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First of all I know I have not written a post here at the blog for lord knows how long, roughly two or three months if I guess it right as I really have not track how long it has been since the last article I written here at JoshiesWorld. So the utter most thing I want to say before I go on to write something, I would like to say that I apologize for keeping all of you in dark for a long time and the reasons for that is I have been extremely busy especially the past month as I was rushed to the hospital to the emergency room only to find out that I was scheduled to have a surgery in the very next day so they had admitted me to a room at the hospital for a night so to have a surgery in the morning. Technically they admits me for more than a night supposedly but I was only willing to stay for a night as I almost refuse to so because the hospital is one of things that I dislike the most so you can imagine my dislike of being admitted to a room at the hospital because I dislike staying at the hospital overnight even more than my dislike for visiting the hospital.

No, don’t react yet please because I am doing a bit better now that I had surgery because before deciding to visit the emergency room at the hospital I was in miserable pain and actually it was almost the most painful I have ever endured in my entire life. Started hurting badly more than anything I was actually forced to be bedridden only for a couple of days but some of you know I hate laying more than anything so I couldn’t bring myself to lay any longer and decided that I just wanted to get out of pain quicker so hopped to the passenger of my mother’s vehicle then to the hospital.

I would not like to share why or what I was in pain for because it is almost personal and no it’s not THAT personal in your imaginary when you hear the word “personal” because it’s nowhere near my private parts thankfully. But nonetheless I am doing a bit better than I was in the past weeks as I was admitted in the hospital towards at the end of March and it took a while for the pain to be healed but thankfully it is almost healed because I was getting tired of waiting for healing to begin. Now moving on as it is enough about me but I have been busy lately obviously so I never be able to find the time to write an article for a while and I apologize about that but hopefully I can write regularly like I was since that the pain is no longer there.

A bit of everything –



Even though that the football has been over but that doesn’t means that we shouldn’t be following up our favorite team to keep a track of what our favorite team or the players from our favorite team is doing off-season especially who they resign, who are they extending the contracts or who are they going after to sign especially the players in the free agents market now. At the moment the spotlight is shining over the Eagles since they have signed a few of big-time players names that are at their prime and the next team that the spotlight shines over would be Dolphins if I remember correctly. The latest news on the football I came across is that the team that the spotlight is shining upon, The Eagles is signing a former NFL player that several of people who often wants to see to be playing for a team and that would be Tim Tebow. It is a bit strange that suddenly the Eagles considers signing Tim Tebow to the Eagles rooster to I assume be a quarterback for them unless they have an idea for a different position for Tim Tebow to take a role in and if that is the case then I think there is a possibility that Tim Tebow are qualified to be a tight end player. Nonetheless however the Eagles decides to do with Tim Tebow I wish nothing but the best for two of them (Eagles and Tebow) although I am not a fan of Tebow and I hope that it’s not another one of these scheme where they only just to sign a player for publication so to keep the spotlight to shine a bit longer.

Another update in the football that I am actually excited about is that my favorite team Green Bay Packers, in the management have made the decision that they are retiring Brett Favre’s number four (#4) jersey and inducting him to Packers hall of fame which Brett Favre is obviously deserves especially for all of his time in Green Bay. The managements in the team Green Bay Packers made a decision to make it even more special for Brett Favre’s induction to the hall of fame along with retirement of his jersey by scheduling the event on the Thanksgiving day and in my opinion I think that’s perfect especially for Brett Favre since that Brett Favre spent several years of his time in Packers as a quarterback that brings the team back on their feet. Surely Aaron Rodgers is making the team Packers standing even higher now than ever but still Brett Favre were the one who bought the team back on their feet on Brett Favre’s back alone and us the fans of Packers thanks him for that.



Have you ever played a game that makes you so exhausting especially where it literally takes all of your energy and is still taking your energy where you try the hardest as you can to get to where you can archive something? I have and the game for me is Madden 15. Ever since Madden 15 was released for Xbox One I had it bought about a couple or three days after the game Madden 15 came out on the shelf at retailers stores or gaming stores (like GameStop) I have played all of these times and I still haven’t complete the game or something that I am going after. I am talking about trying all of your best to come up with specific amounts of coins just to get the players that you want to be on your Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) then bought the player that costs a hundred of thousands coins and a few days later the Madden 15 released a couple of new players that you are drooling over while at same time realizing that you had just spent all of coins on a player when Madden 15 have released a better player that you really want. The latest of awesome feature or whatever it is that Madden 15 calls is the Ultimate Players that has most players who happens to be legends such as Reggie White, Gene Upshaw, Mean Joe Greene, R. Lott, Deion “Prime Time” Sanders and few more players. I am going after Deion Sanders in the Ultimate Team Players now, I have already got two or three players from Ultimate Team such as Mean Joe Greene, Mike Webster and I am going after Deion Sanders like crazy but it’s tough because the collectible cost are very ridiculous as it costs in range of 700k to 800k coins just for the collectible alone! After getting Deion Sanders, that is if I ever be able to then I am going to try for either R. Lotts or Bill Smith if I ever be able to get enough coins to afford them.

If you have any advice on how to get some coins or give me some loophole to get through then I would greatly appreciate if you would leave me a comment below as I need all help I can possibly get.

