paul Stenson did, to spark an outcry by having actual influencers such as Philip DeFranco to share his disbelief in his vlog over at his YouTube which I am not sharing because I am not giving him a free publicity so you will have to find him by doing a search on YouTube by using his real name which I mentioned above and this turned the heads of the news media which is even bigger as they have called in for an interview with Paul Stenson about this whole thing. Free publicity for his hotel, White Moose Café, right? And even with me mentioning the name of the hotel is a free publicity so you are welcome Paul Stenson. Not only that, White Moose Café hotel manager Paul Stenson has a blog (which is why I cannot fathom that he couldn’t see the difference in vlogging and blogging) where he has written an article or so about this so here’s his article for you to read so you can get better idea of what had happened than what I have shared.

A Blogger and Blogger Privileges

It is very easy for anyone to become a blogger, all it takes is to set up a blog which is free at most unless you want your own domain name then you would have to pay for a domain name annually and start writing articles on a regular basis. Unless a web developer, such as myself who have several or few different types of websites instead of just a blog and then you would have to pay month-to-month for a server. Some bloggers have it made, some bloggers struggle to make it and some bloggers never made it – it all depends on what contents they can bring to the readers to keep readers coming back for more. When some bloggers gained some experiences under their belt by years and they can be rewarded with some privileges such as getting freebies from some companies who would like for them to advertise their business in return. Businesses often look for travel bloggers and tech bloggers which are two of the niches that bloggers have better chance of getting paid or rewarded for, along with fashion bloggers too. However, there are some bloggers who take it too far especially if they have a such small influence or unpopularity and decided to demand some rewards themselves by telling them that they have two thousand followers on their social media (twitter, Facebook and the likes) that they would advertise or write about their business, some areas if it is tourist places or products if they gift them. For travel bloggers, they would have some agencies or some businesses that deal with tourism to gift them paid vacations (hotel, foods, flight etc. paid for) and for tech bloggers they would have technology companies to ship their latest products or prototypes to them for them to write a review of these which is called sponsored articles or blogs. Again, the problem is that there are some bloggers who have so little or none influence or popularity and demand some of the things from them to give them something in return of free advertisement on their blog or in Elle Darby’s case her vlogs. There are some agencies or businesses who wouldn’t mind doing this because they either noticed the potential of a blogger or vlogger and or to help them to build their influence from the bottom.

What is a big turn-off for me is how some bloggers or vloggers goes about it especially if they are demanding them. It is very important that they have common sense how these works, and not demanding them, they should at least ask them and not sound demanding especially when telling them that they have these numbers followers on their social media. Like Paul Stenson said, where is the dignity in that? I must agree with him on that. I have so little influence, I only have a hundred of followers on my social media and I have the common sense to not go to them to tell them to give me this or that because I have no place to do so. If I want to be rewarded or whatever, I must build an even bigger influence and then e-mail them with a message like this.

Dear CEO Bob of Bob’s Company,

I am Joshua Sullivan, I am a blogger and I have an idea that I would like to go by you if you don’t mind. I see that you have Bob’s keyboard third generation that you have just launched not too long ago, and I am curious about that product, so I am wondering if there is a way that I could maybe take a test drive of that new Bob’s Keyboard third generation, so I can write a review of the product on my blog.

Thank you,
Joshua Sullivan.

From there, I would wait for a reply from Bob’s company and if the Bob’s company intrigued by my e-mail then I will give the Bob’s company a chance to ask me for more details whether it be what kind of fanbase I have, such as my “social media influence” and whatnot or how many views I bring in per month. From there, I would know that Bob’s company interested and that would be when I set things up.

With no common sense and dignity in place.

Dear Bob’s Company.

I am Joshua Sullivan, I am a blogger with 49245 million followers and I have found out that you have released an oh-my-gosh breathtaking keyboard of what-ever-it’s-called so please ship that keyboard to me and I will give you best traffic ever to your company to buy that product because my words are like a magic wand that I wave around. Bye!

Joshua Sullivan.

Okay, I may go a bit too far, but you get the draft. And if I do something like that then I would have a pretty good chance of ruining my opportunities in future with anyone because my reputation would be known for demanding someone to give me something so that I could play with it while in return I give them the so-called free advertisement. So, if you are a blogger and I ask you to be careful with what you are doing. Because you have a chance of getting more privileges as a blogger and build your influence much more because of your reputation has a good standing with others. I love blogging, but I understand that it can easily tarnish my reputation by doing something like that and I need to be careful with how I approach to any businesses out there. If you work hard, doing something that you deserve a reward then you will get a reward in the end and instead of losing a reward that you don’t deserve at all. So, in other words if you want to be rewarded then be patient and don’t be demanding for rewards because you won’t get any if you demand them unless you have insane numbers of followers or subscriptions (more than a million). Even if you do have more than a million who read your blog, follow you on social media and or subscribed you for your vlogs on your YouTube channel, demanding a reward make you look bad in my opinion.

Thank you for reading and if you have any questions that must do something with blogging please feel free to leave a comment below. I hope that you all have a great day and keep yourselves warm!

Joshua “Joshie” Sullivan

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