The newest game that had recently came out on the shelf is the Mortal Kombat X, most of you know that Mortal Kombat itself are classic game especially from the earliest days when they were played on Nintendo NES or Super Nintendo SNES. I, my friend Joe was discussing about Mortal Kombat especially in old vs new but in my opinion I believe that ever since Warner Bros purchased the rights to Mortal Kombat that Mortal Kombat has gone downhill very quickly and I think Warner Bros done nothing but disrespect Mortal Kombat franchise for what they once were. Ever since they have released Mortal Kombat Vs DC Universe game I immediately lost the interest to ever play any future Mortal Kombat games because of the designs they have done to Mortal Kombat from Warner Bros team because I believe that they made the Mortal Kombat today to looks like they weren’t from Mortal Kombat if that make sense? It is if they have completely made a different game then just title the game after the classic games “Mortal Kombat” and nothing reminds me of Mortal Kombat themselves. I don’t know, I am sure that I am blabbing here but one thing I for sure can say is that they have made the new Mortal Kombat to looks like they were never comes from Mortal Kombat line. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mortal Kombat X will become another failure just like the Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe and they made Mortal Kombat even more nonsense since that they have added Jason from Friday the 13th along with a couple of other characters that has absolutely nothing to do with Mortal Kombat. The past new Mortal Kombat games created by Warner Bros ever since acquiring the rights to Mortal Kombat seems to have absolutely nothing to do with Mortal Kombat or the great Mortal Kombat that they have been especially during the Nintendo times.

Aside these games if you wonder if I have any recommendations for some games that have recently came out then I have a good news for you because I do have a couple of games to recommend and I recommend Battlefield: Hardwire or of course Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare even that it has been out for a while though but still recommending it if you haven’t try that game out yet especially Battlefield: Hardwire which I am quite pleased with playing it then have more pleasure of playing it online although I am still strongly Call of Duty fan.



Recently I have gotten a new gadget, it’s amazingly awesome and the gadget or a toy whichever you would like to call it but it’s DJI Phantom 2+. In case if you wonder what that is, it is a quadcopter that’s commonly used in most of reality television shows or in some of the movies when they need to get some videos from the sky and it is awesome! I got it for my birthday (March 18th), I bought DJI Phantom 2 with option of GoPro Hero4 mounting because as most of you know that GoPro are known one of the best camcorder especially when it comes to outdoor and I have GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition that I got for Christmas this year from my mother so I now have another reason to use it thankfully. Intentionally I wanted the GoPro Hero4 Black Edition for mounting it on my ATV so to record a video while riding the trails in mountain so I can upload them to YouTube for all of my fans/viewers to watch but the problem is that at that time when I got the camcorder it was in the winter so I don’t drive in winter because I am very prone to cold. Nonetheless I drove DJI Phantom 2, man that was crazy fun and I got in accident twice on the first day of trying it which I almost expected to fail at driving a quadcopter considering that most do when they practice it for the first time. If you are shopping for a quadcopter then I definitely suggest you to get DJI Phantom 2 with the option of GoPro Hero4 or Hero 3 mounting (be sure to choose the option carefully) and here is the website to take a peek at (absolutely no affiliate as they deserve my total recommendation!): DJI Phantom Store. If you do not have GoPro camera then I also recommend GoPro Hero4 Black Edition to use it for this quadcopter or for anything else since that GoPro camera can be used for everything (I mean that literally!).

Ever since I have the new GoPro camera and the quadcopter I will be uploading as many as videos I possibly can when I am able to record something so I would greatly appreciate if you would subscribe to my channel on YouTube so that you can be notified when I upload new videos in the future on YouTube! My YouTube channel can be found here (JoshiesWorld) and subscribing to my channel would means a lot to me as I have a goal to reach a thousand so to unlock a feature on YouTube that would help me a great lot!

Television Shows.


Lately I have watched some television shows on Netflix, here is a few of the titles for television shows that I think all of you should give a peek and maybe you will like them like I do too.

Marvel Daredevil.
Star Crossed.
Earth 2.
Quantum Leap.

… And that’s that.


Woah I didn’t realize that I have written over two thousands, five hundreds words (2200) words so obviously I need to stop writing here because normally or should I say suggested by some of well-known bloggers that I should write no longer than 1,500 at most words because obviously no one would want to read something that is long even that includes myself! So I best stop here while I can but I would like to say that I am more-than-grateful for all of you readers to stay loyal even that I haven’t written anything for a such long time but I hope that all of you can forgive me since all of you know the reason of my absence. I will try my best to write as many as I possibly can in soon time instead once a month or two because I would never mean to keep all of you in dark believe me. Thank you all so much for reading this article and please feel free to leave a comment below this article if you wish but if you do then I would be grateful for some awesome comments from you all! I hope that all of you have a great night or day whichever it is over there, all of you be safe wherever all you are at or be safe doing whatever that all of you are planning on to do for the night and stay awesome my friends!

If you have any ideas on what I should write about in the next article or some of the things you would like to know then please submit your ideas right here at Submit Your Ideas page. I would greatly appreciate it more than anything!

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– Joshie.

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